Canucks poised for a move?

After last nights game and the big splash by Calgary, Vancouver looks like they are poised for a big trade. It looked to me like an audition for the two call ups Reid and Moran and they did very well. This is bad news for Morrison however. He seems to be the odd man out and is the most likely trade bait. The Canucks need a d man and a center to play with Naslund, (Forsberg) and if the Canucks are serious it will take more than just Mo but this is what it would look like,

Morrison, Schneider, 2nd rdp/ Forsberg

Even if this trade does not work out the canucks will shed Forsberg’ salary at the end of the year and they may be able to go after one of the big two from Buffalo this summer. I would even give up their first rounder seeing as they have three second rounders.

Although this is all just speculation on my part, Forsberg is rumored on the move in the next few days and the Canucks seem to be the ones making roster space.

A couple of other possibilities are Modin and Smolinski. If I were Nonis I would also go after Sopel.