Canucks get two defensemen, one from Hawks is reporting a trade between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks. Vancouver receives Steve McCarthy and sends to Chicago a third-round pick in the 2007 NHL entry draft.

The report also adds that Sven Butchenson has also been signed by Vancouver. Butchenson spent the last season playing in the German Elite League.

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  1. Westcoastexpress says:

    At one time McCarthy was considered to be a blue chip prospect. At 24 yrs old he still has tremendous upside and won’t be counted on to shoulder as big of a load with the ‘Nucks. He’ll be able to learn from very good d-men something he wasn’t able to do in Chicago. If I’m not mistaken, this kid has very good mobility and offensive upside, he’ll be a good fit in Van City. This is a great deal for the ‘Nucks! And how can I forget about Sven? Hopefully the trainer gets paid by the letter when he puts Sven’s name on the back of the jersey!

  2. vanstan says:

    I don’t think the trainers stich the jerseys

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    Steve McCarthy for a third round pick? How do you say steal!

    All hail Dave Nonis!!

    Helluva move.

  4. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    This trade reminds me of when Chicago traded another young defensemen to the Vancouver Canucks. He to had tremendous pressure placed on him to be a leader by example on a subpar Blackhawks squad. His name? Bryan McCabe. That worked out for the Leafs, didn’t it? I’m not sure Blackhawks management knows what they are doing. Van city just robbed a bank on this one. Look for McCarthy to flourish especially if he plays with JovoCop or Ohlund. Strong pick up for Vancouver in the wake of losing Sopel and Malik.

  5. vanstan says:

    You have it backwards my friend. The canucks traded McCabe to Chicago. Not the other way around. I believe it was a 1st rounder and McCabe for the 3rd overall selection of that year (Henrik Sedin).

  6. rick_james says:

    First off who the hell is steve macarthy

    Secondly dave nonis is a douchebag

  7. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    lol i think you’re right but either way chicago gave up on a good young defenceman.

  8. mikita says:

    Having watched McCarthy during his time in Chicago…I’d say he’s an above average skater, very mobile. He was always billed as an offensive d-man but we never really saw that side of his game (16 pts in 134 NHL games). He was too soft and never really caught on. Dale Tallon seems to be trying to field a gritty hard-nosed lineup and with the glut of prospects coming up behind him (Barker, Seabrook, Babchuk, Keith, etc), McCarthy became expendable. He may have some luck in another system. It looks like the Hawks are replacing him with Todd Simpson.

  9. KrankyFranky says:

    Memo to Dave Nonis,your in over your head.You sign these two corpses,when Todd Simpson signs for 600k?,you remember Todd right Davie,hes the guy who almost crippled Pavel Bure everytime they played.Further to the point,Murry Baron is there to be had and we get “Swvend Butieshine?”.

    And if you dont sign the Cooker,Ohlund and Ruutu

    you might as well pass the reigns to Tambelini,wakeup Nonis ,you are becomming “Milburryesq”

  10. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    this rick james character is an idiot anyone else agree? I think he thinks hes being funnybut he sounds like a 40 year old loser still living in his parents basement…….

  11. NemiNA says:

    Well they can afford to lose a defenseman cause they have Barker, Seabrook, Babchuck, and so on and so fourth comming up.

  12. Westcoastexpress says:

    Butenshon is for the farm. I think that Nonis has done a good job with the very limited resources that the cap allows. He managed to keep this team together when it seemed likely that it would be pulled apart. Guys like Murray Baron and Todd Simpson don’t fit in with the style of play that the ‘Nucks play, they just can’t keep up. They may still be serviceable players but in the end, with the rule changes, these types of players will be handicapped and I think that Nonis is smart enough to know this, that’s why he’s the GM and we’re not.

  13. KrankyFranky says:

    Nonis has done a poor job,he should have signed all his RFA’s while signing Morrision and Bertuzzi. In doing so he would have known exactly what he needed and exactly what he had left to spend.Now Ohlund will come in at 4mil,he’ll have to trade the Cooker.Responding to “Baron and Simpson dont fit Canucks style” ,I know thats why they’re needed,Canucks are very soft and Im talking 5&6th Defencemen here ,not 1&2 liners,Plus both are good room guys,trust me this is all botched up,everyone will see once the roster is set.P.S. with the new icing rules Baron will be an asset,he can feather it off the boards/glass like only a vet can.

  14. Thehun says:

    Why would the Canucks want Baron. He is old and most likely too slow for the new NHL, Simpson almost crippled Bure when? In the past few years? Simpson is old and would not have been the greatest pickup for the Canucks seeing that his work ethic is something to be desired. Does not show up to every game. To compare Nonis to Milburry just shows how little you know. Give the man a chance to finish setting up this team. Not happy unless you are complining?

  15. mooser says:

    “First off who the hell is steve macarthy”

    Who? Google helps those with no hockey knowledge. Try it.

    “Secondly dave nonis is a douchebag”

    Scary! Google this: dementia praecox

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