Canucks look to deal Mathieu Schneider to resolve playing time issue


A dispute over playing time created a rift between Mathieu Schneider and the Canucks, and has left Vancouver GM Mike Gillis trying to deal the defenceman and former client.

Schneider left the Canucks after a home game against the St. Louis Blues on Dec. 20. Schneider took issue with a lack of playing time, and the fact he was a healthy scratch for several games. In two recent games Schneider sat while depth defenceman Aaron Rome played. Schneider wasn’t recovered from offseason shoulder surgery until Oct. 25. Since then he’s been healthy but played in only 17 of the Canucks 28 games.

The Canucks have only described Schneider’s two-week absence from the team as a “personal matter.”

In the offseason, Schneider targeted the Canucks as the team he wanted to sign with because he saw an opportunity to play a big role on Vancouver’s power play. But the late summer acquisition of Christian Ehrhoff essentially squeezed Schneider into a depth role. At age 40, it’s not the role he wants to be stuck with for the season.

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  1. futurebruin says:

    Anyone have an idea as to where he might end up?  My first thought is Boston not only because of my bias but they have acknowledged the fact that they would like a puck moving defenseman.

  2. HockeyThoughts says:

    Here are 5 of the bottom 6 teams in the NHL in PP %


    With the exception of Carolina, all have a very good shot at making the playoffs (Ottawa and Nashville are currently in).  His cap hit is 2.750. Not the greatest, but affordable for half the season. I think he`d look great in Nashville, but I think they`d trade him to the East. Played great in Canada before……..

    Just a thought

  3. KingCanada says:

    I think he would look great in Phoenix.  Im not sure how much red tape that would have to clear since the team is being run by the league but that defence is very blue collar and doesnt have many puck movers.

    Jovo, Aucoin and Yandle are alright but Schneider is a PP specialist and considering the Coyotes are a VERY low scoring team and almost entirely rely upon Bryz I think Schneider would be very useful in the desert.

    And on top of that I cant imagine he would cost more then a mid round pick or medium rated prospect for that matter.  Aside from the actual cap hit for the Dogs it is a very low risk investment for them.

    His cap hit is 2.75 but he has a 1.2 bonus clause.  Considering his lack of ice time I doubt he would actually get that bonus paid out….all the more reason the Coyotes should get him.

  4. tacitus says:

    another example of a team and of a player making a stupid decision that both have to pay the price for…

    First off schneider wants to be a PP man at age 40 so this genius decided hey lets play for vancouver they only have Edler, Bieksa and Salo as offensive guys cuz Ohlund walked….i mean surely schneider at 40 can bump down Mitchell and O Brien even thou schneider is 40….oh Ehrhoff is here now there is no room for him great move matts…why not shoot for Calgary with Phaneuf, jayboo and Reghyr….. seriously this guy coulda logged heavy minutes with Columbus maybe

    Then management idiocy….lets sign a 40 year old for 2.75 mil to play behind Ehrhoff, Edler, Salo, Bieksa, Mitchell and O Brien… hes 40 years old its such a good idea to pay this 40 year old guy 2.75 mil to be the 7th defeseman

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