Canadiens interested in Brad Richards?

CKAC is reporting that the Montreal Canadiens may have interest in the Dallas Stars Brad Richards and Matt Niskanen. HTR feels that if this is so it would represent a change in direction away from the Lecavailer chase to possibly a more realistic offensive option for the Canadiens.

If was not mentioned what the Candiens may will be willing to trade for Richards however HTR feels that Richards Richards may not be the answer for the Habs. Richards has a long term contract that would saddle the team for many years and he is not known for his goal scoring abilities, he is more of a passer. With that being said, it would be interesting to see how he would fit on Kovalev’s wing.

What do you think .. is Richards the right man for the Habs and what would you give up to get him?

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    No.. he is not the right man for the habs.

    How could Vinny (who actually puts up #s) be to expensive a contract for the Habs but Richards (who is a long way off from putting up #s) is not? 

    Stupid idea and I hope it does not happen.

  2. slootermac says:

    HAHAHAHHA I think you guys are so foolish… Look at the stats… even though Lecavalier is my favourite hockey player, and I live in the Tampa area… but am from Ontario, lok at the stats, Richards has 3 less points than Vinny and has played in three less games… He had a subpar year last year and everyone is on him… He didn't win the Conn Smythe because he sucks… Oh and by the way…. Richards is a centerman, so he wouldn't play on Kovalev's wing… Kovalev is the winger…

  3. GoLeafs13 says:

    Although you are mistaken in what you have said, I to agree that he is not the right man for the job. However, if Richards would go to the Habs, he would center Kovalev as Richards is a centerman. Also, playing three less games than Vinny, Richards only has 3 less points than him on a team who is actually worse than Tampa IMO. I do agree he wouldn't fit in with the Habs though.

  4. Kyleton says:

    I don't see Richards going to the Habs either, but thats more so because I do not think Dallas is looking to get rid of him already.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    well consider that the habs have the goodest players in the world.  id ont think thy need richard.

  6. Classic says:

    Dallas is far away from Tampa in terms of how good they are. Dallas went from the basement to a playoff contending team in a matter of a couple of months.

  7. greatlife15 says:

    How many accounts do you have Dando?

  8. Plekanec says:

     the Stars are 7-1-2 in their last 10 games and climbing up in the ranking, why would they trade their 1st line center and the second highest scoring defenseman on the team?

     Besides Jay Boo, Kaberle, Pronger, Hamius or Lecavalier, I don't think anybody else available would be worth trading for! Why would the Habs trade the future for someone who's isn't a superstar? We already have plenty of 5th defenseman and 2nd line players, what we need is a game-braker, a player who can actually take control of a game! A Player with guts and character not another guy with no flare, Only players with flare with the habs are Lapierre, Komisarek, Latendresse, Kostopoulos and new Alex Henry who BTW really impressed in his 1st 2 games, the rest of the team lack of testicullar fortitude as they would look away when fellow players are in trouble!

      It's also time to cut Kovalev some slack, he's 36yo, how many NHL team rely on a 36 yo player to carry them? It is not Kovy's fault, he's doing pretty darn good under the circumstance and he's only making 4.5mil/year, that's a pretty good deal when you look at other players contract throughout the NHL!
    It's time for our young guns to take control, guys like the Kostitsyns, Plekanec, Higgins and Latendresse will have to put up better numbers! Lot of you will say Latendresse doesnt get enough ice-time, look at Lapierre he gets the same ice-time but contribute more offensively and does great defensively, Higgins actually trying every night and when healthy he's one of our best players hopefully he can stay that way, AK 's actually the most talented player with the Habs but streaky, SK's still young and inexperienced but could give more effort every nights, Plekanec always took pride in his game and worked really hard throughout his career I don't have a clue why he stopped producing???? Maybe he has some personal problem(s)?

      I just wish the players mentioned above would have Maxime Lapierre's devotion, determination and mental state as he's the ONLY ONE with the habs doing better and trying harder than last year! "I" think Lapierre will become be with the Habs for a long time as he reminds me of Carbo and Gainey type of player!

