Canucks and Panthers make a move?

TSN is reporting that the Canucks and Panthers have made a trade that will see the Canucks first round choice and Michael Grabner go to Florida for a Package that includes Keith Ballard and another player.

More updates will come as we receive clarification

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  1. mojo19 says:

    This was a good trade on an otherwise uneventful first day. In the last couple years we've seen big names traded, Tanguay and Cammelleri moved for first round picks. In fact, Ballard was dealt on draft day in '08 as a part of the package that brought Jokinen from Florida to Phoenix.

    But I guess we had a number of trades throughout the last week and a half including Halak, Bufyglien, Horton etc. Usually these deals come through on draft day so I guess that could explain why it was relatively quiet.

  2. Kyleton says:

    They said it best on TSN last night. Those with cash don't have cap room and those with cap room don't have cash

  3. reinjosh says:

    Other than the Ballard move, the only other eventful parts of Day 1 happen to be the draft order.

    How many were surprised Gormley and Fowler fell? I was particularly surprised that Columbus nor Dallas took Fowler.

    Now it seems like other scouts were not as enamored with Fowler as so many were. Backs up what I have been saying. Granted, Anaheim could have got themselves a huge steal.

    I was also surprised that Connoly went to Tampa. Everyone was saying he would go lower because of his injury (I wasn't so surprised he went there) but I honestly did not expect Tampa to grab him. Their offense just got a whole lot more deadly


    I told you ANA wouldn't trade their first round picks for Kaberle…

  5. leafmeister says:

    Who says Anaheim wouldnt have? They may have offered, and Burke turned them down. He has zero interest in just a 1st for Kaberle. I dont necessarily agree, but he wants to get better now. 


    Fowler and Etem for Kaberle.. I would take that trade is a second if i were the Leafs.. I told that guy the Ducks would not take Kaberle if it meant they had to give up 1st round picks.. he thought I was a "moron" for arguing against him.. I guess hes the moron now.

  7. leafmeister says:

    No one, and I mean no one expected Fowler to fall as far as he did. Nor Etem for that matter. When it comes to those two prospects, Kaberle probably wouldnt fetch both. Anaheim would have traded the pick with the expectation that all of the top guys would be gone.


    Ya what a steal for ANA.. good for Fowler to be going to a good team like the Ducks instead of the Blue Jackets… I'm just wondering if he'll make the Ducks next year..

  9. reinjosh says:

    Fine by me. I didn't really want them at the time. Granted Fowler and Etem would have been an ok deal, but I would prefer an NHL ready player.

    And I do believe I never argued that they would.

  10. reinjosh says:

    I'm actually so surpised that both Columbus and Dallas passed up him for another player. Both had dire need for a offensive defenseman and they both passed him up. Could be a reflection of his talent…
    Either Anaheim got a steal or they got a decent player. They really can't lose with this pick.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Anyone surprised that the Flyers trade Hamhuis rights? Does Hamhuis already know where he wants to go and is just going to stymie anyone who tries to sign him?

    Hopefully McFarland falls all the way to the third round or the Leafs get a 2nd and draft him. Both unlikely but a guy can dream. Getting Kabanov and McFaraland would be sweet.

  12. leafmeister says:

    Burke claims to be attempting to grab a 2nd. Who knows. Personally I would rather McFarland, but Kabanov would be sweet, and lord knows he would be motivated to terrorize all the teams that passed on him. He has the skill, and if some discipline could be instilled into his game, than the Leafs would have a top 5 talent in the 2nd/3rd round. Unlikely though.


    yes you told me I was a "moron" because I said ANA won't trade the 12th overall for Kaberle.. youre reasoning was ANA had Perry, Ryan, Hiller, Getz.. and they can afford to make the deal.. Plus Whitney plays for Oilers not ANA… (which you claimed he plays for the Ducks)


    Kabanov is very skilled no doubt, but teams have to have some caution with this guy.. He left Montcon during the playoffs to go back home, and then he cut from that Russian team( apparently he thinks he the star and should get special treatment)… I team with alot of Russians would help him(wsh)..

  15. reinjosh says:

    Brad Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. reinjosh says:

    Yeah those a huge, and I mean huge, red flags. But the big thing for me is that not only does he have an immense amount of talent but he went in front of the entire hockey world and said he was wrong and stupid. That takes a huge amount of guts.

    By the way, I gotta say I really liked the Habs pick yesterday. Tinordi is a guy that can really help them in the future. Great first pick by Gauthier and his staff. Adding Eller and Tinordi isn't a bad way to start his role with the team. Granted giving up Halak hurts but I think he has done a good job so far.

