Canucks looking to add that special someone

Burky said he can persue a good player to push us over the top, who might that be: (keep in mind, it seems like we have 2-3 million to spend)

Claude Lemieux: I know, I know, not a superstar, but the guy has grit, knows what it takes to win and can score big goals, also I’m sure Phoenix wouldnt have a problem trading him for maybe a 3-4th rounder?

Brad Isbister: I remember a big, powerful forward from the Island who we happened to aquire a few years ago. I forget his name now…. 😉 . This guy has all the tools to become like Bert, he can skate and handle the puck very well, he’s young and needs a change. It would take Ruutu and another good prospect (maybe Umberger or another top level guy) Maybe a package of Ruutu, Bouck and Komarniski?

Scott Walker: I love this guy, he started scoring in Nashville, but always said how much he loved it here. The Preds would want a group of younger players, but the way they traded Ronning last year, I dont think they care much about guys like Scottie. Walker can give us toughness, checking and 20-30 goals in a full season, plus the fans love him, he seems like a perfect fit 🙂

Miroslav Satan: Obviously, we have the least chance of getting him. But he puts up 30-40 goals for the Sabers, imagine what he could do here. He might be getting paid much less than he is worth, and at ~3 million, would fit in well. Imagine a line of Satan-Linden-Cooke, I love it! It would take Bryan Allen and Ruutu and maybe another draft pick, but this guy is flat out amazing, I pray Brian can bring him to Vancouver!

Go Canucks Go!

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    Ummm have a little more faith in your team!…. You guys have a great chance of landing Satan….

    Even though Lemieux would be a great fit for the Canucks, they have their eyes set on more skilled players!!!

    Go Canucks GO!!!!

    WHAT? there my 2nd fav team….

  2. Tradedude says:

    Walker would be the best guy for the team. not a heavy price, very very gritty, not too old. not much of a scorer but is sort of an energy player, not energy energy like tyson nash or steve webb.

    but the bad thing is……HE IS ALWAYS HURT!

    so i’d go with isbister …. but who for?

  3. titans says:

    I’ll give ya Primeau…for a bag of pucks!

  4. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Lemiuex is too important to that team. There very young and he’s a great leader for them, he’d come at a bit higher price.

    I think there 1 more offensive player away from being a true dynamite team.

  5. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    hey, how bout dvorak..ill give you him for a used stick bag?…i really think they just need 1 more person who can net 20 goals in a season…then they are set…since im on the east coast, i do not know very much about the west coast teams…but i always watch atleast 1 game a night on satelitte from the west…but with morrison, bertuzzi, naslund and all the others they should be fine, when i say fine, i mean, stanley cup contender…do they lack any depth on D? Another solid D man wouldnt hurt any team.

  6. burky says:

    I would love to see the Wild Thing back in a Canuck uniform, and of all the players you listed I would have to say he’s the one the Canucks have the best chance of getting, he’s expendable to Nashville since they have Jordin Tootoo who can fill in his spot next year. I also heard Burke say he was looking for grit and Walker has plenty of that.

    You’re right about Isbister but I don’t think Mad Mike Milbury is going to make the same mistake twice by dealing an up and coming power forward to the Canucks.

    Personally, I don’t think Burke will trade anytime soon, he has a deal with his players not to trade anyone while the team is winning.

  7. IslesFan11 says:

    Isbister is the Isles best trading chip and he has played well next to Alexei Yashin this year. Milbury is not going to trade him for a 4th line foward and a prospect or 2.

    The Isles have enough 4th line players as it is. They lack scoring.

  8. Aetherial says:

    I understand why you are saying that but I do believe that Primeau would do well on another team. He just is not captain material and for soem reason isn’t “Flyer’s quality” material.

    I would LOVE to see him in Toronto. Too bad Philadelphia would never make that trade.

  9. Aetherial says:

    I like your thinking here. When you mention a player like Scott Walker it is exactly the kind of move good teams make to tweak the roster a bit. If Walker was healthy I think he would make an excellent addition to Vancouver for the playoffs and he could be had without breaking the far and the bank and the future.

  10. scrub says:

    As a canuck fan I would really like to see them land someone to beef up their second line.

