Canucks looking to sign D-men Yannick Tremblay??

According to out of the Vancouver Sun are saying that the Canucks will sign defenceman Yannick Tremblay who spent the past two seasons playing for Mannheim in the German League.The Vancouver Canucks are looking to the German Elite League to shore up their blueline. Tremblay has 37 goals and 122 points in 378 NHL games. Last season in Germany, Tremblay had 11 goals and 28 points in 44 games. The Quebec native was a sixth-round pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs back in 1995.

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  1. passionch says:

    Tremblay was a pretty good defenceman in Atlanta when I watched him so if Vancouver can manage to get him, he’ll be a great 4th d-man.

  2. WhamBamCam says:

    He would a great addition to the second Powerplay unit, since Baumer left.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he’s already signed according to spectorshockey

  4. TMLfan2005 says:

    canucks also re-signed trevor linden, according and

  5. Mr_Canuck says:

    They already signed him.

    On if you click on tremblay, it shows signed with vancouver on July 24th.

  6. Mr_Canuck says:

    that same website is now saying this:

    “Linden signing false

    Earlier there was a report that the Canucks had signed Trevor Linden, it appears that the $1.52 million was an option on Linden that the Canucks did not pick up. So this leads me to say that the signing was false. Linden has not yet been signed by the Canucks but more then likely will be soon. My source for the earlier reported signing was”

  7. TMLfan2005 says:

    yea, plus i dont think linden will be getting that much for next season anyway.

  8. cwthrash says:

    No, he really wasn’t.

    Positioning, decision making, shot; they were sub-par when he was with the Thrashers. His skating is nothing to brag about either, and that was pre-lockout. Given the more open NHL, he’s more than a few steps behind.

    In a pinch, he can play because he has decent experience. But I would think he’s AHL material at this point, a temporary fill-in if injuries hit. Don’t expect too much out of him.

  9. Milohabs says:

    This is desperation for Nonis. This guy has an NHL career total of -113 !!! TERRIBLE>

    Even last year in a German league he was -12.

    This guy sucks.

  10. neilios says:

    I hope they dont sign this bum Trembay.They should just go get Matvichuk from the Devils he would be 10 times better then Tremblay since the Devils are dumping sallary and should get Wiemer from them too the Canucks need some toughness and that would save the Devils about 2.2 mill.

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