Canadiens Loss Is Symbolic of 2007

The Canadiens lost their last game of 2007 in overtime to the New York Rangers. They fought back from a 1-goal deficit and then took the lead late in the second. Yet victory was not assured. Once again, the Canadiens were unable to lock down a game and really finish it off. I blame this in part to Guy Carbonneau.

The style of play that Carbo uses relies on waiting for the other team to make a mistake and then capitalize on this mistake. The problem with this style is that it doesn’t fit Montreal. To use that system, you need players who score when they need to score. You need all-stars. This is the main reason why Montreal doesn’t capitalize on so many opportunities. Or atleast, this is what it seems like. In reality, the Canadiens don’t miss that many open nets that shock and amazement is required. It just seems that way the players that usually miss the open nets are the ones who are being pressured by the Montreal press, i.e. Ryder and post-december Latendresse. The other flaw is, of course, that against teams that don’t make many mistakes, your system is futile i.e. Detroit, Ottawa.

So far this entire season, and much of last season, the Canadiens have been in close, gritty matches even against the “easiest” of opponents like Florida and Washington. This is because the Canadiens show up certain games, and then disappear during others. When the Habs show up, well, hallelujah, pack up the bags and send some flowers to the coach. However, this very rarely happens. In recent memory I can think of the Florida and Tampa Bay games last week. Both of which were blowouts 5-1. More often than not, the habs have a KitKat during the first period and then get a solid yelling from Carbonneau and come out in the second like champs.
The problems:
1- A coach unable to motivate players during slumps.
Every player goes through slumps, however, if a coach is unable to motivate a player, his slump continues and his confidence vanishes until he resembles Sergei Samsonov.
2- Players not pulling their weight and taking a free ride.
Ryder. Ryder, Ryder Ryder! Smolinski (injured or not, he’s the laziest bum I’ve seen on the habs since Dagenais) Combined, that’s around 5M in salary. For 5M, we could’ve signed someone like Blake or Kozlov (I’m a big Blake fan and I believe that Toronto has ruined him. Period.). Though I must say, in the category of lazy players, our list contains far fewer than last year (Niniimaa, Samsonov, Kovalev, Dandenault, and Aebischer (although he just sucked).
3- Players past their prime and thereby useless to a team on the rise.
Smolinski once again! Wow! Lazy and talentless! Honestly Bob, he’s doing everything wrong. He’s the complete opposite of what we wanted. He was brought in to be an energy line player, a face-off expert, and a veteran presence in the lockeroom. Injured, -7, and a below-50% face-off %, he is USELESS! Bouillon, great guy, but nevertheless not a person the habs want. He isn’t producing points, although I never really expected that. But the bone-crunching hits along the boards and his scrapping have all gone AWOL.
The solutions (MY solutions):
1- Don’t fire Carbo. I love Carbo. He’s a great coach. But he lacks one of the fundamental requirements of a coach. The solution: bring in someone veteran to deal with these players. Our veteran presence is at a minimum. I count Koivu, Kovalev, Hamrlik, and Brisebois as veterans. Smolinski may be veteran, but his presence in null. 4 veterans! Only 4. I say, remember, I say, that we should package some players (make your pick between Ryder, Bouillon, Smolinski, Brisbeois, Dandenault, and some farmers) and get someone for pure veteran presence in the lockeroom. A Luke Richardson of sorts or a Randy Robitaille. My dream candidate would be Jason Smith, but oh well. Dandenault, Grabovski, and a 3rd to PHI for Jason Smith (just a naive thought)
2- PACKAGE! But not yet. At the deadline. I would package Bouillon, Ryder, and Halak to a defense-lacking team in order for a goal-scorer. Even a 20-goal scorer is fine with me. Preferably someone big to play on the third line. Someone like Ouellet, Bernier, or Frolov.
3- Package as well. Smolinski and a pick for a scrapper. Someone big and authoritative. Who misses Ivanans!!! I do!!!!!!! OR BOOGGARRRDDDD!!! Sounds scary!
Lines (just for fun, it makes my day):
Latendresse – Koivu – S. Kostitsyn
A Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
Higgins – Lapierre – Bernier
Boogaard – Begin – Kostopoulos
Markov – Komisarek
Hamrlik – O’Byrne ( I know he’s injured)
Streit – Smith/Brisebois
ps. I really wanted to talk about just the habs’ tendencies of relaxing during games, but I really spiraled off here.

