Jacques Martin has paid the price for the Montreal Canadiens’ poor season.
The Canadiens fired their head coach, announcing assistant Randy Cunneyworth will be the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

Larry Carriere, Montreal’s assistant general manager, will become an assistant coach.

The Canadiens (13-12-7) are last in the Northeast Division.
Martin was in his third season with the Habs and 17th in the NHL. He reached his 600th NHL career victory last April making him the ninth winningest coach in league history.

Martin is known for team play and careful defensive hockey, but there were many careless mistakes made in games this season. The Canadiens are 5-6-6 at home, often blowing leads in the third period.

“What system is in place doesn’t matter if everyone buys in and plays the right way,” said defenceman Josh Gorges. “If you only have half the guys doing what’s asked of them, everything is in disarray and I think that’s where we got to.


  1. lafleur10 says:


  2. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Martin was fired? I think it was good…But can a new coach implement a better system?

    He played to the stregnths of what he had to work with. Small players and speed.

    We'll see.

  3. senators_choke says:

    I like Jacques Martin. The Leafs have beaten him 5 times in the playoffs.

  4. senators_choke says:

    What's up with Milbury? Fighting children and stuff.

  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I think felt hockey was left out with all the other child assaulters in basketball and football.

    Hockey just always wants to be included. Sad.

  6. senators_choke says:

    Milbury is a Type A personality. He feels he has to beat a 4 year old at ping pong.

  7. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    I've seen Martin do some great things in his time behind the bench, funny how two seasons ago he was taking this team within three games of the Stanley Cup Finals, but his coaching style has gone the way of the dinosaur and outside of Ruff is the only guy I can think of who coached in the height of the Dead Puck Era.

    My buddy the Habs fan was screaming that it should have been Roy who stepped behind the bench in Montreal,I'm under the impression that maybe a guy like Carlyle or even Maurice would have excelled with this team – a fast puck moving team with 4 or 5 guys capable of 30+ goals (Andrei K, Pac-man, Gionta, Cole, Cammy and Pleks all have the potential) yet they played under a guy who tried to make them all play like Doug Jarvis….
    Saying that however – I'd take Martin running the Isles bench in a heartbeat.
  8. blaze says:

    Wilson, Hitchpenis, Quenneville, Renney, Vigneault, and Trotz all were around the dead puck days.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    ONLYISLESFAN: trust me you don't want martin as your coach! there are better guys available than martin to coach the islanders,as your buddy said i cunneyworth is only the interim coach until the end of the season so it's very possible that we could see saint patrick as our headcoach next season, i think you'll see us name a new g.m as well

  10. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Thanks for pointing out the coaches I knew I had forgotten someone how can you forget Hitch***** for pete sakes he won a cup against my second favorite team at that!

    Lafleur with a nick like yours I can only assume you remember the glory years for the Canadiens when a guy named Sam Pollock  and another guy named Scotty Bowman – pretty sure that these two cats didn't speak french and the organization needs to think about that when looking for new candidates.
  11. lafleur10 says:

    isles fan your right i remember the sam pollock and scotty bowman era really well i grew up watching those guys win us those cups! pollock is the greatest g.m. in the history of the n.h.l. no g.m. past or present can ever be in this man's class same with scotty bowman he's the best coach in the history of the league,although we've had a couple more than were close in dick irvin sr and toe blake.pollock and bowman were both from montreal born and raised but yeah i agree i think they need to hire the best guy(s) for the g.m. and coach wheter they speak french or not like pollock and bowman

  12. lafleur10 says:

    i bet in those days if he had a half decent calibre goalie.i.e. carey price instead of lalime the leafs don't win any of those series ……..just saying !

  13. mojo19 says:

    Lalime played great in a lot of those games and won a lot of games for Ottawa. But ya, I think the one game you're referring to is game 7 in 2002 when Nieuwendyk sniped those two long wristers in the first period.

    We also beat Tom Barrasso in 2000, and Ron Tugnutt mighta got in there, so it wasn't all Lalime.

    Also the year the Leafs swept Ottawa any "half decent calibre goalie ie. Carey Price" wouldn't have helped Ottawa at all…. just saying.

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