Georges Laraque will not play another game with the Montreal Canadiens.

General manager Bob Gainey contacted him Thursday morning and told him that head coach Jacques Martin didn’t had any confidence in him anymore and the team believes they can win without the enforcer in the lineup. The club will pay his salary for the rest of the season and will buy out the rest of his contract at the end of the 2009-10 campaign.
Laraque, who told TSN he was on his way to practice in the morning when he received the call to meet with Gainey, insists he’s been a good team player and said there were no issues with the team or Martin, whom he believed was behind the decision.

“Jacques Martin doesn’t like me and doesn’t believe in toughness,” Laraque told TSN.
Laraque added that Martin never shared any concerns directly with him and is furious with the Canadiens’ approach based on the emotional issues he’s dealing with following the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the impact this disaster has had on both him and his family.

“To do this in the midst of all I’m dealing with in Haiti, the timing is awful,” Laraque said angrily.
Laraque followed up the initial conversation after cooling down in an effort to put his frustration into context.



     I really think that Gainey and Martin should be let go of by the end of the season, Gainey's multiplying mistakes, again they gave Laraque a 3 years contract and never gave him the chance to do what he was brought to do FIGHTING! Don't get me wrong i never liked George Laraque but now the habs will get abused every night, now I don't see anyone on the team able to stick up or defend their teamates, Montreal was a small team but now they just got a whole lot smaller. I don't even want to get into the Mara, Gill and Spacek signings!

     As for Jacque Martin, he completely lost control of his team, Cammellari got into a fight with Lapierre and Moen at this morning practice, he created a goalie controversy and every time he give a press conference after the games he has no emotion and all he does is studder. Martin has never won anything in his long career as a coach and I don't see him winning the way he's coaching. Not to mention those weird call-up from Hamilton, why in hell do the habs call up D'Arche???????????????????????? they're is much more better players in Hamilton then D'Arche, Martin also thinks it was a good idea to have D'agostini on the second line, why????????????????

     I will keep it short since I'm so P!ssed off but to resume I think that Gainey and Martin are destroying of whatever left of an already weak Habs team, a team that's is still without a captain???


  2. broc says:

    Who cares if Cammalleri stutters.

    Phil Kessel interviews like Frankenstein would. He's even got a bit of a Frankenstein look.

  3. hockey_lover says:

    I think he meant that Jacques Martin stutters.

  4. honestabe says:

    The Jaques Martin hiring never made sense.  You bring in offensive guys like Cammellari, Gionta, Gomez and then handcuff them by hiring a defensive coach……..

    They've been calling up lots of different guys from Hamilton.  I suspect they're just trying to see what some of these guys are capable of.  Personally, of all the guys they've called up this year, Ryan White was the most impressive.  I always thought he would be a good fit in Montreal ever since I saw him play junior.  He hustles all the time, he's physical, and he's also got some decent offensive talent.  Bet you anything, he makes the team next year.

  5. the_word says:

    There is a reason that Laraque has played on every other team in the league. His act wears thin after a while. He can fight and he can play a little but he calls too much attention on himself. I get it, its tough to be a four line player in the league without being likeable or outgoing, you have to distinguish yourself from the pack somehow but Laraque's attitude seems to have an expiration date.

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Thats one way for Montreal to attract free agents to the organization…

  7. mojo19 says:

    If nothing else, maybe he's paved his way into a potential career in broadcasting. CBC likes to be multicultural and Kevin Weekes is boring. lol

  8. honestabe says:

    I'll dissagree with you that it's a weak team.  Its definately an underperforming team, which tends to reflect on the coach. 
    That said, there are a few weak areas.
    1.  Need size upfront.  Up until now they haven't found a good combination to play with Gomez (yeah I know he's still overpaid).   It didn't help that Gionta was hurt for a number of games either.  But now with Gionta back and Pouliot they seem to have a good combination on that line.  Pouliot adds the scoring and size to balance the playmaking of Gomez and the hustle of Gionta.

