Canucks RW options

With the addition of Hedberg as back-up and either Bryan Allen or Jiri Slegr stepping in to replace Murray Baron, theres really only one hole left in the Canucks, that just happens to be the hardest to fill.A top 6 forward, preferably a Right Winger, who can put the puck in the net.

All of the following have become staples in Canuck rumors as favourites to bring in:


Jeff O’Neill: As much as I’d love to see it happen, I think it’s a pipe dream. There’s a possibility if the Canes have another terrible season (unlikely).

Shane Doan: See O’Neill.

Jason Arnott: Sticking in Dallas.

Brad Isbister: He’s staying in Edmonton for a while me thinks.

Miroslav Satan: Was rumored to be coming to Vancouver at the deadline, but after bringing in Drury, its clear the Sabres are focusing on the now.

Anson Carter: Now that Bures gone, Carter will stick around a while longer.

Patrick Marleau: My personal favourite, but see Doan.


Kristian Huselius: It’s a shame to see such a talented player riding the pine under Keenan, a great fit if the price is right. Maybe Allen + Umberger could do the trick?

Eric Daze: Had a 37 goal season 2 years ago, plays soft for his size but a good fit altogether.


Martin Straka: Small and on the expensive side, but a great scorer to be sure and shouldn’t take much to get him.

Steve Sullivan: See Straka.

Magnus Arvedson: the only remaining UFA of interest, but is he worth the price tag.

Rod “the Bod” Brind’amour: Great fit, but Burkie won’t shell out 5 million for him.


Christian Berglund: Former linemate of twins, gritty Swede buried behind depth in NJ system who could become a solid scorer with Canucks.

Mattias Weinhandl: The 3rd Sedin, doubtful NYI would give up on a young player so early again.