Canucks scouts at Atlanta/Montreal game

I’m watching the Devils/Lightning game at intermission Bob McKenzie on TSN was reporting that Nonis is in the market for a top 6 forward. He said some of his henchmen were at the Thrashers/Canadiens game on Oct. 30.

The only name that jumps out to me as a possible candidate among those teams is Kovalev. There were rumors of a Kovalev/Tanguay deal a couple weeks ago. Maybe Vancouver is trying to put together a package for him.

I can’t think of who would be going the other way. Maybe something like Luc Bourdon, Alexandre Burrows, and a 2nd rounder. Pure speculation.

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  1. svenki says:

    jeesh, i hope they do sumthing soon, there not doing too well

  2. habsoverserver says:

    According to the Gazette, there were a dozen scouts at the game, including the Canuck's assistant GM.  The consenus is that they were there to scout the Thrashers.  But, it could be they looked at Kovalev as well.  Montreal is doing fine and has no reason to make a trade.  The Thrashers and Canucks are more likely to make changes. 

  3. habsalicious says:

    I'd trade Ryder way before I'd trade Kovalev…

  4. habsoverserver says:

    i don't think that montreal wants to make a trade.  scouts could be looking at ryder and kovalev or anyone they choose.  i really don't know.  i didn't mean to single out any one player, just to leave open the possibility mentioned in the article. 

    clearly, ryder's contract makes him easier to move than kovalev.  but there is no reason to dump montreal's leading goal scorer of the past two seasons.  unless somene is offering up a legit power forward, montreal isn't doing anything.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    maybe the habs should trade that "racist" saku koivu because he spoke english in quebec. i'm offended too because the english was broken. despite him being quite a hero to many for his courageous comeback from cancer to survive and do the thing he loves, he is a total gutless jerk for offending the only individual in the galaxy who gave two shits on this matter, and we should "send him back where he came from" i'm totally being sarcastic if you didnt know.

    last i checked, canada was a billingual country, so while that idiot politician wanted to here stuff in his language, fact is, if he is canadian, then french AND english should be his languages. especially if he is a representative of the govt.

    wow the stuff the gov't comes up with in relation to hockey is mind boggling. please dont you have anything better to do, like save hospitals, keep kids in school, reduce violence than to complain that koivu is disrespecting you?

    sorry, i had to comment on this cause koivu is a good guy and takes nothing but flack cause he isnt french.

  6. papichulo71 says:

    this was a sleazy lawyer, not a politician.

  7. jocool_88 says:

    I wonder if Ryder could be the one that might go.  He sat out the whole 3rd period, i know that is not really what scouts want to see but he did, maybe they will try to get rid of him.

  8. Jrugges says:

    It’d be sweet if the Nucks could possibly get Hossa for some kinda deal. Doubt it’ll happen. I do wonder who from Atlanta would the Nucks be intrested in.

  9. neilios says:

    I can see the Habs and Canucks make a trade now that Ryder is in the dog house and is asking to be traded outta the Habs organization.Its been reported from that the Habs are asking for Burrows,Bourdon,and Miller for Ryder and Josh Gorges.This kinda deal works for both teams the salary is even and the canucks dont have to give up any of the core group just a pretty good prospect in Bourdon.
    For the Thrashers rumor I think they would have to give up shit loads for Hossa and that wont help the Canucks in there Cup run I think they should just wait till the offseason and get him for nothing cause he is a free agent and years end.

  10. gohabsgo17 says:

    kovalev is doing so well, i don't think they would trade him unless it would be an offer they couldn't refuse!

  11. canuckstocup says:

    Wow!!! Talk about over valuing a player…..Luc Bourdon, Alexandre Burrows, and a 2nd rounder.
    I just don't get the thinking of Montreal fans. All last year fans were begging for a team to take Kovalev off their hands and were willing to give a high trade pick in addition of him for pretty much nothing in return just to get him off the books and now he's to valuable to trade, but if they do trade him they want a top level prospect, a very servicable 3rd line player and a high dfraft pick. The real kicker is his numbers still aren't that great. I bet by christmas he will have stopped playing again and HR will be getting weekly posting of how terrible he is and wishing a team would take him off their hands for nothing.

  12. canuckstocup says:

    so when exactly did you here this "Burrows,Bourdon,and Miller for Ryder and Josh Gorges" rumor. I don't know why you can't just make up a possible trade and say 'I think a good trade would be……….' instead of always making up sources.

  13. habsrock99 says:

    Hey, not all Habs fans are like that. I, for one example, know that Dave Nonis isn't an idiot and probably wouldn't take that unless he was desperate. As for Kovalev, he said it himself that he has a new outlook on hockey and that he doesn't want to become the player he was last year. I truely think that he is for real this year and will put up the numbers expected of him (30 goals 80 Points). I doubt 50 assists but I'd be laughed at hysterically if I said anything higher then 30 goals. 

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