Canucks Streak Ends – Injuries suddenly pile up

The Vancouver Canucks franchise 14 game winning streak was snapped at the hands of the SJ Sharks. Four regular canucks are now down with injury, the following article contains their statusesThe loss: The Canucks battled back again, this time, they couldn’t pull another rabit out of thier hat, but they tried. Streaks are made to be broken, looks like the Nucks will have to start a new one on Saturday.

The Hit: Bryan Marchment, please GET OUT OF THIS LEAGUE! How many careers does this guy have to end. Mats Lingren nearly escaped another knee on knee hit from Marchment. This guy is a nut, he has ended many seasons and careers, he should be kicked out of the league – props to Darren Langdon for landing a couple lefts on the face of Marchment.

The Injuries:

Todd Bertuzzi – Hit near the eye with Nabokov’s stick, looks like Bert is ok and should be ready for the game Saturday according to Crawford.

Mattias Ohlund – Doesnt look too bad, he may be out a week or so, but the way he went down made it look worse. He will not travel with the team to start the road trip because of his injured knee. Looks like a bruise or strain to me.

Dan Cloutier: A shame because he was playing so well. Looks like he will be out a couple games because of his own knee troubles. Clouts will also stay behind for the first part of the 5 game road trip.

Artem Chubarov – Out because of an Abdominal strain, will stay behind for the start of the trip. Likely will also miss 2-3 more games.

Rumour Mill – Looks like one of two former Canucks may come back to Vancouver at the deadline, Gelinas and Scott Walker are both rumoured to be on the move to Vancouver.

In conclusion, give the Nucks about 3 games to get healthy, by the end of next week they should have all hands on deck for the stretch run.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Funny, I was thinking that perhaps Vancouver should go after Walker (forget Gelinas). Guess I was not the only one.

    Minor injuries at this stage of the race really don’t do anything except give the players a chance to rest. There are no worries from a Vancouver point of view.

  2. Glen says:

    That bites. I was looking forward to seeing how the Flyers stacked up against one of the best teams in the league.

  3. mikster says:

    Lose Cloutier for a whole season, lose Bertuzzi, or Naslund, for 31 games, lose Jovo for 31 games, lose your best checking, face off winning, center for 20 games, lose 3 other d-men for a total of 15 or so games….and then i’ll accept injury talks.

    Marchment is a dirt bag, but i’d love to have him on my playoff team (Go get him Quinn).

  4. keon says:

    These injuries will make the Canucks a stronger team come playoff time. Look at how the Leafs responded last season when their top guns went down. Going through diversity will bring the tightly knit team, even closer. That will give them an edge that they havn’t had before in the playoffs.

  5. JNurk17 says:

    haha, you think that Vancouver is having a problem??….Leclair has been out for about 4 months and before he was injured, he was the highest powerplay goal scorer and the flyers were actually scoring on it…second, Gagne is a big dissapointment this year, and the flyers are still 3rd most points in the east…go figure

  6. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    I imagine that what you are saying is that the injuries are what make the Rangers suck?

    6 years of no playoffs!! I don’t think that injuries are the reason. Even with the injuries, the Rangers have enough stars in their lineup night in and night out that there is no way in hell they should be fighting for anything other than a divisonal regular season championship, let alone the 8th spot each year which they can’t seem to manage.

  7. RatSale says:

    Forget about walker, at least for now; the preds are moving in for a playoff spot.

  8. gladiator says:

    Marchment should have been kicked out of the game. His team was up 3-0 when he tried the knee on knee. Why even bother doint that?? He just goes out there to cause havoc with Marc Crawford and the Canucks. I’m thinking he was lucky that Bertuzzi was injured. Too bad the Canucks don’t play the Sharks again this season. Good job by Langdon for sticking up for his team mates this game, and in the Columbus game when he hammered Richardson in a fight, after Richardson was checking Ohlund with his stick to the ice.

    Ohlund being injured is huge for this club. He plays a ton of minutes for the Nucks. It’s bad enough that Chubarov and Cloutier are injured. Ohlund and Chubarov are big penalty killers for the team. Too bad for Cloutier because he has been playing his best all season the past two weeks.

  9. mikster says:

    I am not talking about the previous 5 years, i am talking about this season.

    This was the Rangers line up when it had the injuries (not counting Dunham, Mironov)

    Barnaby-Holik(mssd 20 gms)-Lindros








    Take out Holmqvist and put in Dunham as 1st goalie. Then take out Karpa and put in Mironov.

    Now, this is what the Rangers are now:



    (2nd and 3rd line almost share equal ice time)





    Kasparaitis (a +14 since January)-Cross

  10. Nyteshades says:

    looks like the Canucks are set to fizzle. Good. The av’s deserve the record.

  11. anonomass says:

    sounds like excuses to me

  12. aafiv says:

    Funny how Leaf fans will whine like bitches when Jeremy Roenick puts a clean hit on Robert Svehla but then they say things like this…

    Marchment, Tucker, and Leafs fans – perfect dirty hypocrites together.

  13. Swedish_Bruins_fan says:

    Please don’t whine about injuries. The Bruins have been without Sergei Samsonov for a long time, Sean O’Donnell and Hal Gill have been out as well. Sometimes it looks as if the team that can stay healthy makes it to the playoffs, not necessarily the team with the best players. Like someone said, talk about injuries when players start missing 20-40 games or so – that is when it hurts.

  14. burky says:

    Maybe if you read the article you would see that there is no whining in it whatsoever, the Canucks have been mostly healthy all year and I’m not complaining about this, unlike some fans would… ahem (flyers, leafs, avs) ahem.

    This will only make them stronger in the playoffs, it’s good that Ohlund and Cloutier can rest now.

  15. burky says:

    Man, is the air really that thin up there? Colorado doesn’t deserve the Avs, they should have never left Quebec.

  16. bodiddley says:


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