Canadiens, Flyers talking P.K. Subban trade?

The Philadelphia Flyers have reportedly asked the Montreal Canadiens about the availability of restricted free agent defenceman P.K. Subban.

The Flyers are interested in adding Subban, who has been unable to come to terms on a new contract with the Canadiens. Philly will probably start the season with three blueliners — Chris Pronger, Andrej Meszaros and Andreas Lilja — out with injuries.

Sportsnet reported earlier this week that he was close to signing a three-year, $12 million deal but so far that hasn’t happened. Last month, TSN said Subban had rejected a two-year, $5.5 million offer.

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  1. TimTheBone says:

    As a die hard lifer of the habs… I will say this, I’m not averse to the idea of trading Subban given our depth at the position. That being said, a trade involving Parnell-Karl would need to have a piece the likes of Couturier on the way back… No interest in a voracek, or a simmonds.

    Couturier is the man in that trade for me. The package would HAVE to revolve around those two pieces. Otherwise its not worth it to me

    • mojo19 says:

      I could see a Couturier-Subban swap, with a couple other minor parts of the deal to hammer out.

      • TimTheBone says:

        Well its clear which positions both teams are in the market for. And not surprisingly both teams cater to eachother flawlessly.

        With PK, Gorges, Emelin, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Ellis, Pateryn…

        Then you have Briere, Couturier, Schenn, Read, who all play center and ofcourse there’s this guy named Claude.

        Both teams could afford the swapping of these two major pieces in a deal. And it could very well benefit both teams.

        For philly a top four of timonen, coburn, Subban, schenn looks great for them.. great compliments to one another..

        And in the future, for Montreal, Galchenyuk, Couturier, Desharnais, Eller, and Nokelainen looks very good down the middle… Plekanec would become an expendable asset and likely be moved for more depth on the wing or at D…

        It could be a great deal for both teams

        • I’m not sure I do that trade if I’m philly. They have real high hopes for Couturier, and I’m sure they’re banking on him becoming a 25/30 future player. I do agree that both teams could use the piece going the other way.

    • HABSdomination says:

      FUCK THIS TRADE. No way. I don’t want it. I would never even consider trading Subban to an eastern team in the first place, let alone trading him at all. D-men will always be more valuable than any other position, no matter how bad we need a big center like Couturier. Maybe a good goalie for a doorman-deprived team could be as important but that’s it.

      If they trade PK, i’m cancelling my 4 season tickets. Period.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        Honestly and truly I will take a Number 1 center over a Number 1 Dman.

        I mean who was more important, Niklas Lidstrom or Steve Yzerman?

        Toews or Keith?

        Pronger or Giroux?

        When it comes down to it I just like the center over the Dman.

        • mojo19 says:

          Ya, I would agree. I would take my chances on the big centre.

          Also, traditionally when building a winner, defence by committee, without a stud but with 6 capable guys is a more sound formula than relying on 3 or 4 “solid 2nd-3rd line” centres.

          • Steven_Leafs0 says:

            agreed, which I why I would expect Philadelphia to ask for more. Taking the fact that Subban will be paid more than 3M a season (possibly 5M+ considering how dumb these signings have been) on top of it I cannot see Phily trading Couturier for Subban straight up.

            Which of course means Montreal wont do it, I’d be surprised if they would do the one for one deal honestly.

            Nice idea though.

      • TimTheBone says:

        Slightly over dramatic there HABSdom, ill gladly take those tickets off your hands if you’d like!… No problem Haha..

        Subban isn’t the end all be all of defenseman.. I love the kid don’t get me wrong.. but he hasn’t shown an ability to make me think he’d qualify for untradable status… We have strong defensive depth right now and if couturier is offered I’m all for that… Galchenyuk and Couturier as a 1-2 down the middle could be a league best at that position in a couple years…. Well maybe not best … Crosby malkin takes that me thinks….. But great nonetheless….

        Also to everyone else I would imagine Montreal needing to give slighty more in that trade scenario but it wouldn’t be anything significant… Subban does hold a lot of value…

        I do also think neither team trades those players….

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