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    i don't know which canadiens team you've been watching lately!!but if you watch now with the lines that carbonneau has put together we have 3 lines that are very dangerous and our 4th line is very capable!you listed only 4 veterans well you missed higgins,komisarek,markov,streit,dandeneault!as for smolinski he got a n.t.c. so to trade him it's not going to happen(but you could by him out)i know you like jason blake but seriously man we are full of youth and don't need another samsonov on this team!!we're fine with s.kostitsyn on the top line!!i alsodon't think we need jason smith on this team as we have hamrlik who is twice the defenceman he is and for the toughness part of smith's game o'byrne is doing that job well!i thought the game against the rangers was very good considering all the young guys we had dressed and only19 players (not even our full 20 guys)so to play that well and lose in o.t. and pick up a point bodes well for us!!!but yes i agree with you about boullion!he's lost it and not the same player he was 2 seasons ago!!i think gainey will bring in some help to help us with our playoff push i'm expecting an impact type guy!!i think ryder will eventually will go,as will halak/huet and and a top prospect like macdonagh or somebody like that for the impact player!!don't worry about that useless bum smolinski though he's gone after this year he was just brought in to help with chipchurra's development and chips has passed him!!so has lapierre i think begin's day's are numbered on this team as well!i hope not because when he's healthy he's a good gritty type guy with marginal talent but a huge work ethic!!sanj91 i agree that we need an enforcer type but i'd like to see the current heavy weight champ(george laraque)!!i think carbonneau is doing an excellent job as a coach and disagree that he lacks one fundamental you mention to bring in acoach to help him!what do you think doug jarvis is?kirk muller is an excellent assistant as well!the only coach that needs to be replaced i think is rollie melanson!he has our goaltenders playing too much on there knees and with aproper goaltending coach(francios,or benoit allare)that coached st.patrick these guys would better coached!

  2. Pronger44 says:

    Umm the teams been playing well lately. So I dunno what your smoking but if your a Habs fan and are gonna whine about the way they’ve been playing, just shaddup. After they went a solid 3-1-2 on a 6 game road trip, your gonna come on here and bash them. Like seriously, our team currently sits in 4th place with 45 points, 5 points ahead of the eighth and final playoff spot, which is good for a team ranked to finish 13th this season, so quit your whining and posting this garbage, the team is playing fine.

  3. Tbone15 says:

    First off, in regards to the first reply, higgins komisarek are NOT veterans in this league. they have very little playoff experience and only have 3-5 years under theyre belt (dont know the exact numbers but they arent high ones). Markov also only has about 5 or 6 years, so hes not the seasoned vet like koivu kovalev or brisebois are. as for dandenault, i dont know much about his playing past and frankly i dont give shit.
         Now!…. as for the original post, i do agree with MOST of what you said except for minor details. First off you left out Chipchura on your line-up, hes a much better player than kostopolous and begin,(although Kostop is here for a little diff reasons) but Chipper more than fills the spot begin would leave open. As for the Vets youd bring in, The ones you named would not better our team, yes they would have that seasoned vet presence but the skill of those guys is lackin. We need some more skill in a Vet along with the leadership. Someone along the lines of a Ryan Smyth or a Mike Modano. Now yes i know those guys would be tall orders but its only an example. As for your third liners you'd like to bring in, I dont have any problems with the names you named. Although frolov to me is more a skill player than a third line energy aggitator. Personally I'd like to see someone like a Tootoo in that role. He single handedly has the power to swing momentum with a single shift and hit. Someone like that

  4. sanj91 says:

    yes i agree with you that in principal hmarkov and dandenault are veterans, but by veterans i meant more of a force in the lockeroom rather than the years of exp. they have in the nhl….lol now that i look back, blake was more of a tangent….i dnt thnk i wud actually want him… for jason smith…im sure ud agree that no team can be too gritty….and o'byrne is a hard-hitting d-man so it wud be beneeficial for him to learn from a hard-hitting d-man rather than a tactical one like harmlik…dnt get me wrong, hamrlik is an amazing teacher (phaneuf)…..i wud love laraque too but in reality i dnt thnk ray shero wud give him up…..btw thnks for the heads up about smolinski's ntc….wasnt aware of tht…..however i thnk u misunderstood me abt carbo….i ddnt say to bring in another coach….i said more veterans (leadership)….the only point that i vehemently disagree with u on is the rollie melanson….he is one of THE BEST goalie coaches in the league….end of story

