Canes intrested in drafting Staal?

Are the Canes serious about having 2 of the 3 Staal bros.? Rumors of trading D Jack Johnson, last years pick, to the Pens for the #2 overall pick are starting to fly. An interesting topic, to say the least.LINK TO THE STORY

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  1. merr29 says:

    “I miss the old Northlands were anybody with a ticket to the game could watch the Oilers coming and going to the dressing room. It seemed alittle less elitest.”

    are you kidding me? I love the way that the Oiler players walk in front of the fans before the game, I hope when the Pens get the new arena they do the same.

    “If not, then shame on the political leaders in the state of pennsilvania.”

    Oh, you can Quote me on this, if Rendell loses the Pens, he will NOT be back. Not even his “Filthy”delphian buddies could save him.

  2. woodsco85 says:

    Why? That s the question I’m asking. Why would Pittsburgh give up their number 2 pick overall for a prospect. Yes it is Jack Johnson, but still, you have to think they would rather trade that pick for a proven defensman now. To trade a top pick for a prospct that may or may not work out in the NHL just seems ridiculous to me.

  3. OldGoalie says:

    Um, this is only his second season…and he managed a decent season. His 45 goals and 55 assists only put him 2 points behind (18 year old) Sidney Crosby in the scoring race.

    His first NHL season, though…yeah, it probably would have done him some food to be int he AHL. At the same time, however, Carolina apparently felt that he was one of their 12 best forwards, because he played 81 games.

    All that having been said…more or less my whole point was simply that I don’t think it’s fair to compare a kid who more or less is exactly where his brother was at the same point in their development to the Was Only Drafted Because of His Big Brother Poster Child.

  4. OldGoalie says:

    EXACTLY. You only draft defensemen if you have 4-6 years to wait for them. You may get an aberration now and then and stumble across someone who can actually play defense in the NHL at age 18 or 20, but that is incredibly rare.

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