Canuck Rumors

The Vancouver Province is providing speculation on the possible players that the Canucks are likely to target on Tuesday.

The most prominent names that are being mentioned include Marian Hossa and Ryan Malone. Malone is a former client of Gillis who was his player agent prior to taking the Canucks post as GM. Another former client of Gillis who may move out west is Valiquette the Rangers backup goalie who may be brought in to back up Roberto Luongo.

Another player who has been heavily rumored to land in Vancouver is Pavol Demitra. The speculation has been rampant in Vancouver since he was apparently spotted in Vancouver under a guided tour by Markus Naslund last month.

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10 Responses to Canuck Rumors

  1. DJTOKid says:

    The Canucks should be able to become cup contenders this offseason. Gillis has the most important pieces of the puzzle all ready in place. He has the best goalie in the game, he has a solid 6 man defensive core, and he has go to guys in the Sedins for offense. Of course injuries play a roll in every teams season but if Salo, Mitchell, Bieksa, and Ohlund stay healthy and you add young guys like Edler and Krajicek, there aren't too many teams with a better six.

    With that said and looking at and seeing the Canucks have 20million in cap space and a roster that looks like…
    Sedin           Sedin          Pyatt
    Burrows        Kesler         Raymond
    Cowan                           Jaffery
             Ohlund          Salo
             Mitchell          Bieksa
             Edler             Krajicek
    You know they're gonna sign Wellwood to probly 1yr 1.1million
    So they will need two forwards and a backup goalie. Maybe a seventh dman but that wouldn't cost too much.
    Sign Backup goalie and seventh dman for 1.5 million total.
    Should leave the Canucks around 17million
    Time to make noise…
    Resign Naslund 1year 3mil base w/Bonuses
    Sign Demitra 2 years 3.5mil per year
    Sign Hossa 5year 8.5mil per year
    Sign Stumpel 1year 1mil
    Puts the cap to around 55 million and the Canucks would look like…

    Hossa               Sedin               Sedin
    Naslund            Wellwood          Demitra
    Burrows             Kesler              Raymond
    Pettinger           Stumpel           Cowan
                Salo                Ohlund
                Mitchell            Bieksa
                Edler                Krajicek
                        Back up

    This team looks very scary and would be contenders. It is possible but can Gillis get it done??? Stay tuned folks we will find out.  

  2. Kramer says:

    Luongo is bad luck.  Wherever he plays, his team stinks.  Why is that?

  3. prospectiv says:

    At least you re realistic with the Hossa contract…  but I'd make him play on a line with his fellow  countrymen Demitra and ship Naslund with the Sedins.

    Sorry dude but unless each player has a dream season, this is no contending cup team…

    Too soft up front, too fragile in the back, strickly talent speaking the potential his great but there's too much intangibles at the exception of Luongo and the Sedins who are pretty steady.

  4. pezzz says:

    Naslund and Demitra will both seek long term contracts, it's probably their last chance for bick bucks before retiring. look for 3-4 years each at least.

    also, Naslund will make probably around 5 million on the UFA market, same with Demitra. you forgot to add the bidding war factor.

    but kudos for the effort

    ps : Hossa should make around 9-10 on the UFA market.

  5. DJTOKid says:

    You are fu  ck  ing crazy, 9-10 for Hossa?!?!? I think 8.5 is the highest he will see in a long term contract. If Hossa gets 9-10 million it's only for one or two years not long term.

    I really don't see Naslund getting 3-4 year deal maybe 1 or 2.

    And whats with calling Vans defense soft???? Ohlund and Mitchell are far from soft, the same could be said for Salo, Bieksa, and Edler.

    You guys sound like east coasters who are always asleep when the Canucks play most of there games.

  6. pezzz says:

    dude, my favorite team is Calgary Flames, so i see the Canucks play at least 8 times/year.

    for Marian Hossa, look at Ryan Malone. he's on the verge of signing a 7 year contract with Tampa Bay, worth 4.5/year. so look Hossa to get the same length, but double money.

    also, Naslund will not accept any 1 or 2 year deal, as well as Jagr is rejecting any 1 year offer. Markus will be 36 at season's beginning, so it's his last chance for long-term big bucks contract, after what he'll retire. look for at least 3 years. after this, he will be signing 1 year contracts (like Gary Roberts or Chris Chelios) if he wanna continue playing. if he's not ok with signing a 1 year deal (for this year), it's always possible he returns to Sweden to play with Farjestads and be closer to home.

    last thing, no i'm not fuc king crazy and watch you're language, stay polite. we're only chatting here.

  7. RIP_Dimebag says:

    Never going to happen.

  8. DJTOKid says:

    If you were a GM and signed Marian Hossa to a 7yr 70million contract I would call you fu  ck  ing crazy. Don't mean to be impolite or disrespectful, it's just my opinion.

    Watch the canucks 60-70 times a year and then talk to me about Naslund. Atleast 8 times a year ain't much. I'm sure I watch EVERY TEAM in the NHL ATLEAST 8 times a year. Naslund might not even be back THIS year. Would not come to a surprise if he went him to sweden.

    4.5mil per year for Malone is slighty over paid but it doesn't mean Hossas worth twice that. I'm sure Hossa wouldn't have still beem playing after breaking his nose twice in a matter of a few games. Maybe he would have but small chance.

  9. leaffaninva says:

    LOL – Vans defense is soft but the only thing giving them any backbone is the fact that Luongo saves thier butts most of the time (unless his wife gets preggers again)

    Ease up – gotta stop using dipping into your grow op dude

  10. DJTOKid says:

    Vans Dis not soft. I don't even like the canucks but I live in B.C. so I hear about them all the time. If anything Vans defense is in need of a soft offensive defensemen. All the guys they have are tough defensive defensmen, for the most part. This defensive core won their division two years ago and they would have again if it wasn't for injuries and baby complications.

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