  5. sanj91 says:

    they are doing fine….i agree ths wasnt the most appropraite time to post this…as theyve been winning lately….but this is a big issue with the canadiens long-time success (stanley cup)….also rmmbr….we are 2 losses away from being out of a playoff spot….even one loss depending on if BUF, NYI, PIT, PHI and NYR win their next couple of games….dnt get confident….and not to be pessimistic, but we have a homestand coming up and the habs are not the best team at home….i hope they can figure something out….

  6. lafleur10 says:

    no problem sanj91!(about smolinski)but i know as a fellow habs fan we aren't always going to aggre!like on this point about melsaon!he's never won anything as a goaltender or goaltender coach!!and the allares have!and could you imagine what they could do with price and huet !i mean he has too work with carey and get him to move to the top of his crease more and come out and challenge the shooters more and start having them stand up more!!too much playing on there knees!!if carey stood up more he'd be almost unbeatable and huet sometimes is on his knees before the opposition is in our end!!he needs to work with them on this because when your on your knees as a goaltender you can't move fast enough and get caught too much and can't react!!and too manty soft goals kill a team especially at the most critical times of the game when the big saves need to be made and you can't make them if you are on your knees too much!!

  7. lafleur10 says:

    t bone15 komisarek and higgins are considered veterans(young veterans)3-5 year veterans!!and leaders higgins and komisarek will be future captains and assistant captains of this team!! markov is a veteran!you mentioned you didn't know about dandeneault's playing past he was a big part of three stanley cup winning teams in detroit!and could play forward or defence like he does with us!!

  8. lafleur10 says:

    t bone15 komisarek and higgins are considered veterans(young veterans)3-5 year veterans!!and leaders higgins and komisarek will be future captains and assistant captains of this team!! markov is a veteran!you mentioned you didn't know about dandeneault's playing past he was a big part of three stanley cup winning teams in detroit!and could play forward or defence like he does with us!!

  9. lafleur10 says:

    t bone15 komisarek and higgins are considered veterans(young veterans)3-5 year veterans!!and leaders higgins and komisarek will be future captains and assistant captains of this team!! markov is a veteran!you mentioned you didn't know about dandeneault's playing past he was a big part of three stanley cup winning teams in detroit!and could play forward or defence like he does with us!!

  10. habsrock99 says:

    Dude, you really need to watch the games. Like the LaFleur guy before me said, since Carbo adjusted the lines, the Habs have been a ball of energy. I don't really count the Ranger game as a bad game considering the Habs were missing their Captain. Anytime a Captain's out of the line up for any reason, the team plays different. And that goes for any team in hockey, NHL, AHL, ECHL, OHL, Junior D, Junior A or any type of hockey, you miss your Captain, you're not the same team.

    As for Huet, F*** NO!!!!!!!!! He'd be a horrible back up, especially at a 2 million dollar price tag. That's more then double the starting goalies salary!!!! Huet would end up hurting Price's long-term development, which would in turn, make the people who originally wanted Huet to be Price's back up, begin blaming Gainey for re-signing him.

    You want a perfect back up, well he just won the Spengler Cup over in Switzerland. His name? Curtis Joseph. 900 games, 446 wins and over 100 Play-Off games not to mention he's played more then 50 games in a season. Now add the fact he WANTS to be a mentor to a young goalie and said so publicly in Switzerland.

    When dealing with developing the Future of your Franchise, you make sure he has someone who can guide and ease him through the tough patches called April Hockey. Huet can't do that because he's only done it once. Cujo's been doing it since 1993. Tell me, which would you honestly choose?
    Cristobal Huet: Will command $3+ million Dollar Salary, not 2
    5 NHL Seasons: 152GP 61-53-11-14 2.45 .919
    Play-Off: 6GP 2-4 2.33 .929

    Curtis Joseph: Will sign for less than 1 million
    17 NHL Seasons: 913GP 446-341-90-5 2.78 .907
    Play-Off: 131GP 62-66 2.44 .916

    Not only do you save at least 2 million dollars to possibly go out and sign a good Free Agent but you also get a better mentor for Price.
    Now, as for Smolinski, you have it all wrong. He wasn't brought in to be an energy line player or a face-off specialist as he's average at best on face-offs. He was brought in to mentor Kyle Chipchura. Gainey didn't know, as did we, that Chipchura didn't need a mentor as he's already stepped up as a leader of the Habs and he's only 20 friggin' years old!!!!