  17. reinjosh says:

    My mistake on Whitney. I meant Visnovksy.

    What I meant was Anaheim could use the pick. There's no guarentee they didn't try. Just that if they Burke said no.

    It really doesn't matter to me, I wouldn't want first for Kaberle. It would be a stupid move.
    And I have always said that Anaheim has no need for Kaberle, just that theoretically they could get him if they wanted. Just doesn't make sense for them to do it.

  18. TmLeafan says:

    Dont know much about this guy but if Burke traded to get him he must really like what he sees…. I wonder who went the other way?


    I think it was Jimmy Hayes…

  20. Bure96 says:

    I love this trade for Vancouver. At first glance it looks like Vancouver gave up a lot, but they really didn't if you think about it.

    First of Vancouver easily gets the best player in this trade, which is Keith Ballard. He's going to be the best defensemen on the Canucks, and I think he's one of the top 20 blueliners in the league, so that would make him a legitimate top pairing defender. He's vastly underrated. I've been a big fan of Keith Ballard for a long time, and he's on a great long term deal too.

    Secondly Michael Grabner is the exact same player as Jordan Schroeder, and Anton Rotin … except not as good as either. He's very one dimensional, can't throw a hit, and is a perimater player. I think if he learns how to drive the net and go ito traffic areas he could be 30 goal scorer, but he has some major question marks still. I think he's a good prospect and will end up being a top 6 forward, but he could just end up being a flash in the pan and be out of the league for good in 3 years.

    Steve Bernier is useless. 2 million is a lot for a guy that doesn't do anything. He can't score, doesn't hit, and he's slow. His "upside" is just a myth. He has no upside. He has the size to be a power forward, but doesn't have the grit to be a usefull power forward and doesn't have the hands or speed to do anything else.

    1st round pick is 25 overall. It's a crap shoot at that point. Vancouver is ready now … why hang on to that pick when that guy won't help you for another 5 years? We have deep prospect pool anyways and a highly improved scouting staff compared to our staff from 3 years ago – you can trust these guys to uncover some solid late round picks. Steven Anthony, Prab Rai and Kevin Connauton are all players pick past the 2nd round int he last two years that look very promising.

    Viktor Oreskovich apparently has some upside as well. He's only 23 years old, and he's a big man – 6'3, 220 pounds. He's probably more effective then Steve Bernier, and at only 700k a year as well.

    Overall I like the deal, because it fills a glaring need, and really Vancouver doesn't give up any assets that are that valuable to the club.

    I think Bieksa is gone though.

    To Anaheim: Kevin Bieksa
    To Vancouver: Mark Mitera, 2011 3rd rounder

    Vancouver dumps Bieksa's salary, and just adds dpeth and draft picks. Anaheim needs more NHL caliber defensemen. Simple as that.

    Sign Paul Martin to a 5 year, 20 million deal.
    Sign Manny Malhotra to a 2 year, 1.8 million deal.
    Sign Arron Asham to a 1 year, 850k deal.
    Sign Milan Jurcina to a 2 year, 2.2 million deal
    Resign Wellwood for 2 years, 4.2 million.
    Resign Jannik Hansen to a 1 year, 750k deal.
    Resign Mason Raymond for 4 years, 3.25 million per year
    Resign Tanner Glass for 1 year, 500k
    Let Willie Mitchell (assuming he's not healthy), Shane O'Brien, and everybody else walk.


    Sedin – Sedin – Samuelsson
    Raymond – Kesler – Burrows
    Hansen – Wellwood – Hodgson
    Asham – Malhotra – Oreskovich

    extras: Rypien, Hordichuk, Glass, Schroeder, Shirokov

    Ballard – Martin
    Salo – Ehrhoff
    Edler – Rome

    extras: Jurcina, Alberts, Oberg, Mitera, Sauve


    That's an awesome team right there.


    I think if Martin goes on the market, he'll get more than 4million per year… Schnieder should be used as trde bait for some size up front…



  22. TmLeafan says:

    I agree with Bure this was a good trade for the canucks.  This team is a legitimate cup contender and is very close.  They have a ridiculous amount of forward depth they were pretty awful at the back end but Ballard will help that.  Why not give up a roster forward, a draft pick and a forward prospect for some help? It makes a lot of sense.

    However I dont think they can stop now.  They still need at least 1 good defenceman possibly 2.  I think they will test the Leafs asking price on Kaberle for sure, and hopefully we will get Hodgson coming back. I admit its not likely though as you have to assume he would have been included in the discussions for Ballard and Gillis said no, and with Ballard and Kaberle having similar trade values I do think its a long shot.  
    Other options would be Hamhuis, Martin, maybe even Volchenkov. 

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