Canucks Close to Acquiring Turris

Quick Update..

The Canucks are pursuing Kyle Turris BIG time and have vaulted to the the top of the list of possible destinations for the New Westminster, BC Native.

The Canucks have had “intense talks at the highest levels” according to two sources..One adding that last night a deal almost was put together…

Another source called me this afternoon saying “I don’t know that Turris is the guy, but I was told the Canucks are “incredibly close to adding a top six forward in the next 48 hours…”

Despite the Oilers having always coveted Jason Spezza in Ottawa, this current rounds of talks has “not touched on Jason as a component…rather a D-man the Oilers want and a young stud forward the Senators want in return..and “one of the Oilers recent first overall picks may be in play if the Oilers get a certain “young star D-man…”–Update-on-OttawaEdmonton/1/38935