Canucks ready to sign Bondra ???

Its reported on Sportsnet News tonight from John Garrett and the rest of the Hockey Central panel that Bondra’s agent has contacted the Canucks about a possible return to the NHL.But the Canucks have to send down couple million to the minors and that needs approval from the owner the players mentioned to be sent down where Chouinard and Bulis then the Canucks would have 2.3 million to sign Bondra.

This is what the Canucks need somewhat of a sniper and that what Bondra would bring some 2nd line scoring.

2 Responses to Canucks ready to sign Bondra ???

  1. canucks_fan2 says:

    and do u seriosly think DAVE NONUTS NONNIS will do anything NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Wadzup says:

    Your on the money with the fact that Nomis wouldn't have the balls to roll the dice! I would like to see the conditioning of Bondra but if in top shape i believe he would make a great fit in a canucks jersey!

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