    The second line is centerd by Plekanec with Kostitsyn usually on one wing, but its been a rotation of guys on the other.  Plekanec is a playmaker, Kostitsyn is scorer.  Both aren't very good at getting their noses dirty.  With Kostitsyn hurt right now, Cammelleri, who is also a scorer,  has been playing along side Plekanec.  What they need and haven't had on that line is someone to go into the corners, free up some space, and get the puck to the other guys.  Hmmmm, sounds an awful lot like Latendresse.  (he was really under utilized in montreal).  That's why they've been trying D'Agostini in that role.  But he's not a 2nd line guy.  Pacioretti would be a better fit in my opinion if they gave him a shot.  As a result in my opinion AK is redundant because he's a little too inconsistent. 

    The third and fourth lines have been a rotation of players all year long.  I really like Lapierre centering one line, and Metropolit has been surprising solid on the other.  But there's been no consistency on the wings and that's clear in the way they play.  I like D'Agonstini and Pacioretti, but every time I see them play they're with different linemates.   I'm also a big fan of White and Maxwell, who don't really get a fair chance to show what they can do. And I haven't even talked about Trotter and Stewart.  What they need to do is clear some roster space for some of these younger guys.  For some reason they seem to be good a developing players in the minors but really screwing with them when they get to the NHL.  Not impressed with Moen.  He was a downgrade from Kostopoulos in my opinion.
    So really, all I think they really need is one guy to play on that second line and create some stability on the third and fourth.

    2.  Defence really took it up the ole swamp pipe this year.  I'm not sure of the exact stats but the habs have to be close to leading the league in shots against.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Mara and Gill are pylons.  They can't get the puck out of their own end and up to the forwards. I'm pretty sure they were brought in for their size to offset all the small forwards.  (but it doesn't work that way).  Spacek on the other hand can move the puck, but his problem is that wingers can go around him like he was standing still.  He was like that when he was younger in Edmonton and chicago and everywhere else, and here's a shocker, he hasn't gotten any faster in his old age.  They brought in Spacek for his PP skills, but then they brought in Bergeron for his PP skills.  HOW ABOUT BRINGING IN A D-MAN FOR HIS DEFENSIVE SKILLS!!!!!.  With Markov healthy, those two guys are expendable.  So that's 4 guys that are useless.  And don't tell me that they're worse off with Weber, Carle, Belle, Subban.  (and if they had been smart Valentenko).  It just wouldn't be a good idea to have 4 rookies in the line-up.  O'Byrne has been a bit of an inigma?

    I'm a firm believer in that to have a good offense you need a defense that can move the puck quickly and jump into the play to create odd man rushes.  Replacing these 4 guys would not only improve the defense but also the offense.

    So on D they've got lots of changes to make.  Probably need 2 top 4 guys which will be very hard to find.  But  they also have some decent prospects that are ready for the jump to fill in some of the holes. 

    Oh by the way, I'm not a fan of Laraque, but this shows a real lack of class by both Gainey and Martin. 


     Martin stutters not Cammalleri.

  10. the_word says:

    There is nothing more inorganic than Cassie Campbell on camera, I get that she's attractive but she looks like a confused third grader giving an oral presentation whenever she has to speak.

    Yeah CBC coverage has degenerated over the last few years. Coach's Corner splits time between the troops and goon highlights, PJ Stock has the personality of a can of Red Bull, Moog and Weekes are bland and replacing Bob Cole with Jim Huston makes the games borderline unwatchable. The Hotstove is the only thing segment of interest.

  11. cam7777 says:

    I'm going to go ahead and predict the Atlanta Thrasher's fall-out right here:

    To CHI: Ilya Kovalchuk, Boris Valabik
    To ATL: Cam Barker, Kris Versteeg, Kyle Beach, 1st in 2010, 2nd in 2010

    To SJS: Pavel Kubina, 2nd in 2011
    To ATL: Ryane Clowe

    -resign Slava Kozlov, 1 year, 1.5 million

    They'll tank all the way down to the 2nd or 3rd overall pick if they trade Kovalchuk before the Olympics, and end up drafting either Seguin, Fowler, or Gudbrandson if the draft falls out of order.  If they don't tank that far they'll use Lehtonen to try and trade into the top five.

    Next year's lineup:

    Ryane Clowe – Evander Kane – Nik Antropov
    Slava Kozlov – Todd White A – Bryan Little
    Kris Versteeg – Rich Peverley – Kyle Beach

    Zach Bogosian – Tobias Enstrom
    Cam Barker – Cam Fowler
    Ron Hainsey – Anssi Salmela

    Ondrej Pavelec – Johan Hedberg

    Accounting for raises, that's a promising young team at only 44 million.

