Capitals' Fire Sale: Everything For A Dollar!!

The Capitals plan to trim their $50 million payroll by $24 million, and they took the first step toward achieving their goal yesterday. They traded a way super star Jaromir Jagr to the New York Rangers for ex-Oiler Anson Carter. This move is the first of many moves the Caps will be involved in. Bondra, Lang, and Gonchar are said to be on the market. The Ottawa Senators are the closest to obtaining Peter Bondra. They have proposed an offer to the Capitals. The deal is awaiting the approval of Ted Leonsis, the Capitals The Capitals plan to trim their $50 million payroll by $24 million, and they took the first step toward achieving their goal yesterday. They traded a way super star Jaromir Jagr to the New York Rangers for ex-Oiler Anson Carter. This move is the first of many moves the Caps will be involved in. Bondra, Lang, and Gonchar are said to be on the market. owner. The Senators are said to have offered high draft pick – likely in the first or second round – and a prospect for Bondra. Sources say that Leonsis may not approve the deal as many teams are trying to get involved in the fire sale. It was first speculated that Senators defenseman Brian Pothier and winger Antoine Vermette were part of the deal, but Sens GM John Muckler said that he doesn’t want to tinker with his roster. Bondra is a proven 30-goal scorer who can play left wing and right wing. He would greatly improve any team’s offence. Many people believe that Bondra will not be dealt until Gonchar and Lang are shipped out of town. Bondra is making $4.5 million this year, and is owed $1.7 million for the rest of the year. He has a $4.5 million option next year. If it’s not renewed, the team will have to pay a $1 million buy out.

Sergie Gonchar has attracted many teams thus far. The Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and Colorado Avalanche are interested in both Gonchar and Bondra. It’s believed that the Leafs and Caps are discussing a potential deal that would send Antropov and Berg to the Caps for the offensive-minded Gonchar. Gonchar is making $3.65 million this year, but is eligible for arbitration this summer. He has 43 points this season, and is on pace to surpass his last year total of 67 points.

There are also rumors surrounding the Caps goalie, Olaf Kolzig. The Canucks seem to be very interested in Kolzig. Rumor has it that the Canucks are considering a deal that would send goaltender Dan Cloutier to the Caps for Kolzig. Kozig is making $6.5 million, which would mean that the Caps would save almost $4 million. The Avs and Flyers are also interested.

Robert Lang, on the other hand, may not attract as much attention as expected. Even though he is the leading scorer in the NHL, he signed a 5-year free agent deal in the summer of 2002 worth $25 million dollars. Lang has 23 goals and 33 assists for 56 points. The Czech native is having a career year considering that his highest career point total (in 2000-01) was 80 points. Lang, 33, is on pace for 98 points. Many teams would be scared to deal for the talented center as his contract extends for three more years.

The Capitals are hoping many teams would bite on the bait they have set. MOST (NOT ALL) of the players mentioned above are very talented but have underachieved thus far in the Nation’s capital. Weather they can succeed with another team remains to be seen!

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  1. jacosta says:

    The injury to Gonchar will cause every team to wait a bit. Or what it could do is give some team a window where other teams are backing out. Every day that Gonchar is a Cap the more he is being paid. Therefore if some teams will wait until he get better and one team offers to take him now, the Caps may take that offer.

    Everyone knows I usually write about the leafs so I will put this on the line. If teams back out of a deal because Gonchar is hurt then the leafs may be able to make that deal of Antro and Berg since Reichel has come back. If Reichel plays a decent game tonight against the Habs, Antro could be gone. Also if Klee can play well tonight tell management that he feels fine from the abdominal pull, then technically the leafs can make the deal and be in the same position they are at now.

    The leafs have played okay with all of the recent injuries (I mean reichel, and Klee in particular) therefore getting them back and losing Berg and Antro keeps the team the same.

    So what is another player with 3 to 4 weeks out in the leafs line up? They have been doing it all year. And if the leafs can just stay that one point ahead of the Sens for a little longer they could be very well rested and strong when all of the players make their way back.

    Nolan is looking at Tuesday next week, Tucker has two weeks or so. Mogilny is skating hard with the team but looks to be about 2 weeks after the allstar game. Mogilny refreshed for the playoffs could be dangerous.

    So what is 3-4 weeks without Gonchar going to do?? Maybe this injury causes other interested teams to back off just a bit.

    P.S. With Dallas winning last night and also the Islanders, the teams that will be having the firesales look to be only Carolina, Washington and Chicago. That really limits the choices out there for players. If Dallas lost they probably would have started taking offers.

