Canadiens lookinng to add Ryan Smyth + Other rumors

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is reporting on a ton of rumors this week with the main one being that the Montreal Canadiens are “mulling over a possible deal for Ryan Smyth.”

It is reported that with the Habs being stuck in a tailspin the Canadiens may not be dome making moves after the trade for Schneider. The latest speculation is that the Habs are studying Ryan Smyth who still has three years remaining on his present deal. HTR feels that Smyth would provide great leadership and a sense of stability for the Canadiens organization. It is noted that Smyth does have a no trade clause that he would have to waive first.

Another rumor is that the Blue Jackets are apparently showing some interest in Alexei Kovalev who has been in the Canadiens dog house of late. It is highly speculated that the Blue Jackets would like to make a move to add more scoring to their line up as they are eagerly trying to make their playoffs for their first time ever.

Furthermore, Garrioch also noted that the Penguins are the latest team to be showing interest in Erik Cole. The Penguins would like to place him on a line with Crosby.

Another rumor is the Sharks and Wings are said to be interested in the Senators Neil who is set to become a free agent at the end of this year.

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14 Responses to Canadiens lookinng to add Ryan Smyth + Other rumors

  1. habs79 says:

    Ryan Smyth is exactly the type of player Montreal needs, however that is way too big of a cap hit. It would be better for them to go after someone like Eric Cole.

    Gainey will be in no hurry to trade Kovalev. He will want and see how he reacts after he was told to stay home for two games, and he had an amazing first game back.
  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Haha.  If Gainey would have only let him play every third game maybe he would have gotten 82 points this year! LOL! 

    Good to see him back with that type of fire though.  Hopefully it wasn't a one game wonder.

    He continues to play like that and he either helps the team climb in the standings again and/or increases his trade value.

  3. habs79 says:

    Hopefully he does continue to play like that. Still I believe he is gone, either as free agent or through a trade.

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     Montreal is NOT after Smyth. Garrioch is hardly better than Eklund or Brooks when it comes to making rumors up, nobody should be listening to these 3 guys and very little of what they come up with should be put into print.

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    You know I had someone hinting at the idea that he has some form of depression which would probably explain his a lot of the ups and downs in his carreer.  The 3 point games one night and total indifference the next type of play. 

    Who knows it could all be a load of crap too.  I think if he isn't traded by the deadline then he either retires at the end of the season or comes back to the Habs at a discount. 

  6. redlight2424 says:

    agree with you there pathetics they don't have a clue.

  7. Radio says:

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  8. Sharxfan20 says:

    Maybe something like this:

    To Colombus: Alex Kovalev, Chris Higgins
    To Montreal: Fredrick Modin, David Vyborny, Raffi Torres


    To San Jose: Chris Neil, Jarkko Ruutu
    To Ottawa: Ryan Clowe, Marcel Goc

    And Finally:

    To Edmonton: Jordan Staal, Hal Gill
    To Pittsburgh: Erik Cole, Denis Grebeshkov, 4th in 2010

  9. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    san jose: neil
    ottawa: goc and a draft choice,forget ryan clowe geezz

  10. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    and for the habs trade,pfffff i think vyborny is not in the nhl anymore,modin a overrated guy and torres,for our best forward and a good young cheap player,i think im gonna puke

  11. Radio says:

    nooooooooo, neil for clowe straight up please.


  12. honestabe says:

    On what planet would Montreal want those three guys???  Even if they got them for nothing, how does Modin, Vyborny and Torres make Montreal a better team?  Vyborny isn't even playing in the nhl. 
    And to suggest they give up Kovalev and Higgins???  That sounds like something Rejean Houle would pull…..

  13. trademan says:

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  14. Radio says:

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