Canucks land Taylor Pyatt

On Friday afternoon the vancouver canucks Senior Vice-President and General Manager Dave Nonis announced that the canucks traded a 4th round draft pick for the 2007 NHL entry draft to the buffalo sabres for Taylor Pyatt, 24.Pyatt recorded 12 points (6-6-12) and 33 penalty minutes as a member of the 2005-06 Buffalo Sabres.

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  1. 100_years_of_glory09 says:


  2. BeginRocks24 says:

    For a 4th pick, no doubt I prefer Mike Johnson.

  3. SoBaZzZz says:


  4. Eh-Oh says:

    montreal fans need to stop gloating on other teams threads its becoming annoying and is something a suck would do!

  5. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    agreed !

  6. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    This comming from a guy who gets banned off a hockey forum… u suck b*tch

  7. i_know_hockey says:

    big, dominant player with great potential… no time to develop as he was rushed into the NHL and has had trouble battling for ice time ont he Sabres’ forward rich roster

  8. Kyleton says:

    I would disagree. It all depends on what fits each team. I think Taylor Pyatt is a better fit for the Canucks, and Mike Johnson would be. And Mike Johnson is a better fit for the Habs. Taylor Pyatt is big and skates extremely well for his size. He is great defensively, and is young which means he can still develope some offensive abilities. Taylor fits much better into what the Canucks plan to mold their team as than a Mike Johnson would. So looking at the Canucks I would no doubt rather have Taylor Pyatt as he fits the bill.

  9. Les-Habitants says:

    Has a lot to prove, but has potential.

    Will he make it? Stay tuned….

  10. Eh-Oh says:

    respect your elders son, before you get a reality check.

  11. oldtimehockey says:

    I like what the Canucks are doing. They are building a solid Defensive team with character type players. How will their offense go ? Unsure, however, i know they have a lot of young guys who are ready to step up.

    Luongo– um upgrade on Dan Cloutier.

    Willie Mitchell– Upgrade defensively on Jovonovski

    Chouinard– Solid Two way forward

    Pyatt– Gritty sound defensively.

    So far they look pretty defensive minded. The Canucks have rarely been a defensive team so building these blocks will help. As if they just were offensive they would be blown out by a lot of teams.

    As for the offence, they havent added and taken away a bunch yet they have some fast guys that if healthy can really help this team.

    Brandon Reid– fast winger some talent

    Jason King — good speed and talented

    Luc Bourdon — Blue Chip D prospect

    Alex Burrows– Energy Grit guy to replace Ruttu

    Kevin Bieksa — Another decent prospect

    I Know this doesnt replace todd Bertuzzi’s and Ed Jovonovski’s D, however, none of these guys float at Center ice. On top of that…although yet to be seen, none of them were making giveaways at their own blueline once a game.

    Anyway, Canucks will fill their roster with some young energy guys along with two lines of offence mixed with solid D.

  12. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    why don’t you come down to mtl and tell that to my face b*tch. I am at the bell center every habs vs leaf game.

  13. SDG says:

    Gritty? Taylor Pyatt is not. The guy is 6’4″ 220lbs., so he should be right? No. That is what was so frustrating about Taylor in Buffalo. He should be a force and use his size and strength, but he never does. The guy carries his purse with him out on the ice. Who knows, he could develop with the Nucks, but that is what the Sabres have been saying for a few years now. The Sabres will gladly take the pick and be rid of Pyatt.

  14. Eh-Oh says:

    dude….you think you intimidate me? PA-LEASE!!!!

  15. neilios says:

    Can we say Bertuzzi wernt the Islanders sick of Bertuzzi to when he became a Canuck.I always liked Pyatt I was always joking with buddys that he got traded to the Canucks.I hope he turns out to be a good power forward 20 to 30 goals maybe put him on the Sedin’s line all he has to do is keep his stick on the ice like Carter did.Just need Sykora or Carter now and then we have a Cup contending team.

  16. Merllin says:

    Hmmm I dunno what team you were watching but you have no idea what you are talking about…. Pyatt hasnt been signed yet… and hes definately not gritty, he has to learn to use his size more and run guys over… and as for Mitchell being an upgrade on Jovanoski, no one will ever be an upgrade… personally I wouldnt want him on my team, but he fit with the Canucks…. and again, the Canucks have always been a defensively sound team, they just were not SCORING last year… Ohlund, Salo, Jovanoski, Malik, Sopel, Baumgartner were all good on the blue line as Canucks.. Carney and Wienrich did not have time to adapt to Vancouvers system and didnt play to the best of there abilities, but regardless, Vancouver has never had a problem with their defense when all players are healthy.

    As for your analyse of the youthful talent, again, I have no idea what team you were watching…. Bieksa can skate, hes not afraid to hit and has a smart hockey sense, comparable to the Cooke of defense… hes not a decent prospect, he will play more minutes this year because he is better then decent. As for Ried and King, if given more ice time, which if Ried comes back from Europe, they will get, they may be able to post 20-30 goal seasons and add some depth to the offensive aspect of things.

    As for Burrows… put him on a line with the Sedins… Burrows is not afraid to crash the net, just the distraction and open winger that the Sedins need to create more chances. Finally, the canucks are not looking to replace Bertuzzi or Jovanoski, that is why they got rid of them in the first place, the team is going in a different direction and needs production from more then some key players.

    Im not sure how Vigneault is going to mesh this team together but so far he has no reason to worry, the pieces are there, it just depends on how he decides to put them together, the players know the city is behind them……

  17. Scruffy05 says:

    Pyatt will be given a shot at the right side with the Sedins. Why?

    What do the Sedins need? A big, strong left handed shot to play the right wing, stand in front of the net and not be pushed out and swing at the puck when it comes near. They need a slot machine player with size and finish. This guy scored 40 goals with Sudbury, if you put him on the right side in front of the net and tell him to bang home one timers then the Sedins will make him look very good.

  18. dccentral says:

    i agree Pyatt would be a good fit even to play with the sedins

  19. dccentral says:

    ur reading my mind

  20. dccentral says:

    Nalund Morrison Cooke

    Sedin Sedin Pyatt

    Reid Choinard Burrows

    King Kesler Linden


    Ohlund Bourdon

    Mitchell Krajicek

    Bieska Brown




    thats just me but i am sure it will be close to that

  21. jonnygf40 says:

    You forgot about Salo. And the d will look like this:

    Ohlund Mitchell

    Bourdon Salo

    Krajicek Bieksa


    Ohlund Mitchell are going to be the number 1 shutdown duo in the league.

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