Canucks Still need more offence!!

I would like to see Ryan Kesler get more time to develop. I think he could be a very solid player in the future and being on the 3rd line just won’t help him.  Here is what I would like to see happen to fill out our lines and I think it is realistic as well…

1. Sign Mike Johnson, he would be a very hard working 3rd or 4th liner that would bust his butt every night and wouldn’t be too expensive.  This year he played 80 games with the Montreal Canadiens and recorded 31pts(11G & 20A).

2. Make this trade:

To Florida:

Brendan Morrison
Matt Cooke
Jason King
2nd Round Draft Pick

To Vancouver:

Olli Jokinen
David Booth
or 4th Round Draft Pick

Then our lines would be:

1st Line:  Sedin-Sedin-Pyatt
2nd Line: Naslund-Jokinen-Kesler
3rd Line:  Raymond-Rypien-Johnson
4th Line:  Cowan-Ritchie-Linden

Kesler would be able to learn from Naslund, as well as Jokinen.  And although Linden is on the 4th line, him and Cowan have shown some chemistry before and seem to play well together.

Would Florida do it though? Please feel free to make suggestions to edit the trade as it just came off the top of my head.

4 Responses to Canucks Still need more offence!!

  1. spanfritten says:

    King was traded to Anaheim for Ryan Shannon.

  2. SuitcaseSmith says:

    We dont need any more 3rd and 4th liners!!!!!! Booth? We have better prospects than him already. King? He's not even on our team. I like Jokinen but  Florida will never give him up, especially for Morrison. I think Mo' and Naslund will have much better years seeing as they will both be UFA's after next season. I say we wait it out, we have a lot of guys that could have wicked seasons. Can't wait!!!

  3. jonnygf40 says:

    So…a 2nd line center, 3rd line winger, and a second round pick, for a 1st line franchise center, a potential 3rd line center, and a 4th round pick.

    Why would the Panthers want to do that?  How does that make their team better?  Looking at their prospects, they don't really have any goaltending prospects.  The best trade I could think of for Jokinen would be Jokinen for Morrison, Schneider, Edler, and a 2008 first rounder.   Even with that proposal I don't see Florida accepting.
  4. crazyamazin says:

    that trade is idiotic! as the others here have already posted, king isn't even a canuck anymore! cowan didn't have the chemistry with linden, it was with morrison. if you look at all the points cowan had last season, morrison was in on pretty much all of them. i say screw more trades, and bring up moran and reid and let them play with naslund. the three of them were lined up for a number of games last season, and granted that they didn't score much at all… i think that time is all they would need. all three of them are stupid fast, and they had sooo many chances with the puck. i guarentee that if that line was given some time, they could raise some eye brows! the lines i suggest are: sedin – sedin – pyatt (or isbister, cause he's almost the same player with more of a physical game), naslund – reid – moran, kesler – morrison – cowan, hansen – ritchie – burrows, extras: linden, rypien and shannon, i totally feel like i'm forgetting somebody though!? this was totally just thrown off the top of my head, but i still stand behind those lines.

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