Canadiens to retire #19 and #23!

Le Club de Hockey Canadien announced today that Larry Robinson’s #19 and Bob Gainey’s #23 will be retired this coming season. Robinson’s will go to the rafters on November 19th, while Gainey will be honoured on February 23rd. The Big Three is almost complete!

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  1. eron says:

    Over on some people were claiming that Jacques Lemaire and Steve Shutt deserve their number retired over Bob Gainey.  Those people have NO IDEA the sort of contribution Gainey took to the ice.  To this day, when Selke Trophy nominations come up, most insiders want to still vote Bob Gainey because it was just so easy to hand him the trophy.  No-one could shut the stars down like Bob could.

    Larry Robinson was a beast on the Ice.  Big Bird made sure dirty teams like the Philadelphia Flyers kept their sticks down.  You didn't want Big Bird breathing down your neck.  He was also an amazing defenceman on his own right.

    The most important thing to remmeber is this is two Conn Smythe trophy winners on teams jam packed with Conn Smythe candidates. 

  2. leaffansareajoke says:

    I'm sure Big Bird really scared the Flyers…

    Not to mention the Flyers weren't a dirty team, they played a physical intimidating game.  Nice cheap shot though…

  3. eron says:

    Oh yeah, Bobby Clarke and Dave Schultz just threw good checks…

  4. habsoverserver says:

    While I'm all for hanging more jerseys from the rafters, let's leave room for a few more Cup banners, just in case.  Gainey and Robinson are both easily among the top 50 to ever skate on pro ice. 

    Whose jerseys are left to retire?  Roy, Toe Blake and Lemaire seem to be possible candidates. 

    The habs have several retired jersey numbers that could honor two players.  They retired Plante's #1 but Vezina, Hainsworth, Durnan and Worsely also wore  #1.  Beliveau had the same # as Aurel Joliat.  Henri Richard's #16 was also worn by Elmer Lach.  Joliat, Lach and Vezina are all among the Hockey News top 100 players of all time and deserving of a jersey retirement. 

  5. Mattay05 says:

    man these guys are retireing all these jersey numbers! what happens next? what are the guys going to wear in the future??!! lol I can just imagine letters being added to there jerseys to replace the numbers! lol I can understand honoring the numbers and stuff but retireing all these numbers i think is a bit much.

  6. modk09 says:

    then you dont understand the purpose behind retiring numbers or the contributions these people made to their team and the game as a whole. Without Gainey, there is no Mike Peca, Jere Lehtonen, Rob Neidermayer, heck no checking lines on any teams. He revolutionized the forward position and the defensive concepts the teams used.

    Robinson is one of the greatest defencemen of all time. his career +/- is in the 700s while orr, gretsky, bourque etc don’t even come close. The guy once finished a season at +120!!!!!

    but i guess in your mind #99 should still be available to players as well? I know gretz meant more to the game then these 2 combined but the point still stands, people who revolutionize the game and make outstanding contributions to the team and the league deserve to be honored.

    Honroed numbers is nice and would be good for many of the habs legends who were some of the greatest players of their age but not wquite good enough to be retired, but some people deserve more

  7. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Well, technically you only need 20 numbers. So they could retire 79 players numbers and still have enough for 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies.

  8. TheDonkey says:

    Will they retire Roy? Or has that bridge been FUBARed?

  9. TheDonkey says:

    Was there really a time not so long ago where there were no checking lines?  And we have Gainey to thank for changing things?

    Then thanks for making the game so boring Bob Gainey.  Maybe instead of retiring your jersey fans around the league should burn you in effigy (except for the Devils and Stars who owe their success to boring us to death).

  10. 68north says:

    such an ass 🙂

  11. habsgod says:

    congratulations larry and bob this is so deserving for the both of you!!!larry you are the best defenceman in team history!!so this is a long time coming!!(it's about time)and bob you are the best defensive forward of all time!!it's about time the habs did what was right and hung your number23from the rafters along with larry's number19 thank-you bob and larry for the memories!!!

  12. Mattay05 says:

    hahahahahahah agreed!

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