Canadiens ink Bonk to a Three Year Deal

The Montreal Canadiens have signed Radek Bonk to a three-year deal. The monetary figures of the deal were not disclosed.

The Montreal Canadiens obtained the 10-year veteran in a trade with the L.A. Kings on draft day that sent Garon and a pick to the Kings for Bonk and backup goaltender Cristobal Huet.

Bonk has registered 152 goals and 247 assists for 399 points in 689 games for the Ottawa Senators and is a welcomed addition to the Montreal Canadiens organization. He is a marked improvement over newly retired Joe Juneau and the ghost, Yanic Perreault.

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  1. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Habs dont need fowards they need defense….all they have is souray…and when souray got injured last season they were in a slump…plus not signing kovalev and then signing bonk…the habs just got worse….ottawa got rid of bonk because he couldn’t produce like he used to. Not a smart decision Gainey

  2. simplyhabby says:

    Its nice to see tha habs finally have some depth down the center. Currently we have Koivu, Riberio, Bonk and Begin (as it stands).

    We should have some great numbers from Bonk off our third line if he has some decent wingers (Dagenais, PLAY BOTH WAYS!) or Ward and Bulis.

    The inevitable is that those numbers will serioulsy decrease in the playoffs. That is fine providing he negates the opposing top lines and uses his body.

    Despite Bonk being a substantial upgrade from Perrault and Juneau, it makes me wonder why Gainey picked Bonk because afterall, this was Gainey’s role with the Habs in his day and the Selke was after all designed for him.

    I would rather have had him signed a guy like Ricci and go after a power forward winger with the Garon trade but I am not the man making the big bucks as GM!

  3. tmeyers says:

    I would much like to see Koivu go back to his natural left wing and save some gas for those briliant offensive moves. but then they would need a new #1 center.

  4. simplyhabby says:

    Yes Souray is our best defenseman and yes Montreal did play just below .500 during the stretch of 02/10/04 to 03/19/04 (Souray’s injury). Yes we do need defenseman and yes Bonk does disappear and signing a prolific scorer like Kovalev will be a great offensvie boost BUT:

    Bonk replaces Perrault on the third line: Upgrade

    Patrice Brisbois lead the team in +/-

    Komisarek had a great playoffs and did a very good job replacing Souray during the regular season and then teaming up with him.

    Andre Markov had a decent year all things considering regarding his father. He is young too and he will get more PP time for sure.

    Montreal played a fantastic season without Kovalev. Remeber Kovalev got 2 pts in 15 regular season games with the habs.

    As you can see I do agree with the majority of your statement but how is Montreal a worse team then last year?

  5. tmeyers says:

    You cant see it that way. Kovalev for make it sound like they saved money from not signing kovi and spending it on Bonk. That is not the case! Im sure the money is still reserved for Kovalev. The Habs are not as financialy strapped as you might think. Mr. Gillet has repeatadly stated that he has no problem with adding to pay roll if it makes his team better. They may have high taxes but this is the biggest house in the league and had the highest attendance in the league and has ranked in the 10 ten in all of sports (in that category) for the last 100 years!! I do believe thay have (liguid)savings and/or assets all over the place.

    Not to mention all of Mr. Gillets stock is very high now on the NYSE.

  6. tmeyers says:


    99-00 80 23 37 60

    00-01 74 23 36 59

    01-02 82 25 45 70

    02-03 70 22 32 54

    03-04 66 12 32 44

    Those numbers are better than Zedniks’. He had an off season last year and when a player fades like that, the coach has to shoulder some blame.

  7. AfroCon says:

    First of all, no matter what people say about Bonk “for” Garon, the CH is a better team with Bonk and Huet than with Garon and Juneau.

    Second, lots of people here or on other sites keep saying that Bonk dispappears come playoff time.

    How does 3 goals, 7 assist in 12 playoffs games in 2001-02 and 6 goals, 5 assists in 18 playoffs games in 2002-03 is disappearing?

    I understand that he’s had some bad playoffs but wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the Sens had bad playoffs as a team those years?

    I think that Bonk was asked to play a role that wasn’t fitting for him and in the end looked worst than he actually was.

    I mean, look at how Kovalev’s game changed when he was given the proper assignments in Montreal, he was amazing.

    Bonk was simply missused in Ottawa and if Julien can give him the right role for Montreal he’s going to be very valuable.

    There’s more to a player’s value than his points total.

  8. rojoke says:

    Well the qualifying offer was $4.5 million, if I remember correctly. So the contract should come out somewhere between $14 and $17 million over the three years.

    This will make it interesting as it relates to Kovalev. Bonk’s signing would put the Habs payroll for next season at around $30 – $32 million. That still leaves plenty of room for Kovalev, even if it costs more than $5 million to sign him.

  9. greengiant says:

    I don’t know what the whole contract is, but in 04-05 he will make $3.15m ( Not bad at all considering he had to be qualified for $3.5m

  10. kovalev says:

    but they still have time to sign Kovalev, yes they will probably go over the salary cap, but the habs have improved there team

    they have lost quintal,garon,juneau,dackell and langdon

    and have got replacements for almost all of them

    bonk,huet/danis,higgins,plekanec and komisarek

  11. raine_kalisz says:

    bonk also played with better players. It’s hard not to get points. And Martin had nothing to do with it. I watched Bonk last year, he didn’t look like he really wanted to play. He never wanted to get near the action but just waited on the outside hoping for a pass. I don’t like bonk, he doesn’t try enough.

  12. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    75% of the replacements nobody even heard of, bonk, huet and komisarek are good but the rest suck

    Sincerely the AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy

  13. habs_punk says:

    last i checked, 3 out of 6 is not 75%, sorry bud.

    not to mention, higgins and plekanec are definately solid prospects that are known outside of montreal, and danis is very quickly gonna be better than huet, if he isnt already.

  14. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    alright buddy….montreals gonna win the cup next year right

  15. habsoverserver says:

    There seem to be several misunderstandings about Bonk.

    Yes, he’s big. But he is not physical. He has one major penalty in his entire NHL career.

    Yes, he can score. But only on the powerplay. More than half his points are powerplay assists. He has never scored 20 even stregnth goals in a season.

    Yes he is a two way player. But his plus minus of +2 +6 +3 over the past three years for a top NHL team is indicative of his defensive liabilities.

    Are the Habs better with Bonk? That’s a stupid question. I think there were many players for whom the Habs could have traded that would have brought the Habs much more value than Bonk.

    Think about this. If Bonk is their number three center at over $3 million per year, what are the Habs going to have to pay Ribiero (their #1 scorer and second line center)?

  16. kovalev says:

    were happy you now think like us

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