Canucks Close to Acquiring Turris

Quick Update..

The Canucks are pursuing Kyle Turris BIG time and have vaulted to the the top of the list of possible destinations for the New Westminster, BC Native.

The Canucks have had “intense talks at the highest levels” according to two sources..One adding that last night a deal almost was put together…

Another source called me this afternoon saying “I don’t know that Turris is the guy, but I was told the Canucks are “incredibly close to adding a top six forward in the next 48 hours…”

Despite the Oilers having always coveted Jason Spezza in Ottawa, this current rounds of talks has “not touched on Jason as a component…rather a D-man the Oilers want and a young stud forward the Senators want in return..and “one of the Oilers recent first overall picks may be in play if the Oilers get a certain “young star D-man…”–Update-on-OttawaEdmonton/1/38935

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  1. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    If Eklund predicts this it must be Turris is going to be the opposite of whatever the Vancouver Canucks might be.

  2. alpalstewart says:

    just the hint that the oilers may be talking bout rnh or hall for whom i'm assuming is karlsson tells me this cant be a good source. i can see our 1st pick but niether of those 2 going anywhere for years to come.

    and ive heard that the oilers have tendered mccabe the best offer he's recieved. so if Mcabe signs here soon then it buys the oilers time to make the right deal.
  3. alpalstewart says:

    i'm gonna investigate the oiler part of this rumor cus i havent heard anything like that about either of our 1st overall picks. i call B.S on that rumor but i will investigate.

  4. mapleleafsfan says:

    I might've read it wrong but karlsson is worth FAR more than your first round pick

  5. alpalstewart says:

    oh i totally agree he is worth more than our 1st pick, i'm just saying it would likely be something involving our 1st pick and not Hall,nuge or eberle, if you watched tonight's oiler game you would see how special this trio is, and i predict 10 more years of it to come.

    i also think MPS and our 1st next year is to much for him.
    so that leaves gagner and our 1st and 3rd pick or something along those lines. oh that would be for just karlsson.
    but the rumblings i'm hearing are talks about Rundblad and he does'nt fetch as much as Karlsson. maybe gags straight across for him.rundblad fits into the swedish talent pool the oilers seem to be grabbing
  6. mapleleafsfan says:

    Oh yea I agree.. I wouldn't move RNH or Hall either… Maybbee Eberle at the right price but I dunno, it's gonna be a damn good line.

     MPS and a first is probably too much unless the oilers do well this year. I do think it's MPS moving if you guys want a dman though.. Runblad would be a sweet addition.. Not sure if Ottawa would want gagner right now, maybe though.
  7. alpalstewart says:

    if the senetors are really shopping spezza a deal for Gagner 1st might be an option. see how well he fits in with their system, gagner is making 2.275 this year while spezza is earning 8 mil. so gags is a 22 year old kid playing in his 5th season, he is a good rebuilding piece to have just because he has that experience already and could be the next Martin St. Louis.

    st. louis spent about the same ammount of time in calgary and got traded and took off. same as brett hull lol. i love seeing calgary give those players away.oh and gilmour for leeman was a masterful trade by the leafs back then lol.
    incase you havent noticed i hate the Shames. but any1 born and raised in EDM. is 🙂 
  8. alpalstewart says:

    there was sopposed to be a period after spezza's name. not saying deal gags for spezza that would be ludacris lol

  9. blaze says:

    why on Earth does Vancouver want Turris anyways, where does he even fit on this team? If there's anyone out there Vancouver should be looking to acquire it's Morrow.

    Free up the cap space to make it happen but if they want playoff success Morrow would be the best addition they could make.

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