    Oh, and Kovalchuk signs with the Leafs on July 1st.

  12. mojo19 says:

    the Hotstove is good! And better than when it used to be the "satelite hotstove" although I miss JD.

    Ya Jim Hughson is a dick. I think he hates the Leafs too. And about Campbell, we all know that she's only their because she is a woman and is definitely not the most qualified for the job.

  13. mojo19 says:

    Sweet. I like that defense, as long as Fowler is NHL ready. Zach Bogosian is really impressive 9 goals in 47 games last season, and 9 in 49 so far this season. This is a big defensman who could log 25+ minutes a night for years to come and put up 15 goals a year. And he's only 19, if he gets better he could be a 20 goal man from the blueline.

  14. Kramer says:

    The Habs need more fighters.

  15. reinjosh says:

    Enstrom and Bogosian both are impressive.
    Enstrom is having an amazing season. Ive heard it suggested he could get Norris nominations. I may not go that far but he has been super impressive as well. Adding Fowler would make this teams defense super promising.
    If Waddell doesn't screw up on this he could make this team a team with a good future.

  16. TimTheBone says:


    OFCOURSE you guys hate Jim Hughson…. Your leafs fans…. Come on… EVERYONE in the country knows how Leaf Bias Hockey Night in Canada is….. If its not Don Cherry complaining about a penalty called on the leafs… or how amazing the leafs organization is…. it's that AWFUL commentator Cole ruining Eastern conference Canadian team games…. Bob Cole is honestly one of the WORST commentators in the game today… He needs to retire… his career was long enough… Greatest commentator around today is the guy from Pitssburgh… I forget his name…. but his quotes are classic…..

    But anyway yeah before you guys go and rip me apart for saying bob Cole sucks… Just know that HNIC is and has been for years, ALL ABOUT THE LEAFS… and yeah sure thats fine if your a leafs fan…. but its Hockey Night in CANADA…. not Hockey Night in TORONTO….. its only been in the past two years theyve been less bias towards the leafs… as they should….. i mean theres six canadian teams to be covered….

    Theres a reason why they split Bob Cole and Harry Neale up…. hahaha

    oh and while im at it… Harry Neale is the WORST color guy EVER…. He's constantly stating wrong player names in replays… makes awful observations… and Hoesntly i think sometimes he's blind… Its embarrassing really… hahahahah

  17. HABSSTAR says:

    Yes he was brought in to fight.  He's done very little of that during his time with the Habs when he's played.  I don't care about his stupid "code" I want to see him make guys pay when they take liberties with Habs players, not ask them if they would be so kind as to fight.  Take the extra 2 and let other teams actually know that you're not going to allow them to do as they please. 

    Nothing pissed me off more then watching BGL talking with a guy at faceoffs, you could almost tell what was being said.  "So you've been taking runs at our guys all night…. You wanna fight?"  Other guy: "Pffft no!"   BGL: "Dammit!"

    It's the equivalent of if a player like Lemieux or Gretzky only scored goals after asking the goalie if it was ok. 

    Call up Stewart and I wonder if they still have Henry in the system… those two will accomplish much more then BGL did. 

  18. the_word says:

    This is hard evidence of you being a troll. Its undisputed that Cole/Neale are untouchable in the world of play by play. Tsk, Tsk…

    Ok this has nothing to do with the Leafs/Habs. Putting Bob Cole on English Canada Habs games is a waste. Show me the markets that pick up Habs games on an english feed. I know Ottawa still carries the Leaf games on Saturday over the hometown draw however I'd like to know who is watching Bob Cole play by play for the Habs (hint it isn't Ontario or any market west of Ontario). The hardcore Hab markets get RDS, no issue there but why can't Toronto (the bigget market which should dictate these things and where the money lies, this isn't about being just to loser markets like Montreal, k, pot stirred) get the talent they deserve.

    No shit its all about the Leafs, don't you want a return on your tax dollars or should we play nothing games featuring Carey Price. The Leafs coud finish last for the next 20 years and still be the most important team in the league. Deal.

    But once again we should ignore the dominant contingent of Leafs fans to cater to markets like the Montreal. Lets bury Bob Cole's career for non french speaking Canadian (i.e. not Quebec) markets. Cater to the smallest market in the league at the expensive of the biggest. That is just prudent.