    As for the lazy players on this year's squad, you've missed a few. Ryder, Bouillon, Streit, Huet, Gorges and Grabovski. I have Huet there because the guy for some reason puts no attempt on saving shoot-out shots or the type of shots like the Shany OT winner. At least put an attempt at saving it rather then  just watching it go by.

    The one thing I do agree with however, is the need for a Tough Guy. But that can wait until the Summer, when Eric Boulton, Eric Godard, David Koci, Jody Shelley, Scott Parker, Brad Winchester, Todd Fedoruk, Darcy Hordichuk, Sean Avery, Georges Laraques, Jarrko Ruutu, Andre Roy, Wade Belak and Donald Brashear are all UFA's on July 1st. First thing's first is to get this year's team to the Play-Offs for some experience, then get the minor pieces that make you winners.

    As for Ivanans, he played all of 4 games as a Hab and got 1 fight, so you can't miss him that much. The just have to stop signing the wrong Tough Guy like Downey, Langdon and Dwyer.

  11. lafleur10 says:

    good reply habsrock99 i agree with you on curtis joseph!!he'd be an awesome mentor for price!!

  12. careyprice31 says:

    Most of what you said is true but the rangers game I put the blame on huet ive never been a fan of this guy i think hes pretty horrble actualy and for the price there keeping him for sheesh. I mean 2.75 mill for huet thats ridiculous, thank god hes done after this season

  13. careyprice31 says:

    yea smart move on candiens parts if they trade huet and pick up joseph as for tough guys our concerned i say go for avery if u miss out pick up scott parker

  14. careyprice31 says:

    you are right on all aspects here lafleur but i must dissagre with dandy playing a big part in detroit for the stanley cups cuz he didn't he does have the experience of winning in playoffs but thats all il give you helping them well when your surrounded by yzerman lidstrom shanny federov larionov draper maltby etc etc dandy doesnt really play a big role

  15. Pronger44 says:

    What was wrong with Dwyer, Downey and Langdon, they all came in did their job, with 6mins of ice time what do you expect them to do besides start stuff with the opposing team and pick fights with whoevers starting stuff, they were fine in my books and I’ve watched this team for 23 years.

  16. habsrock99 says:

    The problem with them was that they weren't the right Tough Guy. They would often lose the fights they started which would ultimately shift momentum. If you look at past Habs tough guys, they just don't compare. Brashear, Odelein, Nilan, Corson, etc. Then theirs Garth Murray, who was a complete waste of 600K because the guy just isn't qualified to be an NHL player. Hell, I think he'd have a hard time cracking an AHL team.
    I've been watching the Habs for nearly 19 years and haven't missed a game in nearly 8 and watching Dwyer, Murray, Langdon and Downey for the 50 or less games they played a year made me go "why are they a Hab when they can't shift momentum?" You can even add PJ Stock to the list because he is possibly the worst fighter in NHL history.

    My point is, if you go out and invest 600K or however much into a guy who's sole job is to fight and shift momentum while doing it, why not make sure the guy you get can actually do it. Hell, my only memories of Dwyer, Langdon and Downey are:

    Dwyer- Getting 3 fights in the 2004 AHL Play-Offs with Hamilton
    Langdon- Scoring a Play-Off goal which made me go "WHAT!?!?"
    Downey- Being destroyed along the boards by Robyn Regehr last year.

  17. Pronger44 says:

    I’ve followed the Habs and hockey for the last 22 years, and your gonna sit here and point out to me flaws in all these guys. For christ sake, I think every player has a FLAW in his game and no one plays perfect every game either. From what I saw from the three mentioned above was what I expected when they signed. Fight, hit, and push the other teams players buttons to get them off their game, and I could go on and on, but what those players brought to the Habs was a little needed gritt at the time, and did their job well from what I witnessed. So for you to come on here and bash a bunch of players who no doubt in my mind would lay you out in a second, I think you have no say in how well they played for the Habs because no player is perfect in this league, and for you to judge them how you did, shows me your knowledge is just a bit off track.

