Canucks Season

Canucks came into the 2006-07 season with a lot of pressure. They were criticized of having no offense during pre-season and were predicted not to make the playoffs.

The season started that way and canucks were strugling.before christmas they were barely making the playoffs and were told that you cant make the playoffs without offence. Yet somehow they came out after Christmas FLYING.

They played outstanding and shut everyones mouth. People who criticised luongo-bertuzzi trade, people who criticized marc crawford firing and even people who didn’t like dave nonnis. Nonnis isn’t that smart but he made the steal of the centuryby getting luongo.
even without jovanovski their defence managed to get 117 points combined.thay were 28-8-4 after Christmas. They won the northwest division. with only one big star who was a golie.

Even though they ended up losing in 2nd round, I think they were the best team this year. Their coaching staff was outstanding. In the end Luongo for Prime Minister.

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