Canaidian's Need a center

Ok the MONTREAL CANAIDIAS are not a better team from last year, but maybe the young guys will be better with another year of experience….

This is for Gainy listen…. GET A LEFT WINGER anyone M. GELINAS if you have to right now we have higgins and kostitsyn we need one more guy on leftwing and when are we calling up s.kostitsyn i want to see him with his brother …… MARK my words A.KOSTITSYN will have a career year this year

Get A.Yashin people say he has a bad personallity but i disagree,, why would he be the captin for so many years and why would the islanders give him such a huge contract if he was such a bad apple i think he just got fed up of the Islanders and lets face it playing for them i would also they suck year after year ………… Im also sure he would bring kovalev out of his funk and his attitude will improve putting him with a fellow russian star and thats when you could trade kovalev when he’s actully worth something and sign yashin to a 2 year or one year deal no trade clause he’ll sign for 3million with a no trade clause…. plus a bonus is if we trade kovalev then yashin is right handed he could play right wing also win win situation
plus 50 points in 58 games isnt a really bad stat if you ask me especially on a low point team like the canaidians that koivu is our leader with 70 something points sad anyways thats my opinion