  19. kilter says:

    hahaha…..this team is a joke,with the likes of Gainey being the GM,Martin the coach,and Price as the #1 goalie….this team is DOOMED!!!!!!! Those three must GO NOW if there is to be any hope of any kind of future!!!! I really thought Gainey was starting to make some moves in the right direction when he FINALLY got rid of Latendresse,but no i was wrong,he's got a proven #1 goalie in Halak,whos chomping at the bit to prove it and has  proven it and what do they do,stick *****ing Price in to blow just about every start  he's involved in! Whats gonna happen is idiot Gainey will trade Halak and Get nothing for him and then go with Price who SUCKS!!!! Now how a guy like Martin can find a job in this league is totally beyond me,his style sucks and he has no control over his players,look if he could,nt win in Ottawa with the loaded stacked team he had there,what in the hell do they think he's gonna do in Montreal…woo he speaks french…who gives a shit,what the ***** do they want in Montreal,a guy who can speak french or WIN *****ing hockey games!!!!!!!!………..get rid of those three *****ing useless factors………..GAINEY/MARTIN/PRICE…..and this team will be taking HUGE step in the right direction to rebuilding a team that is looked apon as a total joke in the eyes of those of its FANS and hockey people the world over!!!!!!!

  20. HABSSTAR says:

    Hahaha!  For about half a second when I read "I'm going to go ahead and predict the Atlanta Thrasher's fall-out right here"  I thought you were going to tie it in with BGL. lol

  21. HABSSTAR says:

    By smallest market do you mean Montreal?  Cause there was a poll that showed that they're considered Canada's team.  Even above Toronto… I know this doesn't fit into your world view so you'll dismiss it outright. 

    Fact of the matter is both BC and HN are past their prime.  Waaaaay past their prime, and anyone has to be able to admit that Bob Cole is relatively biased towards the Leafs.  Him and Harry Neal together were good however for comedic reasons as you could swear they were calling a different game then the one on TV some nights. 

    Bob Cole is a legend, but even legends have to know when to hang it up.  It's his time. 

    If the Leafs did finish at the bottom of the league for the next 20 years, how many of their first rounders do you think they'd actually keep over that time? 

  22. HABSSTAR says:

    I think you did not use enough exclamation marks in your post.  Try harder next time.

  23. reinjosh says:

    Jim Hughson is a terrible, terrible play by play guy.

  24. reinjosh says:

    That was a small poll there bud. I don't remember how many but I know it wasn't enough to truly say they were Canada's team. Not to mention it was during the whole Centennial.

    Its a well known fact that the Team (and I mean the Team) is Toronto. They have more fans then any other team in the league. The proof is when you see the Leafs go to every teams home arena and you have at least a quarter of the arena is full of Leafs fans.

  25. honestabe says:

    that was his best.

  26. lafleur10 says:

    the poll was taken this year by harris desima and it's says the habs won the poll by quite a bit over the leafs there are canada's team! they also run a poll about the most hated team and toronto was #1 in that poll!montreal has a very,very large following here in the west! there are more fans of the habs here than there are leafs fan! in regina where i live it's all habs with the odd leafs fan,some bruins fans but it's all habs here,also when you go to habs games in montreal at the bell centre there is no way there is a quarter leafs fans there it's more like 21150 habs fan and the rest are leafs fan(and the bell center seats 21273)

  27. lafleur10 says:

    by the turd! the habs are the winningest and most important team in the nhl period!

  28. lafleur10 says:

     that hockey commentator's name is mike lange from pittsburgh i agree he's the best with his slap me silly sidney,or his micheal,micheal motorcycle or lord stanley,lord stanley bring me the brandy! and others too those are the best and he's the best and if cbc was smart they'd hire this guy over that boring deadbeat jim hughson who is brutual and the worst play-by play guy on t.v! hell i think gord miller is better then hughson!

  29. the_word says:

    Did you bother to read my post? The market I was refering to was ENGLISH SPEAKING CANADIAN MARKET THAT GET THE FEED FROM HAB GAMES ON HNIC. Those western markets aren't carry Habs games despite TSN's online poll (a small of what ten thousand online hockey fans?). That is perhaps the smallest audience for HNIC why bury your best talent there? Especially if Cole is so Leafs bias, why not put him on Leaf games then.

