Canucks looking to add that special someone

Burky said he can persue a good player to push us over the top, who might that be: (keep in mind, it seems like we have 2-3 million to spend)

Claude Lemieux: I know, I know, not a superstar, but the guy has grit, knows what it takes to win and can score big goals, also I’m sure Phoenix wouldnt have a problem trading him for maybe a 3-4th rounder?

Brad Isbister: I remember a big, powerful forward from the Island who we happened to aquire a few years ago. I forget his name now…. 😉 . This guy has all the tools to become like Bert, he can skate and handle the puck very well, he’s young and needs a change. It would take Ruutu and another good prospect (maybe Umberger or another top level guy) Maybe a package of Ruutu, Bouck and Komarniski?

Scott Walker: I love this guy, he started scoring in Nashville, but always said how much he loved it here. The Preds would want a group of younger players, but the way they traded Ronning last year, I dont think they care much about guys like Scottie. Walker can give us toughness, checking and 20-30 goals in a full season, plus the fans love him, he seems like a perfect fit :)

Miroslav Satan: Obviously, we have the least chance of getting him. But he puts up 30-40 goals for the Sabers, imagine what he could do here. He might be getting paid much less than he is worth, and at ~3 million, would fit in well. Imagine a line of Satan-Linden-Cooke, I love it! It would take Bryan Allen and Ruutu and maybe another draft pick, but this guy is flat out amazing, I pray Brian can bring him to Vancouver!

Go Canucks Go!