  9. Benstheman says:

    Screw Richards!!!

    I want Bouwmeester and Neil!!

  10. HABSSTAR says:

    Ummm I never made a comment on him playing the wing…

    As for the points, I conceed that to you, however Vinny is the better player of the two and the cap hit wouldn't be that horribly different.  You'd have to clear some space for either of them so clear a little more and get Vinny, mind you I really don't think either of them addresses Montreal's needs.

  11. Niedermayer_20 says:

    I cant believe you would say trade koivu u idiot. u obviously dont know much about the habs. u say when he was injured  habs were going gr8 ANd now that he is back u say everything has fallen to shit. alex tanguay is a big part of his game u want him out. more russian idiots u want. this is a french hockey team. so lets keep the french players. the team just needs to skate better, cant win games by waiting for the puck. i would love lecavalier but we would not be ablke to resignthe likes of komisarek tanguay kovalev koivu lang kostopolous higgins other key players dick.
    plekanec is garbage right now .

  12. nychabfan says:

    Richards with his high salary and low scoring is definitely not an aswer to Habs' problems.They need a player of Lecavalier mode,whose contract is justified with what he does as a player and as a leader,a true game-breaker.But given Ganey's sad history of bad deals with Dallas, I can only hope he doesn't do anymore stupid deals like Ribeiro for Niinimaa. If there any player in Dallas Habs can use it is Robidas,who plays great and couragesly tear after year.

  13. lafleur10 says:

    trust me this guy isn't dando! hockey head is  a bruins fan!

  14. Plekanec says:

     Are you some sort of retard who cut loose out of his cage or something? Did you even read, I didn't say Sh-t about Koivu, Tangay or your mother's 3rd tit!

     What does that mean "SO LETS KEEP THE FRENCH PLAYERS" ??????????
    Quite Frankly I didn't get any of the sh-t you wrote?!?! None of this concerns or relates to the stuff I wrote?

  15. Plekanec says:

     How about Ryan Smyth and Leopold? What would that cost the Habs?

  16. HABSSTAR says:

    Koivu is Finnish… which is closer to French because both start with "F".


  17. GoLeafs13 says:

    Ya i think this guy should be locked up or something. Hes f*cking psycho.

  18. GoLeafs13 says:

    Not bashing your idea are anything but I really don't see Smyth playing in Montreal.

  19. ItsCoolSoBeCool says:

    Canadiens are not interested in Richards… A Montreal's journalist in lack and search of attention is.

    This is mainly the problem with 75% of the journalists covering the team. Its been going on forever in Montreal. They are unfortunately irresponsible in their declarations.

    History also dictates that Bob Gainey is pulling strings that no one thought he could pull.

  20. Plekanec says:

     BTW Koivu's Finish and Finished! He has been a burden for Montreal and now is the time to trade him and if you didn't realized that the Habs started losing ever since he came back , your either blind or stupid!

  21. latendresse84 says:


    to dallas: Plekanec(still has lots to proov to me & a great trading tool)
                   Higgins(also a great trading tool)
                  Roman Hamrlik (great d-man i think he would be a great player in dallas)
                  1st round pick
                  Chipchura(still in he developing stage)
                 Andrew Conboy
    to montreal:Richards
                     2nd round pick

  22. HABSSTAR says:

    He's been their only player to show up in the playoffs.  Sure… get rid of him then who will put up points in the post season?

  23. lafleur10 says:

    first of all hamrlik has a no trade clause,and youwant to give up our # 3 defenceman! thank god you aren't our g.m. and bob gainey is! ths package that you are offering is ridiculous!

  24. hockeyhead says:

    B's running away with the league 😉

  25. latendresse84 says:

    so add to the dallas pakage being sent to montreal Daryl Siddor or Sergei Zubov and who said that deal was for thr trade deadline if its in the offseason no trade clausees dont apply

  26. redlight2424 says:

    1rst off all no trade clause do apply in the off season and it's a very stupid trade proposal go do your homework stupid.

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