Canaidian's Need a center

Ok the MONTREAL CANAIDIAS are not a better team from last year, but maybe the young guys will be better with another year of experience….

This is for Gainy listen…. GET A LEFT WINGER anyone M. GELINAS if you have to right now we have higgins and kostitsyn we need one more guy on leftwing and when are we calling up s.kostitsyn i want to see him with his brother …… MARK my words A.KOSTITSYN will have a career year this year

Get A.Yashin people say he has a bad personallity but i disagree,, why would he be the captin for so many years and why would the islanders give him such a huge contract if he was such a bad apple i think he just got fed up of the Islanders and lets face it playing for them i would also they suck year after year ………… Im also sure he would bring kovalev out of his funk and his attitude will improve putting him with a fellow russian star and thats when you could trade kovalev when he’s actully worth something and sign yashin to a 2 year or one year deal no trade clause he’ll sign for 3million with a no trade clause…. plus a bonus is if we trade kovalev then yashin is right handed he could play right wing also win win situation
plus 50 points in 58 games isnt a really bad stat if you ask me especially on a low point team like the canaidians that koivu is our leader with 70 something points sad anyways thats my opinion

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  1. sanj91 says:

    I completely agree with the Yashin part. I think he'll really strike up a duo with Kovalev. Also I don't believe it's possible that god hates the habs so much that he would send 3 lazy russians to our team…as for the left wing part….i guess we could trade for one but there are no free agents that are worth it…Shanahan and Guerin are gonna want $$$ and they won't last long…i see shanahan retiring after next season….ad for the rumors of forsberg…id rather get a healthy slacker lik yashin then a injury-prone star like forsberg….altho if we did get forsberg he mite be able to mak some phone calls next year to get us some free agents

  2. micky says:

    Mark my words, the HABS will NEVER sign Yashin.  He is pure poison! He has absolute zero value in the NHL, and any team would be STUPID to sign him. Although, it would be nice to see him in a Leaf uniform.
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  3. habsgod says:

    you mentioned that god doesn't hate us that much to send us three russians you're right the habs is GODS TEAM!!!!so we won't do that anyway!!!!but i think we need an impact center!!! koivu was that but not to that degree anymore,if we could aquire marleau that would be great and give us our impact center!!! then we could have two impact scoring lines!! that would look like this!:higgins,marleau, ryder(1stline)kovalev,koivu,latendresse/kositsyn! the rest of the lines can be filled out the smolinski,s lapeirres, and others!!!

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