  18. habsrock99 says:

    They would lay me out as they would to you and quite possibly anybody else on this site, so that statement really holds no ground in the conversation. I was once one of those "Tough Guy's" back when I played hockey and like I said, I've watched the Habs nearly as long as you have and when they sign a player, no matter if it's as small as a Gordie Dwyer or a big name like Alex Kovalev, I, as well as any Habs fan including yourself, does or should hold certain expectations for them.

    My point was that they were the wrong guy's for the Habs. They could have spent the money on a guy who would fit in as a Hab. Hell, I liked Darren Langdon but he wasn't right as a Hab. I hated Aaron Downey as a Hab and I'm glad he's found his niche in Detroit. Garth Murray shouldn't have ever played 80 games as a Hab and I'm nearly 1000% postive you and I could both agree that his roster spot could have gone to a better player.

    I never said that their is or ever has been a "perfect player", so again, I see no connection with that statement to this topic. I know every player has a flaw and if I said anything different, I'd be a horrible hockey fan. And as a fellow Habs fan, I think we can both agree that we're quite possibly the most critical of our team.

    When the Habs sign a supposed "Tough Guy", I immediately put 1 certain expectation on them, which none of the 3 names I originally said ever did. My one single expectation is that they fight when they're supposed to. An example is in the 2nd period when the Habs are trailing 2-1. Not in the 3rd period when your team is down 4-1 with less then 7 minutes to go.

    So, in a nutshell, my entire point was that Langdon, Dwyer and Downey weren't right for Montreal and that they should have signed or gone after a better Tough Guy like Georges Laraques or Andre Roy.

  19. Habs_pm says:

    Trade Huet and the dead weight for a top-six foward. Yah the kids are playing great but what would you expect from them in the Playoffs if they even make it….

    Trade Huet and whoever for a veteran scoring foward to make a push for the playoffs…Its not like Montreal has a bunch of Crosbys. Young talented players but no experience under pressue situations.

    Huet doesn't deserve the back up role. He can be a top goalie in the league if a team can give him over 40 starts not like Montreal.

    Cujo is looking to come back in the NHL, why not sign him to mentor Price if they trade Huet.

    Sign Cujo till the end of 2009 season for $1 Million

  20. habsrock99 says:

    Their's no need to get a veteran forward because it's obvious the Habs won't be much of a Play-Off threat considering they have virtually no Play-Off experience. Let the team grow as a whole by having them lose as a group and get that Play-Off taste, then add the little pieces over the next 2 off-seasons which will make them For Real Contenders. 

    IE. sign a Tough Guy like Laraques or Roy this coming July, sign Joseph to mentor Price this year, Give Latendresse full-time 1st Line duties next year and if he can't handle them then, sign a Top 6 Forward next year, re-sign Koivu and/or Kovalev next season

    Look at Crosby's gang last year. They had a far superior team but because they had virtually no Play-Off experience, they were dismantled because they didn't know how to play in that type of environment.

  21. lafleur10 says:

    well carey price31 huet will only be the starter until prices takes over anyway!!but at2.75 million i rather watch cristobal huet than jose theodore i think was the biggest piece of shit i've ever see in my life!!he was the most over paid goaltender 5.5-6 miilion thatwas way too much for an average goalie like theodore!so huet (the man who took theodore's) job is not bad at 2.75 million doolars and look atit thisway we could have red light raycroft at 3million so our backup at that is not bad but i like the idea od signing joseph what a mentor for price!!and at950,000 to 1million is a steal!!!

  22. rojoke says:

    Make a push for the playoffs?  They're fourth in the conference at the end of the year, and though the non-division leaders are bunched up pretty good, they're certainly not playing like they were at this time last season when they sank like a stone.  They've got two months before the deadline, but you're probably not going to see many significant deals coming out of the woodwork until February.

  23. adam_uppal says:

    I think I speak for most readers when I said most of you who write this crap are a bunch of idiots.  I mean holy crap.  "Komisarek and Higgins are veterans"  Buzz off, they're practically sophomores.  Keep Huet as a back-up for under 2M?  Screw off, He is making 2.75M, was an all-star last year, maybe this year, and is one of the save percentage leaders.  And losing in a shootout to the Rangers the other night – F**k off, they had 3 games in 4 nights and got 5 of a possible six points.  Give the team a break.  They are young.  They are growing.  They are building properly.  You guys are worst than the media and that's why we don't get those players we dream of like Vinnie and Ovechkin.

