Canucks to go after Nash?

The Canucks, for starters, have the hockey assets to make a trade work. First and foremost, they have the young, inexpensive goalie in Cory Schneider as the centrepiece of the deal. Beyond Schneider, they can go young – Cody Hodgson, Chris Tanev. They can go older – Mason Raymond. They can go cheap – Jan-nik Hansen. And they can go expensive – Alex Edler.

Throw in a full complement of draft picks and a couple of prospects and any would-be GM can put together a package which, on the most superficial level, makes sense.

There are also the postseason implications to consider. Nash is exactly the type of player who can be the difference-maker on a Stanley Cup champion, and if he can do that for the Canucks, it stands to reason he could do the same thing for the San Jose Sharks or the Los Angeles Kings, two of the Canucks’ biggest rivals in the West.

So there are several reasons this deal would make sense from the Canucks’ perspective. But for all the fuss Nash is creating in this market, you should also know this.

I have a better chance of becoming the cover model on the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue than Nash has of becoming a Canuck. And I must be candid … I’ve kind of let myself go over the years.

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2 Responses to Canucks to go after Nash?

  1. hockey_lover says:

    Wait a minute .. hold on.  So you're saying in a salary cap league, a team with two $6.1 million forwards (who they will never get rid of), a goalie making $5.3 million for the next 40 years (who they will never be ABLE to get rid of), a forward making $5 million, and three dmen making $4.5+ million ..  CANT add another player making $7.8 million?

    Huh. What wonders never cease.

  2. KingCanada says:

    There projected cap space is in the 5 figures…highest payroll in the league.

    So essentially this cannot happen.  You would have to trade half the team just to balance it out!!  Something along the lines of:

    To Vancouver: Rick Nash (7.8)
    To Colombus: David Booth (4.25) OR Keith Ballard (4.2), Mason Raymond (2.55), Cory Schneider (900k), 1st round pick OR Cody Hodgson (1.66)

    Sounds like a step backwards to me…

    And why are they highlighting Chris Tanev??  Hes a nobody..and relatively worthless trade chip.

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