Canucks on the Verge?

The Canucks have recalled TWO centers from the Moose, their farm team in the AHL. Brad Moran and Brandon Reid have both been called up, leading to the conclusion that one of three things will be revealed in the next 24 hours: A center was hurt in Wednesday’s loss to Chicago (possible but not likely as there has not been any word of injuries besides D-Man Krajiceck); Alain Vigneault is going to issue some benchings, which is definately a possibility considering Vigneault’s approach and the BRUTAL showing vs. the ‘Hawks; OR… a trade is going down involving a current center on the roster.Now, if we consider the latter, there really isn’t too many options. Clearly, Henrik Sedin isn’t going anywhere, short of Crosby, Ovechkin or Phaneuf coming this way (not saying these players are equal to Henrik, just that the Sedins and Luongo are the only reason we are not playing for a lottery pick this June). Our fourth line interchangeable centers are immovable, Chouinard and Santala are expensive pylons taking up valuable space on the roster. Kesler is hurt for the season and can not be traded due to the offer sheet signed thanks to that ******* ***** Bobby Clark. Josh Green is stretched being a third line center, I really don’t see much of a market for him.

Therfore….. Brendan Morrison seems to be the smoking gun. His play as of late is much improved over earlier this season, in part to his ongoing recovery off of hip surgery. His speed, playmaking abilities, leadership and defensive prowess make him the most valuable tradeable center on the Canucks and his offerings may entice a GM (Sather, Gainey) to give up some value picks or prospects. With another year at $3.25 million, he is not cheap, but he does have the potential to again post 70+ point seasons while sporting a beneficial +/-.

I really think with the prospects coming though the pipe (Bourdon, Edler, Schneider, Grabner, Hansen, Koltsov) and with 4 picks within the first 60 in a deep draft, we have the opportunity to stockpile potential. This being said, we need to make a decision on Salo, DO NOT LOSE HIM TO FREE AGENCY FOR NOTHING. Trade him for a solid pick and prospect if we can’t re-sign him.

Being a lifelong Canuck fan, clearly nothing would make me happier than a long run in the play-offs. But, realistically, I think we have a better chance developing our prospects and making a run in a year or two. Thus, cut the excess fat (Bulis & Santala), trade assets and get ready for one hell of a ride.

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  1. modk09 says:

    NO ONE WANTS MORRISON, if they did, hed be gone by now. he will NEVER EVER EVER score 70 points again unless hes traded to atlanta and put between kovalchuk and hossa. if he is traded, the nucks would have to pick up overpaid garbage in return like samsonov since no one really wants him either. Just like Bulis, you guys overpaid for him, youre stuck with him

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thank you, someone should've said that a LONG time ago.

  3. muckies says:

    Nice work, Bourdon looked amazing in the WJC, and the Canucks need to add a few pieces to the team to be legit Cup contenders. They aren't far off though.

    I think this draft is one of the worst drafts in the past 10 years, the Canucks should use thier picks to add some pieces to the playoff puzzle and sign long term.

    They need to get bigger up front, the Canucks always play tough hockey and the fans in vancouver just love thier Canadian Power Forwards more then anything else.

    They also need to shed some salary so they can keep players like Salo,
    tarde Morriosn for anything you can get, maybe to the Kings, Blackhawks or  St.Louis.  

    Wash: 3rd round pick
    Van Morrison.

    Van: First and Second round choice
    Phoenix: Shane Doan

  4. Archion113 says:

    I was under the idea that if a player was placed on IR they could not be traded regardless.  I could be wrong, but thats what i thought.

    And why is Bobby Clark being blamed for Keslar being hurt and unable to be traded?  I honestly don't know, so i'm asking for an honest answer.

  5. PaulK123 says:

      Morrison will not be traded, he is not worth the 3.2 million he will be getting next year, the only way he will be moved is when his contract expires.

  6. rangers914 says:

    heres an idea rangers looking for a impact forward that could easily bolt there offense how about markus naslund rangers probally wouldnt give up young talent for him so heres my 3 team trade

    Rangers-Naslund, Morrison
    Detroit- Kasparitis, Thomas Pock, maybe another ranger prospect
    Vancouver-Prucha, franzen NYR 2nd rounder/det 3rd rounder

    just an idea detroit has suposedly been after kasparitis while the rangers looking for playmakers would love to do this and vancouver would dump TONS of salary on the rangers who made room for it by waiving ozolinsh and kasparitis going ot detroit in this trade

  7. PaulK123 says:

    there is something called the salary cap lol, why is detroit getting all of the shit players while vancouver is getting all the good ones, it aint gonna happen

  8. BieksaForMVP says:

    Hasn't Morrison scored 71? Didn't he also score 56 points when he was injured the whole year? Havn't alot of teams in need of a centre call about Mo? He almost got traded to Phoenix. The Habs, Rangers, and Atlanta apparently want him.

  9. rangers914 says:

    believe me i understand the slary cap rangers have dumped ozolinsh's slaray halls salary kasparitis would be dumped in the trade there would prob be a throw in player here or there but just a thought on a possibility or maybe a trade like this

    detroit-kasparitis/rangers 4th
    vancouver-pock/detroit 3rd rounder 

  10. farmer says:

    I'm blaming Clarke for Kesler's situation because he is worth around $1 million, and Clarke tendered him a $1.9M offer. Apparently Nonis wouldn't trade him to the Flyers, and knowing that the Canucks would match any offer, Clark broke the unwritten code and went after a restricted free agent. This having taken place, Kesler can not be traded this year due to offer sheet regulations.
    I sure hope someone offers Carter, Richards and Umberger some fat contracts this offseason.

  11. mikeluongo says:

    If you were a true Canucks fan you would know that Chouinard is injured for tonight's game and so is Bulis. Along with Krajicek, that's 3 regulars. (unfortunately). This is why we recalled Moran and Brandon Reid. Rick Rypien was also sent down to begin rehab.

  12. spanfritten says:

    First off the Rangers fan must be on glue because none of those trades make any sense except for a Rangers fan that wants Mo and where does Mitchells name come from, there is no way the Nucks would trade a BC boy that just signed a four year contract. With that said why are we even talking about the Nucks shedding contract, this will not happen either. They are currently trying to get Forsberg, scouts there last night, and they are also looking for a defenseman. If they trade Mo it will not be for a rental, it will be for a long term piece of the puzzle.

  13. canucklehead_101 says:

    exactly its just Morrison is rumored to go to Boston is the next few days for Brad Stuart!!!

    Brad Stuart D
    Jordan Sigalet D
    Phil Kessel C

    Matt Cooke
    Brendan Morrison
    Cory Schnieder

  14. rangers914 says:

    forsberg isnt gonna happen read the top post on the site forsberg has said he will only wave his no trade clause for 3 teams

    and Detroit

    so nucks arent getting forsberg there best chance would be to try and obtain a mid-tier rental player like a tkachuck or a weight a veteran player like that and on the defensive side amybe a stuart or a malik that kind of player at best

  15. thatleafsguy says:

    Stick to farming and corn holing pigs.

  16. spanfritten says:

    i am sorry but that doesnt mean anything it is just from the detroit paper and there were canucks scouts at they philly game last night.

  17. 2006 says:

    This man does not speak for all canucks fans.

  18. cyner03 says:

    Canucks won't trade Mitchell. They just signed him, plus next to Luongo and the Sedins he has been one of our best players.

  19. rangers914 says:

    there were CANUCK scouts at the philly game not the other way around PHILLY is the team with the decision not canucks

    rangers have scouts at philly games so do sabres and colorado but philly doesnt have scouts at there game because frosberg said he wont go there

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