Canadiens, Predators engage in three-player swap

The Nashville Predators sent a pair of unrestricted free agents to the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday in exchange for restricted free agent forward Sergei Kostitsyn.

In return for Kostitsyn, the Canadiens acquired goaltender Dan Ellis and forward Dustin Boyd. A fifth-round conditional pick in the 2012 Entry Draft could also be transferred from one team to the other depending on whether each player signs with his new team or if his rights end up being traded.

The 23-year-old Kostitsyn was a seventh-round pick of the Canadiens in the 2005 Entry Draft and played parts of three seasons with his older brother Andrei in Montreal. In 155 NHL games, he has recorded 24 goals and 68 points, including 7 goals and 18 points in 47 games this past season. He was scoreless in five playoff games.

Ellis, 30, was a second-round pick by the Stars in 2000. He won his NHL debut for Dallas during the 2003-04 season, then resurfaced in 2007-08 with the Predators. Ellis won a career-high 23 games for Nashville that season with a 2.34 goals-against average and .924 save percentage, but his numbers declined and he lost playing time the past two seasons following the emergence of Pekka Rinne. In 111 NHL games, Ellis has a 50-42-8 record with 10 shutouts, a 2.64 GAA and a .912 save percentage.

Boyd, 23, split last season between the Flames and Predators, totaling 11 goals and 24 points in 78 games. He was scoreless in four playoff games for Nashville. A third-round pick by Calgary in the 2004 Entry Draft, Boyd has 31 goals and 62 points in 210 NHL games.

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  1. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Thank God, Montreal has done equal the amount of damage to Sergei then he has done to the Habs. It was just not a good pairing.

    Still a very young, talented player, and what coach is better to make a guy find his potential then Barry Trotz?

    Solid deal on booth ends…But it does show that the Habs are not completely sold on Price

  2. kilter says:

    Well Dan Ellis better come to camp in shape or get in shape fast in camp,because he is going to play alot of hockey this year backing up(for now)Carey Price! Price IS NOT an NHL goaltender now or in the future,i dont know how much more or how fantastically he has to fail before they finally realize this in Montreal,every goalie that has played in the NHL with Price has in the end out played him by a wide margin and barring catastrophic injury DAN ELLIS will too! I garantee you that Price does not finish the season as the number one
    goalie for the Habs and maybe then they will finally see the light that this guy is just not cut out for the NHL and they will cut him lose and start consentrating on getting a real top notch NHL goaltender!

  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I think they should of kept Halak…Not because of that, but because Halak dealt with the Montreal pressure better then Price and the fans loved him. Its hard for Habs fans to find a goalie that they love, so might as well do that.

    Oh well, I feel that Price doesn't want to be there and if he starts poorly, the Montreal crowd will give it to him


    he outplayed Huet..


    They needed a backup!!! did you think Price was going to play 82 games… Did Toronto go out and acquire Gigure because they weren't sold on Gustaffson??

  6. kilter says:

    Price won't play 40 games,cause he sucks! This is the end(i hope)of the great Carey Price experiment!

  7. kilter says:

    i have to disagree with you,i thought in the begining he was outplaying Huet,but once pushed Huet played much better,hense Price being sent back down to the minors,then when he came back he played ok but still not to the point where Gainey should have ever given Huet the boot,i,m telling you Price is done and this year with no way out,no back up plan to him they will finally see it…oh God i hope they see…lol,cause i,m terribly sick of whatching him blow start after start and game after game!

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    So glad to see one of the Kostitsyn gone!  Maybe now his brother will wake the f*ck up and play to his potential, or demande a trade.  Either or, I'll be happy. 

    Boyd gives the Habs yet another option along with Metro and Moore. 

    As for Ellis, that's interesting.  I'd really be amazed to see him sign with Montreal though, and double that if it's before July 1st.  Maybe Gauthier is going to flip him to another team? In any event it's addition by subtraction on this trade for the Habs.  Good job!

  9. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Dan Ellis does not want to be a back up, he wants to start…He wants starters money, and he wants the fame, Why do you think Nashville traded him? If he was going to be a backup, he would of probably stayed.

    If they wanted a backup they would of went for a veteran that will push Price, and teach him the ropes of being an NHL goaltender. A Biron, Turco, Mason etc. Not a young goalie. Thats why Toronto got Giguere, its not because they needed a backup, they could of went to a cheaper option.

