Canucks Sign Willie Mitchell

According to the Vancouver Canucks have signed defencemen Willie Mitchell to a 4-year deal worth $14M.

8 Responses to Canucks Sign Willie Mitchell

  1. jonnygf40 says:

    He is exactly who the Canucks need. A stay at home defenseman who is great defensively, big, strong, good skater, and from BC. With Luongo in net, all the Canucks need are defensement like Ohlund and Mitchell…Salo helps as well.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    Very good signing, especially after losing Jovanovski. Mitchell and Ohlund are going to be a very good penalty killing tandem.

  3. big_booty says:


    I wanted my Flyers to land Mitchell.

    Great signing. Perfect fit in Vancouver.

  4. FlyersfanKyle says:

    we got Baumgartner and Lars Jonsson we’re getting better

  5. tancred says:

    He turned in to a rent-a-player for the Stars. What did they give up for him again?

  6. gtweb says:

    GREAT signing by Nonis…but we will be on a VERY tight budget for the rest of the off season.

  7. WhamBamCam says:

    Minnesota Wild traded Willie Mitchell and a 2nd round selection in 2007 to the Dallas Stars for Martin Skoula and Shawn Belle.

  8. ahuja21 says:

    Canucks are going to have a great season next year with Willie Mitchell he will go pretty far and defend Luongo! This is a good signing Dave but are you okay, cause usually you don’t pick up anyone good

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