Canucks Free Agents


Rob McVicar, (UFA)

Marc-Andre Roy (UFA)

Nathan Smith (UFA)

Sean Brown, (III)

Anson Carter, (III)

Craig Darby, (III)

Jason Doig, (III)

Trevor Linden, (III)

Richard Park, (III)

Maxime Ouellet, (VI)

Kevin Bieska, (II)

Tyler Bouck, (II)

Alex Burrows, (II)

Artem Chubarov, (II)

Josh Green, (II)

Ryan Kesler, (II)

Jason King, (II)

Lukas Krajicek, (II)

Mika Noronen, (II)

Prestin Ryan, (II)

Tommi Santala, (II)

Jesse Schultz, (II)

Players that do not apear on the form either :

Left the NHL

Signed somewhere else or

Re signed

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  1. chappy19 says:

    canucks are going to suck this year they need to trade naslund and morrison to get rid of cap money!

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