Canucks roster NEXT YEAR?

With Vancouver already locking up the “core” for next season, I wonder what is in store for the rest of the players?

Brent Sopel- will they resign him at a reduced salary? He loves vancouver!

Jan Bulis/ Marc Chouinard- b-bye!

Yannik Tremblay- keep him inManitoba?

Fitzpatrick- a bit of a fan favorite due to the All-Star Game, but replaceable.

Taylor Pyatt- is he the real deal, or another Carter?

Burrows- tries hard with little success, yet an awesome penalty killer.

Bryan Smolinski- I like this guy, a veteran who just needs time to meld.

Cowan- a good grinder with a little offense. cheap too!

Santala- replaceable!

Krajicek- average player, but was just a throw-in in the Luongo deal.

Sabourin- will he be happy to remain a back-up in 4-8 games a year?

Linden- I hope he stays for another year! important member of the locker room at a discount price, and is playing well!

What do you think?

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