    Burke WAS worried about Gustavssons development as a player because Toskala was not pushing him to be better and Vesa was a bad influence, thats why Giguere is here. You can see the difference in Gustavssons numbers pre-and-post trade that he's doing better.

    Think about it!

  10. mojo19 says:

    They needed a legit starter, this is a good trade. I don't think Ellis lost his job to Rinne because he was playing exceptionally poorly, Rinne was just playing really well and stole the job. Ellis did the same thing to Mason who did it to Vokoun.

    Dan Ellis is not as good as Jaroslav Halak but he will give Montreal some stability in goal.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Huet won more games for the Habs that year than Price did. Huet was never outplayed by Price, Gainey just went with his gut and it did not pay off.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Sergei Kostitsyn is no big loss anyway's. He's half as talented as his brother. If he wasn't related to Andrei he never would have got half the hype he got.

    Staffan Kronwall was similar in Toronto, had Nik been a Leaf it would have been very similar.


    Ellis is actually 30 years old, not exactly young… The plan for Price is probably not to play him 60-70 games but probably around 40 games…

  14. Redwings3019 says:

    Im wondering how much of an effect this will have with AK signing an extension. I believe he is still a FA after next season.

    SK was a serious problem in the locker room for Montreal. The guy expected to play in the NHL just because of the projected potential and that his brother is on the team. He did nothing and was pissed that they tried to send him down to the AHL.

    Signing Ellis could either remove pressure from Price by splitting the work load or it could add pressure by having Ellis out perform Price. I really think they want a goalie who isnt in the mentor/back up role to push Price at being a true number 1. If it all works out then Ill see them signing a vetern who can perform that mentor/back up role as Price will then be established and then more ready to learn what it takes to be the number 1.


    I hope MTL lets Boyd walk, hes a waste of cap space.. I think Metro wants to play in Europe.. has MTL resigned Moore yet? he was a good pick up.. I would if A.Kostitsyn is upset his little bro got traded? I truly think this guy has potential to be a top line player, he just can't put it all together.. I just hope if MTL trades him, they get a solid return for him, because I wouldn't be suprised once hes traded he turns things around.


    he was a going to be a free agent that summer, so it was good to trade him.. maybe Gainey learned it was better to get something for him, instead of letting him walk for nothing ie. Streit, Souray, Komisarek..


    I meant "wonder if A.Kostistyn is upset……"

  18. connsmakebe-leafs says:

    je suis tres desole………mon deiu
    look talk crap about us leaf fans habs rule but at least we know who our general manager is………..Gainey left before the end of last season Pierre Gaultier is the GM now

  19. TimTheBone says:

    You know Kilter, first i just want to say that your completely entitled to your own opinion and i won't dismiss it. But i have to challenge it.

    I've been a Carey Price supporter since the beginning and i won't step back from that until I've fully been given reason to do so.

    Now where i see a flaw in your opinion is that it's JUST that and nothing else. You don't create an argument at all as to why he's so "terrible". And honestly i don't see how you can. The only way i can see you throwing up any evidence towards his ultimate failure in his career would be his season record this year. An uninspiring 13-20-5 in 41 starts 3 of which included the Yank. Now while this is indeed a terrible season record it doesnt trule reflect his play over the year.

    (side note i never agreed with the recording of the goaltenders record over the season for the fact that it REALLY does not reflect the way a goaltender plays rather than the way a team plays as a whole unit.) A great goalie can look invisible and average on a terrible team. where as the opposite can occur and an average goalie can look great to spectacular on a great team purely based on stats. It's rather mis-leading is what im getting at.

    But onto my original points. I could bring up the whole argument about Price being 21/22 years old and given the reigns of the team too early and he's distracted and he's not matured yet, but it's been said again and again and i'll shed light onto other facts.

    Price in his first season as a pro (20 years old) played in 41 games and had a record of 24-12-3. His save% .920 and a GAA of 2.56. Very respectable for any Tender around the league.

    Season two saw Price in 52 games and finish with a record of 23-16-10. % of .905 and GAA of 2.83. Not spectacular but nonetheless still nowhere near a FAILURE.

    Season three had price in 41 games once again. Finishing with his lackluster 13-20-5 record. BUT Price improved his numbers from the year before to a % of .912 and a GAA of 2.77. Now you could very well attribute the improvement on the fact that he played in 11 less games. Yet if you forget his 2nd season and compare just the 1st to the 3rd you'll notice that despite having a near inversed record Price posted rather similar stats. As well as facing slightly less shots and allowing just 6 more goals.