    Satan in obviously the most talented forward out of the 4 you listed and he’s a proven player. But their are probably quite a few teems in the hunt to try and aquire Satan and I just don’t see the canucks getting him at a bargain. They would probably have to give up a fair bit of talent in exchange.

    And I think Claude Lemeuix has the least chance of ending up in a canuck uniform. The canucks are trying to get scoring and toughness not leadership as much, with the likes of veterans Trevor Linden, Murray Baron, and Trent Klatt I really don’t see the aging Lemeuix to be a valuable pick up at the cost of a young player.

    But a question I have is why didn’t you list Chris Gratton. Their have been many rumors envolving him being sent to the canucks and I think this would be the best pick up. It would give the canucks a second line scoring center and it would also add grit, gratton is a big guy at 6″4 and I like the idea of if things arn’t going well in the playoffs ie)first line being shut down. The prospect of throwing Bert and Gratton out at the same time is a good one. If these two coudn’t make room for a sniper like Nazlund no one will

  11. titans says:

    When it comes right down to it were all looking for that special someone.

  12. canuckgirl says:

    really i have to say i dont see Burke making and trades soon! yah there are guys he probably wants onthe team but who would he trade for?! The teams looks great right now and i would not liek to see him get rid of anyone!

  13. nixter says:


  14. puma777 says:

    Apparently there were a few scouts in pheonix and philly the other week. So maybe these ideas of Primeau and ?Lemieux? could be true

    I think that Lemieux would be such a good fit for our squad, buuuuuuuuuuut truthfully i havent heard his name out on the tables since he was playin for Jersey

  15. amok says:

    Any one of those four would be good to have, but it’ll take a lot more to get any of them in a Vancouver uniform.

    The Canucks might have a shot at Lemieux if the Coyotes are far out of the playoff race, otherwise they should keep him just to try get in. After all the money spent on Amonte I don’t see how that organization could consider anything less than the playoffs this year.

    The Canucks have plundered the Islanders enough. Even Milbury must have learned his lesson by now. Then again, it is Milbury…

    Walker would be great here, but he won’t be a goal scorer. He’s a go-to guy in Nashville. Here he wouldn’t be. The big three, the Sedins, and probably even Klatt and Linden would be in front of him here. His PP time would be cut down, too.

    Satan with Morrison (bump Henrik back up to the first line) would be one of the most offensive second lines in the league. It would take more than Allen, Ruutu and a draftpick though. Buffalo would be better suited going after a cheap young two-way player like Chubarov as well as someone like Fedorov or Umberger. I don’t think Ruutu has that much value around the league or he would have been sent packing earlier in the year.

  16. amok says:

    What do you think the Canucks would give up to get Satan? Unless Buffalo takes a large helping of washed up prospects, benchwarmers, and draft picks I don’t see him coming here.

  17. amok says:

    I heard Philly wanted to make the trade but Toronto kept trying to replace the bag of pucks with Hoglund and that broken fax machine.

  18. Leaf_Expert says:

    i don’t know what exactly what you guys would give up, but what I’m sayin is if Burke wants Satan he’ll get him…The man wanted both Sedins…HE GOT EM…He said he wouldn’t trade his players if they came together….HE DIDN’T LET THEM DOWN…

    So what I’m sayin is, if Burke wants a Satan or Kovalev type player…he’ll work harder than any GM to get him!!!….

  19. amok says:

    This is without a doubt the best one-liner there has been on the site. No question.

  20. WeztCoazt1 says:

    I heard the Nucks were interested in trading for Primeau from the local radio station….any truth to this rumor?

  21. titans says:

    Well gee…thanks. But I’d like to think I’ve had better one liners than that.

  22. big_booty says:

    Julianne Moore

    Angie Harmon

    Drew Barrymore

  23. big_booty says:

    “I second that emotion!”

  24. Gino says:

    Lemieux could be a great pickup for the playoffs, and probably won’t cost that much because Phoenix will be out of the picture at the trade deadline.

    However, the best player to send in a trade is probably Jovanovski. They could get a good centre and defenceman in return. He is a free agent at the end of the year and I don’t think he deserves the money that he’s asking for. He’s not even the best defenceman on the team. The downfall though is it could disrupt the team chemistry.

  25. MapleLeafs says:

    I heard Mark Messier whats to end his career in Vancouver.


    Go Leafs Go

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