Canadiens Notes and Devils and Coyotes to swing a deal?

The New York Post is reporting that the Coyotes and Devils may make a deal. Cyberpress is reporting that Gainey has likely finished his shopping in Montreal and that the Guerin to Montreal rumors are just that … rumors.

It is reported that “Stephen Reinprecht coming to Jersey with Derek Morris, in what surely would be a costly package. A regular procession of Coyotes scouts and GM Don Maloney have watched the Devils lately, and they were to set up their deadline war room in Boston, only to change plans because of the storm and assemble in Phoenix.”

Another juicy tidbit from this article is that it is noted that the deal between the Bruins and Ducks for Pronger may be off.

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Habs Article

The article (translated) notes that the Habs are hoping that the return of Tanguay and Latendresse will plug offensive holes and that the Habs are unlikely to make any more deals.

It is also noted that all Canadiens fans who are hoping that the Canadiens will land Lecavailler should put their dreams on hold … at least until the summer.

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6 Responses to Canadiens Notes and Devils and Coyotes to swing a deal?

  1. Plekanec says:

     Ryan O'Byrne just got recall, this probably means Dandenault will be traded in the next few hour.

     I also heard that Mike Komisarek got into a fight with Maxim Lapierre in an early practice, someone also mentioned that Bob Gainey has been trying to package Chris Higgins and Mike Komisarek for a Center and another defenseman, that's probably why Gainey hasn't signed Komisarek and Higgins to extensions yet!

     If Komisarek isn't signed to an extension in the next couple of hour he will probably get traded, cause Bob will not be able to sign Komisarek after the deadline and if Komisarek test the UFA market someone out there will offer him 6 millions but Bob won't!

     I just hope Bob doesn't lose Komisarek for nothing , like Souray and Streit, losing Komisarek to the UFA market would most likely cost Bob his job!

     Komisarek, Higgins and a 2nd rounder for Morris and Jokinen.

    or Kaberle and Antropov for Komisarek and Higgins.

  2. Kramer says:

    I'm hearing a major trade is gonna be announced soon, either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Stay tuned, this could be a doozy.

  3. Plekanec says:

     Correction, Bob Gainey has told the press that his shopping was done for the season.

     When Bob says something it is usually the truth! But "I" think that if the Habs don't make a better trade, they have no chance for the Stanley Cup, therefor all the previous trades Bob has made were useless!
     Plus the further the Habs make it in the Playoffs without wining the Cup will hurt them even more as the conditional draft pick that came in the Schneider trade will decrease and the order the Habs pick in the draft will get lower.

  4. reinjosh says:

    well he said he wasnt afraid to lose komisarek for nothing and was willing to play hardball with him
    they keep losing people, but noone can deny they keep on replacing them

  5. argonacon says:

    well, i dont know about that. the habs are playing much better lately and seeing tanguay and lats back in the lineup will only be a bigger boost for them. i dont think getting rid of dandenault is really a good idea because they could use the extra depth in defense for a playoff run. you know, if anyone gets injured. would you rather see o'byrne or dandenault? i think gainey is going to try and sign schneider in the off season and i think he'll get alot of his players resigned at good rates compared with alot of the teams out there who are crunched to the ceiling.

    going deep in the playoffs is what bob wants. he's not going for a cup run or he'd mortgage some of the youth for some serious talent like neidermayer, pronger, guerin, or whoever, to put his team over the edge. this is what he wants: to get alot of the youth on his team some serious playoff experience. this includes o'byrne.

    and you know, o'byrne will turn into a decent stay at home defenseman. mark my words. next season he'll be a regular and you'll start seeing a better player. he's young. defensemen take longer to develop than forwards.

    so aquiring schneider and metropolit are moves to help them make it to the third round. depending on how the whole playoff picture works out they could go to the finals. like, i'd be worried for the bruins if they face the panthers in the first round. actually, i'd be worried for any team. or the caps or the flyers. playin big teams like that can really help get your players injured.

    but whatever. the fight at practice is no big deal. that stuff happens. tensions run high. if bob said he's not making any more moves i'd bet on exactly that.

    watch for him to make some bigger moves either in the off season or at next years trade deadline, that's what i'd bank on.

  6. habs79 says:

    If Gainey is done dealing, the Habs are simply DONE. If they do not get bigger, and more physical up front, they simply will not survive the playoff wars. They need a Bill Guerin, or an Eric Cole. They also need to sure up the defence, unless Gainey thinks Halak can carry them to the Cup. Good luck if he actually thinks that.

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