  24. careyprice31 says:

    well said lafleur that can be an option or we can finally give yan denis a chance in a back up role wouldnt hurt to try hm out but huet has gots to go first

  25. sanj91 says:

    I've got to say that Cujo is a great mentor….but I just don't think that Price is ready to take a whole season…which means that Cujo would have to play atleast 20+ games next season….and hell no….thts 20 games that cud go either way depending on if cujo's grandkids are cheering hard enuff… rather have huet…..2M is not that outrageous for a backup goalie….and hes not really a backup…more of an alternate….personally i love the goalie "controversy" this year….i feel like its really helping our team….two goalies with different specialties…..i wud love the same thng for next season….price with around 60 games….huet with 22….and just for the record…im not sure huet can be a starter yet in ths league until he proves he can handle a whole season….when i see him among the league leaders in save % im very happy for him, but i thnk thts its an injustice to goalies like luongo who play EVERY game and are consistently on top of their game….guys like huet and leclaire who play every other game or are splitting with someone else just dont deserve the same credit as guys lik luongo so its unfair to claim tht huets a league leader in save %….im sure if we played him every game tht save % wud drop drstically….

  26. Tbone15 says:

    Yeah i relaize what your saying but what i mean is that they dont have the same experience (no where close) as koivu or briser (and yes i know alot of ppl dont like brise but he does have the experience). 3 to 5 years with little playoff experience doesnt have the same effect on a youngster as a well seasoned vet would. Hamrlik is the perfect example. Look what he did for Phaneuf in calgary and now he's doin the same for O'byrne. Perfect pairing in my eyes

  27. lafleur10 says:

    every well said sanj91 but just remember huet wants to start and be a starter next season you,me, and the rest of the habs fans know that price is going to be the starter full-time next season1………yearily when huet was hurt and came backfrom the groin injury he was ready to play but coach carbonneau kept himoutuntil the pre christmas road trip and that didn't sit well with cristobal!he was upset thsthe didn't get into one of those games!!but with they carey was playing carbonneau made the right decision to stay with the kid!!and hurt knows the writing is on the wall with us!and i don't think he'll accept the backup job with us!if that's the case then he can pack his bags anytime and go!!but however i still think he can use his veteran leadership to help us and carey in the interm for the playoof push and ultimately the playoffs then let in walk and sign joseph who would be happy with 20 games and not cost us alot in terms of money and that money we save from huet can be used to help us get the impact player we need!(because that gives us a 1miilion or so more to play with)right on about the bit with huet and his save%i agrree nice job!!!on that one

    god is a habs fans this is god's team!!

           go habs go!!

  28. ferron says:

      Are you stupid or something, CAN'T you get what Habsrock99's trying to say. You replies are lame and totally off context, this site is all about judging and analyzing hockey players. Quit taking everything personally and quit starting you replies by "WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING" that sh-t is getting old!

  29. ferron says:

       Huet at 2 mil/year? this guy has been ONE of NHL' leaders  for SVS % as long as he's been with the habs! One thing we need is a fighter, if Laraque realy becomes an UFA next summer we should do anything in our power  to sign him and i will tell you why, we have lots of Rookies on the team and Rookies useally get intimidated easily witch could or even stop their developments.

       Every games other teams players run our goalies over and rough our smaller players up, witch by the way  is 80% of our team. We CAN'T afford to let Komisarek fight and let's face it Dandenault could whoop Kostopoulos'es ass!

  30. ferron says:

    BTW Cujo couldn't show Halak how to catch the clap! Let alone Price! Please forget about Cujo, if Tampa haven't signed him by now, that means he's done!

  31. ferron says:

      Lafleur! Are we the only ones who thinks that Melanson is a joke and Montreal should get allaire back, who is world known as the best goalie coach ever!

      Francois and Patrick invented the Butterfly Style. Allaire also work with Giguere, Gerber and now he(Francois Allaire)is located in finland I think, where he runs a very busy goalie school.

       Trainers salary doesn't count towards the cap, so why isn't the habs offer this guy an offer he can't refuse?

  32. ferron says:

      You should try watching RDS sometimes, you would learn something!

  33. lafleur10 says:

    ferron i agree with you 100%

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