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Canucks Leave Sweden with offer on the table

Sedins saga could go to July 1. The twins look at testing free agency

The fate of Daniel and Henrik Sedin in Vancouver took another turn on Tuesday as Canucks general manager Mike Gillis has left the twins’ home country of Sweden after speaking to them in person.

Sources tell TSN that the brothers are with their agents JP Barry and Claes Elefalk in Stockholm discussing the team’s offer to extend the twins’ contracts.

The two sides, Sedins included, met with Gillis for two hours. Gillis presented his team’s offer before flying back to Vancouver.

“It was great that they flew over just to meet us,” Henrik told Aftonbladet on Tuesday. “We sat down and talked for a while. They wanted to let us know how they feel about the situation. We have to wait and see what happens. We have told them what we want, but we don’t agree on all the details.”

Barry, Elefalk and the Sedins are now analyzing and considering the offer, but won’t comment on either the term or money Vancouver has offered.

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Sedins saga could go to July 1. The twins look at testing free agency


The Canucks have long planned for their negotiation with the Sedin twins to go to the midnight hour. It appears now, however, it could go even later,
The Sedins have heard the Canucks last-ditch effort and have recieved a sweetened offer from the Canucks in an airport meeting in Stockholm.

The Sedins told that they will mull the offer but are ready to entertain from other teams beginning July 1.

For now both sides remain eerily silent, which could be a good thing.

If it does go to Wednesday, the Canucks will give the twins a small window of opportunity where they could potentially test free agency before coming back to Vancouver.
Part of the intrigue on July 1 is that no one has a good feel for exactly how much money and how much term other teams will be willing to offer the Sedins.
Vancouver GM Mike Gillis and Laurence Gilman went to Sweden Sunday and today they finally improving their long-standing offer of a five-year deal which could have paid the twins about $5.75 million.
It’s believed the Canucks offered at least $6 million a year in a last-second deal designed to put pressure on the Sedins.

The Canucks had long planned to sweeten their offer at the wire.
It’s a gamble and it remains to be seen if it was enough to convince the twins to agree to a deal. But this is a situation where both sides want one.


  1. Mr_Canuck says:

    As per TSN, only 12 players since the lockout have averaged over 70 points a season. The sedins are 2 of those 12.. 10 of the 12 players ( don't include the sedin's ) make an average salary of 7.5 million. 

    ie: 6 million is a low offer from our nucks, BUT, dan and hank need to realize they need to leave 1-2 million each on the table to be able to sign together.. 
    i hope they take it. 5 years, 30 million each… That might even leave us room to sign gaborik for 5 million or hossa @ 5 million? 
  2. futurebruin says:

    LA is gettin Gaborik, Havlat and maybe Hossa

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