    Clearly HNIC is trying to groom Jim Huston to be the next voice of HNIC which is dishearting.

    We'll start keeping our first rounders with our next GM in about six years.

    Dismissing things outside my world view… pretty weak even you Star.

  30. the_word says:

    And Carey Price is a dominant goaltender, keep cheerleading.

  31. the_word says:

    Which of the two teams generates significantly more revenue? The one with more consumers have more fans and gets more attention.

  32. lafleur10 says:

    the last time i checked he was better than bustavsson ! he's a monster alright,a monster bust and a sieve!

  33. the_word says:

    Last time I checked no one projected Gustavvson as the corner stone of a dynasty.

  34. kilter says:

    lol…glad you liked it,now if you have anything worthwhile saying..say it…if not then….***** off…hows that for ya!

  35. honestabe says:

    D'Arche  1 goal, 1 assist.
    At the very least he's contributing. 

  36. HABSSTAR says:

    It was about 1000 people, roughly the same size poll they take to predict the outcomes of elections. (accurately)  

    And that doesn't happen with Montreal I guess? 

    Regardless, I didn't expect ML fans to have a shortage of reasons why that poll doesn't count but any number of other arbitrary determining factors, which happen to "favour" the leafs, at least in their fans eyes, would. 

  37. HABSSTAR says:

    CBC generally runs things in a manner where Quebec gets the Montreal game as the early game and the rest of the country gets the Leafs game as the early game. 

    I see no reason why, if they're gonna force feed people one game, at least show the best game you can.  Now some Saturday nights this will probably be the Leafs game, say if they're playing a team like Washington, or Pittsburgh.  Other nights it might be Montreal or Ottawa, or even one of the Western teams if they happen to be playing in the East on that particular day. 

    What most people are tired of is being forced to watch a horrible hockey game when there is an obvious alternative game out there. 

    It's like it's turning into the 1980's, when the Leafs where horrible and in the horrible Norris division.  Crap hockey broadcasted because of a vocal minority.

    I don't think Bob Cole is their best talent anymore.  He makes way to manny mistakes. 


  38. HABSSTAR says:

    Do you feel better now?  Did Daddy not hug you enough when you were a child? (that is, if you are in fact an adult now and not just some 12 year old flexing his internet muscle.)

  39. honestabe says:

    Obviously Junior has never heard the saying: "keep quiet and let people think you're an idiot, or say something and prove it"

  40. the_word says:

    It's not force feeding, it's the market. It has nothing to do with the quality of the game. Following that logic should CBC even bother with Canadian teams? Why not just put Chicago on every Saturday. It'd likely be the most entertaining game.

    HNIC is CBC's biggest revenue generator. The Leafs have the biggest audience and produce more revenue that any other team. HNIC doesn't exist to carter to a diversity of fans.

    Montreal gets played on RDS as it draws more interest than the Leafs would in Quebec. That's fair.

    Vocal minority? Leaf Nation is the dominant market, take HTR as a sample, its basically Leafs vs the rest.

    Mistakes? Cole's voice and style is his bread and butter, who cares about a mistake here and there?

  41. kilter says:

    wow such wisdom,maybe i have,nt heard that saying,but i have heard the one that says.."go ***** yourself"…lol,your such a *****ing loser…lol

  42. THEGREATHAB says:

    When your fighter wont fight, whats he good for?

  43. HABSSTAR says:

    kilter: "Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I say f*ck, just like the big boys do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  44. HABSSTAR says:

    Sounds like a plan, I wouldn't mind seeing more of Chicago's brand of exciting hockey. 

    1) RDS is a private company not a crown corporation
    2) I wouldn't care if RDS showed a Pens/Caps game over a Habs game if the Habs game promissed to be a snoozer. 

    "Leaf Nation" is a bunch of sheep following a bloated irish media whore of a shepherd.  I'm sure Leafs fans (there's a difference) could handle a little variety in their life. 

    Cole is old and past his prime.  It is simply time for him to retire so that he leaves people remembering the Old Bob Cole and not this shadow of his former self. 

  45. kilter says:

    hahaha…i wanted to see if you would be stupid enough to keep coming back to this,and as i suspected you are plenty stupid!!!

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