    To me these facts reflect a few things.
    1: Price did indeed see a decrease in production as a goaltender but not a "FAILURE" of a year as you seem to think.
    2: The facts seem to point out that the team as a whole played much more poorly in front of him for the reasons that despite only having 6 more goals scored on than year 1 the team lost double the games. Which in turn shows the team played poor defensively and could not score.

    I mean its all there. and just by watching the team play night in and night out (which by the way i can actually claim to have watched all 82 games give or take 2 or 3) The team as a unit looked lost and unmotivated on multiple nights through-out the season.

    Look I'm not trying to justify trading Halak. I'm not trying to claim Price is the second coming of anything. I'm not even trying to claim Price is the answer here in Montreal. What I am trying to say is that by NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is Carey Price a complete failure and that this past season should not be held above him like the guillotine people seem to have placed there. Yes Price lost a step this year. But this year coming will be a real comeback of sorts for him. He needs to show (with a team that has a years experience together) that he can truely compete at the elite level his coaches seem to believe he can do.

    Oh and on the Huet thing, you can't honestly tell me that looking back on the deal that you'd rather have a 30 year old Huet locked up for 5 mill per than Price, a 22 yr old, at probably between 1.5-2.5 for a year or two. I mean i've been hearing that Huet will be put on waivers and will likely NOT be picked up and resort to playing in Europe where he once came from. But yeah Huet woulda been MUCH better.

    My final thought is….. IF Price becomes what everyone thought, and some still think, he was going to become. And he starts tearing up the league, and maybe one day hoists the cup. Whether this happens with Les Habs or any other NHL team……. Will you come out of the shadows and be prepared to eat your words????…………

    Because i'll say it here, im a full supporter of Price, but if he Busts, and is damned to the pro-euro leagues or becomes a career minor-leaguer…… I will be prepared to say I was wrong…………

    and thats my two cents

  20. TimTheBone says:

    He was refering to the fact that GAINEY made the trade of huet… NOT GAULTIER…… so he actually does know his team,

  21. TimTheBone says:

    Some people don't seem to understand the point of this trade…. It wasnt done to acquire Ellis rather than it was moreso to rid of Sergei Kostitsyn…

    Sergei needed to go and really what this trade boils down to is one RFA for two UFAs

    Ellis is a UFA come july 1st as well as Boyd…. Boyd becomes UFA because Nashville failed to extend a qualifying offer to him by the specific deadline.

    Now Ellis will get between 30-40 starts IF he signs with Montreal and IF he does sign I personally cant see it being more than a year contract.

    Boyd on the other hand IS NOT a waste of cap space as one of my colleagues put it….. Boyd is a FINE young 23 yr old "grinder" as some would put it. He's a tremendous two-way player who is growing nicely and put on a line with say moen and lapierre would excel… Although if Moore resigns I see him stacking up well with Pyatt and either a free agent pick-up or Darche or perhaps Maxwell or Desharnais or even Trotter…. Free agency is a more likely candidate though….

    Also I would LOVE to see Andrei moved out for what ever picks or prospects or perhaps a nice return if possible…. but Armstrong would look nice next to Pleks and Cammy i think… It would be a nice pick-up…

  22. TimTheBone says:

    a side note….. can someone tell me if Sergei qualifies for Unrestricted free agency…. similar to the way Boyd did?…. or is it because Boyd was eligible for Arrbitration that makes him also eligible for Unrestricted FA???……..

  23. TimTheBone says:

    Just so i can see this down on "paper"

    Pouliot Gomez Gionta
    Kostitsyn Plekanec Cammalleri
    Moen Lapierre Moore
    Pyatt Eller Boyd
    Trotter Maxwell Darche

    Markov Subban
    Gill Gorges
    Hamrlik Spacek
    Obyrne Carle

    Ellis ??????

    I think By free agency next year Montreal will be able to really shore out the discrepencies in the team and fill the holes with proper bodies…. only Spacek and Subban are under contract for defensemen through next offseason and only Markov and Gorges will need to be signed… gorges with a raise… perhaps Markov with a pay-cut but with long term security… Andrei will be done as a hab if he's still here…. and we can focus on getting a REAL top 6 winger to compliment that line properly…. With a top four of Gorges Markov Subban and Spacek perhaps another top four guy will need to be signed and MAYBE obyrne will be signed into the 6th spot if he's progressed any

  24. TimTheBone says:

    If Obyrne doesnt step it up Tinordi will fast surpass him in the depth charts….

