Canucks could’ve had Kadri, Bozak and a pick for Luongo


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  1. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    Ce-le-brate good times COME ON! Let’s celebrate!

    Funny thing is, if this statement is true then the Leafs are officially out of the Luongo race. No way you take a package of MacArthur, Liles, cond. 1st for example after turning down a package like that.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    For 24 games so far, it looks like the Leafs patience is paying off.

    I wonder….maybe St. Croix is making it work.

    I was not a fan of Allaire and his goalies are blockers not goalies style.

    I think he is helping the 2 goalies keep it simple and for now, its working.

    Of course a healthy Reimer helps. And an in shape Reimer helps too. He definitely looks quicker and more in shape this year.

    The hope is they turn into the next combo like Quick/Bernier. For 24 games, they’ve done fine work.

    • LN91 says:

      Reimer/Scrivens have been the MVP for the Leafs this year, the only other nominee would be Kadri.

      • doorman says:

        I think McClement as silly as it may sound gets the nod before Kadri. This guy is a PK machine, ya the goalies have played better, but take him away and i think it is better then last year but not by much.

        • LN91 says:

          The Leafs are one of the worst teams in S/A, all the other teams in the bottom-10 are bad teams.

          The play of the duo is the main reason why the Leafs are doing so well.

          • JoelLeafs says:

            So now that they have keepers playing well-ish, the whole team is shit?

            I think the main reason the team is playing better is that the team has had another year to mature and play together, they finally have a net that isn’t awful, and an injection of youth through the lineup.

            I get your pessimism, but even through key injuries, the Leafs have managed their best effort in years over a short season.

            Also, I’d take Kadri over him, but I’d have to nominate JVR for the MVP of the season.

            • LN91 says:

              I think the lack of S/A is effort…Too many shifts different lines have taken off (group effort, no real line to blame) and the duo has had to bail them out.

              I understand the Leafs injuries are not ideal, but what Ottawa has had to face is catastrophic. But they’ve been able to stay competitive through trying their best. Kind of envious of them, nice to watch.

          • nordiques100 says:

            its been a heck of a weird year for goalies.

            Crawford/Emery have been sick.

            Fasth? Victor Fasth? Really?

            and of course the Leaf duo.

            and look at from last year the Blues tandem. Rock solid. now two of them are near the bottom in Save %

            • JoelLeafs says:

              I’ve been saying silent prayers to Anderson this season. He’s certainly looking like the nth coming of something.

            • LN91 says:

              Through team play, the Ducks/Blackhawks are a very tough/gritty team to face.

              • nordiques100 says:

                Leafs are trying to be like that. A work in progress.

                Like to see the impact of Lupul full time in this lineup.

                If he is close to what he was last year, they have another force up front. COuld help make the Leafs good on defence but being on offence. He is another who’d get in on the forecheck and keep the play down low, help the cycle.

          • blaze says:

            Ya but Carlyle has tightened up the high quality scoring chances. I don’t care how many shitty outside clean shots they take.

            I like less 2 on 1s breakaways and second and third chances. If teams wanna shoot from the perimeter let them.

          • blaze says:

            This is where stats seem to blind you. Reimer/Scrivens have not been game breakingly good. They’re both healthy and playing well, above average perhaps. To say they’re carrying the team is kinda laughable.

            The fact its a tandem should kinda be telling to you. Neither goalie has had to be spectacular just solid and reliable. There’s been enough offense to allow for a bad goal here and there just no meltdowns.

            I’m not knocking the goalies they’ve played very well I’m very very pleased we ran with the pair. Still do you really think they miraculously had an incredible turn around, the both of them. Or maybe we want from man to man coverage to zone coverage.

          • leafy says:

            LN91 has proven again to be the smartest dude here.

            S/A is the most powerful (but unrecognized) statistic in hockey.

            Time and again, year after year, the best teams are in the top 10 S/A, and the worst teams at the bottom.

            In the last 5 years, the only team that advanced 2 playoff rounds in the playoffs with poor S/A stat was Montreal, and that was because Halak stood on his head….which by the way is LN91’s point vis-a-vis goaltending.

  3. leafy says:

    I would not even trade Bozak alone for Luongo. And now that Reimer / Scrivvens have shown to be one of the top duos in the NHL, I don’t think I would even trade Steckel for Luongo.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    i was wondering what you leafs fan think of this? i hope that maclaren(sp) fights and knocks out lucic man that would be sweet he’d get what he has coming to him …but he probably won’t he’ll probably run and hide.

  5. leafy says:

    I got more respect for the Leafs in how they played last night against Boston than when they play so-so but win.

    Why? Because in the long run, you will win more games when you’re playing well. And in the playoffs, even more so.

  6. leafy says:

    I heard the Leafs are interested in Brad Boyes and Vaclav Prospal.

  7. toronto77 says:

    With the signing of Getzlaf, rumour has it that Perry will test FA, Nonis should go hard after this guy.

    Then package Garbo, Kule, Liles+ in a package for a no.1 centre

    How about:

    Not bad, really good balance.
    Perry is a pipe dream though

    If we don’t sign him. the team should be:


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