  25. Redwings3019 says:

    I like Pouliot (always try to trade for him in NHL 10…damn Montreal wont give him to me) Im kind of sad they signed him. Wanted Detroit to get him.

    Anyways to the reason for the reply. Do you think he'll get the start on the first line? He really died at the end of the year…

    Its seems hard to call, I can see him getting on that line but then again I can see him starting the 2nd and even 3rd. Perhaps all depends on offseason/preseason.


    I think the pressure is off Price, because Gauthier has made it very clear that Price is the future man… even if its takes Price a few more years of playing 20-30 games a season to develop thats fine… MTL still needs to sign Ellis, who knows if he even wants to come.. I sure hope he does, I think he could be this seasons Craig Anderson.


    Gainey was the GM when Huet got traded, also Gainey was the man in charge when Streit, Souray, and Komisarek were let go for nothing. LEARN YOUR FACTS!!!!


    Good comments!!! I too believe Price has a high potential.. I truly believe he will one day win a cup and vezina.. Also Price haters have to remember, this past September he was in the running to be the number 3 guy for Team Canada Olympic team. I too think though hes not ready to be the man just yet, thats why getting a guy like Ellis is a good idea. Plus its different than Halak situation, because MTL management has publicly stated Price is the future, so there is no way Ellis will be the man for very long. I think MTL has a great future with Price and Subban and now with Tinordi.. I think they'll be contenders in a few years.. PS expect the Leaf fans to responed to your great comment by calling you a moron, troll, or they will question your reality, but these are the same guys who think Kessel will score 50 goals next year so take it with a grain of salt..


    I live in Calgary, and got to see him play lots, and I just wasn't too impressed with him.. Plus hes another smallish forward, which MTL has plenty of.. I just wish MTL has the cap space to get Lombardi because I think hed be a great pickup, but I'm sure they don't have the cap space for him. I know hes also small, but hes strong on faceoffs, and hed provide some much needed offensive depth. I also hope M-A Bergeon returns, I liked him as well.. Do you think guys like Higgins or Tanguay would ever come back? I also liked them..


    You have to switch Cammy and AK47 around, Cammys a LW while Andrei is a RW.. I wonder what management is going to do with Markov. I hope they sign him, or trade him not let him walk for nothing.. Imagine how much better the pp would be if Streit was still around. MTL should try to trade Spakec.. is he signed for two or three more years. You never know guys like Gill and Hamrlik might take discounts to resign with the Habs since they seem to like playing in MTL.


    A liitle trick if you want to cheat on any NHL game: Just sign some free agents and then use them as trade baits… also throw draft picks in as well, since drafts are useless unless you want "Patrick Broduer" as your future goalie.. I think 2011 game they have junior teams included, which should make it pretty cool. 

  32. Redwings3019 says:

    Ill fully agree that Montreal and Price both know that he is the future goalie of that team. In away this both adds and removes pressure off Price..

    What Im saying is if Ellis is doing good and Montreal is doing good in the standings than Price can relax and not feel that he has to steal every game to show why keeping him over Halak was the right move.

    But if Ellis is doing bad and Price isnt stealing every game he plays than all the pressure from Montreal fans will be on him, not Ellis. Also if Price is just average throughout the season but Ellis starts to win that first spot by showing Price up than I think it will add pressure on Price. The fans will let him feel every mistake (just look at last season). This is going to be even more emphasised because Montreal decided to ship Halak off which suprised/upset more than a few fans.

    Its the right move, Price still needs that competition to push him to reach his full potential. I think it will take around 2 years for Price to really grow into that legit number 1 Montreal fans want, after that I see them signing that vetern mentor goalie to help him with more aspects of the game.

    Gustavsson in Toronto is close to this but I think he is more established as a starter from his time as the starting goalie in the Swedish Elite league so he has more experience and hence why Toronto was able to bring in Giguere to be more of a mentor (but also take some of the work load while Gustavsson adjusts to 60+ games) He has 3 (?) years on Price so thats how I see Montreal treating Price in that amount of time.

  33. Redwings3019 says:

    Ive got him a couple times. Usually counter offers work 100% of the time (if the value is roughly equal). But in a few of more "serious" BAGM theyll trade me every player but him…its odd.

  34. Redwings3019 says:

    Calgary is apperantly really pushing for Lombardi. Perhaps to trade him and some first/second round picks for an over-rated player again…has to be one of the worst series of trades.

    Higgins wont be resigned here either…Higgins might be willing to take a low contract (because of his recent stats) Montreal could be a good spot for him to reestablish himself.

    I dont see Tanguay getting signed though…Im not sure where he could end up. Its hard to see him going back to Tampa. For some reason Im thinking he'll end up in Nashville, Atlanta or Calgary..I dont now why, just the three teams that pop up when I try to think where he'll go. Calgary  might want him back if they cant land Kovy (which seems to be a rumor floating around here…) He had fairly solid numbers here in Calgary.

  35. lafleur10 says:

    it doesn't show that at all if we re-sign ellis he'll be our backup he's the guys gauthier was targeting july 1st

  36. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Ellis is 30…But he does not have alot of experience himself and he wants to be a starter.

  37. leafmeister says:

    Ellis is not a backup. He has at worst a #1A. I like this move for the Habs, but if you want to give Price a legit shot at the reigns, then getting an actual back-up would be better. I think by game 30 Ellis will have taken the starting position. If he does sign.

  38. TmLeafan says:

    yea I am a Leaf fan and I think Carey Price is a stud.

  39. albertateams says:

    I think Higgins might be resigned (if the price is right). In the games he played for calgary before he got hurt he played quite well. I really don't see Tanguay coming back to Calgary. I think it would be good if they could get him cheap but I just don't see him wanting to come back.

    I would love to sign Kovy but I just don't see how they can fit his salary demands in short of a couple of cap clearing trades.


    Ya I think the plan for Price is not to play 60-70 games, hes only 22 and needs more time to develop. This is good for Ellis, because there isn't too many starter jobs available in the NHL, and this might be the best option for him. Maybe a two year deal, and it gives him another shot at being a starter and reestablishing himself, and hopefully by then Price will be ready.


    the insults will come shortly.

  42. TimTheBone says:

    Higgins would not be a good fit for this team and its new direction… neither would tanguay…. although i wouldnt be opposed to giving tanguay a short term contract not too expensive to see what he can do with our top 6….

    i'd like to get colby armstrong

  43. TimTheBone says:

    i wasnt placing them at their real positions….. just on the wings.,….

    and Markov i hope is either traded or signed cheaper than he is now….. like give him a 6 or 7 year deal at like 4 mill cap hit with a NTC of sorts….

    Spacek im afraid will play out his remaining contract with us…

    I would not resign hamrlik…. its moeny better spent elsewhere…. and Gill….. well my problem with gill is his skating.. He's not a good skater its a well known fact and despite his spectacular play in the playoffs, over an 82 game seaosn i dont think he's suited well for this "new" speed driven NHL…..and i believe guys like Obyrne and now Tinordi will be surpassing him

  44. leafy says:

    I like this trade for Montreal, mainly because of Ellis. The starting job won't just be handed to Price on a silver platter.  I was also never high on Kostitsyn.

  45. leafy says:

    Agreed. I've never been a fan of either Kostitsyn. Time for a divorce.

  46. kilter says:

    ABSOLUTLY!!!!!!!! If Price turns into what some say he can be,i wll be the very first to sing his praises and say i was wrong! And no i would,nt want Huet locked in at 5 mil a year,i never thought he was a 5mil/yr goalie,but very solid and with Halak learning the trade behind him i knew we had a good thing going, we can agree on one thing we are complete opposites on Price as far as support goes,you being there from the start behind him and me not believeing the hype from the second i sat watched the draft live and and when Gainey got up and selected  Price 5th overall i could,nt believe it!!! No one heard of him and with depth in goal they had at the time was fantastic,i'll grant you that Price has exceled at every level he's played except the NHL,its nothing personal against him,but he looks totally lost in the net,players seem to have figured him out and he can,t seem to figure them out,plus as we both watch just about every single game each year you would have to be blind to see that the team played differently with Halak in the net than Price,this you cant deny,they have no confidence in him,they no that they cant count on him to steal a game for them if they are not on their game which a true #1 goalie has to be able to do on a given nite. Also i,ve seen games where the team is playing its heart out in a tight game and one break down and boom Price blows the save and you can see the team totally deflate!

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