  2. NYR-Rangers says:

    I don’t know what the capitals are doing…… With Jagr gone and rumors for other great guys like bondra and others are going to be traded………. I don’t think they will make the playoffs for A WHILE.

  3. The_Conductor says:

    Rumor has it that the Ducks are looking for a solid winger to play with Fedorov… and a defenceman?

    So maybe Washington and the Ducks shall trade.

    Plus Philly may just may need a goalie and the Ducks could trade for that too. Comrie for J.S Giggy? who knows?

  4. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    There is still that rumor that the Flyers want Kolzig and Gonchar, and we could certainly live without Gonchar for the next month, with the additions of Markov and Timmander we can hold down the fort until Desjardins is back, Ragnarrson and Vandemeer will be back within a days and weeks respectivly. And Seidenberg at the end of the regular season.. That leaves us with:

    Kim Johnsson

    Danny Markov

    Joni Pitkanen

    Eric Weinrich

    Chris Therien

    Mattias Timmander

    :playing right now, with John Slaney in the AHL to call up if needed.

    I think that an offer of Handzus, Seidenberg (yes, I know he is injured.. but the Caps are playing for next year and the future, not this seaosn anymore), prospect Mike Richards and a 1st and 2nd DP would easily get both Gonchar and Kolzig.

  5. Tradedude says:

    comrie for j.s.???

    thats like cross for kariya

  6. koho says:

    Thats a little nuts don’t you think. Comrie for Giggy? Giggy is an amazing number one goalie who is having a bad season and comrie is an overated cry-baby. The Flyers got Comrie for a prospect and now the ducks are going to ship off their future for the guy. Come on now.

  7. TC_4 says:

    Obviously you haven’t seen JS play this year. If it was such a bad deal, then look at it this way……Comrie for an overpriced backup.

  8. TC_4 says:

    Giggy isn’t even a number 1 anymore!!! In there most important game of the year(against Edmonton last week), they started Martin Gerber. What does that tell you!?!? I just said it, I’ll say it again, it’s Comrie(a 23 year old future star)for an overpriced backup!

  9. TC_4 says:

    What’s your source on this condutor??? Did you hear this last…..I don’t know……..Thursday by chance???

  10. TC_4 says:

    Gonchar to the Avalanche, WHY!?!? I’m not saying that your lieing or anything, it’s probably VERY true, but why do the Cup contenders stock up, stock up, and stock up near the deadline. I understand the Leafs because they need an actual number 1 d-man, and if they get him, I’ll probably say they’ll be the favorite in the East, but why do the Avs need him with Morris, Blake, and Foote already there. Skoula isn’t that bad either. It just breaks my heart to see all these big name teams go after Gonchar, while we can’t even add Jeff O’Neill because he makes too much money.

  11. AfroCon says:

    It’s called rebuilding.

    The Caps need to lower their payroll and stock u with younger guys.

  12. The_Conductor says:

    Well, just looking towads the Ducks future and they do have Gerber. Fedorov isn’t producing, and Comrie just maybe a perosn who Feds can take under his Wings.

    Plus I thought the Ducks have a good prospect in there minor league that I have heard ESPN talk about. So get rid of Giggy and get Comrie in return sounded like a good deal.

    Plus over the last while I have talked to a couple huge sports guys and they think it could be a good deal…

    Whatever I could be wrong but others talk about retarded trades so I guess I am allowed one.

  13. mattf says:

    if thats the case why didn’t they sign him at the beginning? they probably could have gotten him for far less from edmonton

  14. mattf says:

    gonchar is still young, and since washington has gone into rebuilding mode – i would expect them to try and build around him and establish a solid core at d. you wont find many offensive d man available who can put of the kind of #’s he can, at his price, that is

    dave scatchan i think said the chances of gonchar going as far less than lang, bondra or kolzig.

  15. Leafs88 says:

    Giggy is not a No.1 goalie who is having a badyear. He is a backup goalie who has had a great year last year. Most players get a year in which they shine in! Last year was Giggy’s year. So the Comerie deal is a great deal for both teams! I never thought of that. I didn’t think that the Ducks would still be interested in Comeri

  16. Leafs88 says:

    I know what you are saying. I was suprised at the begining too. First of all, the Avs have had a history the past few for dealing for defenceman before the deadline (Blake, Morris, Ray, Marchment). Second of all, they lost Marchment and De Vries to free agency this summer, and haven’t replaced them. Plus, they need 4 great defenceman to win the cup. Detroit has Hatcher (who is going to be back by playoff time), Schnieder, Chelios, and Lidstrom. NJ has Niedermyr, Refalski, Stevens, and White. The Leafs have Klee, McCabe, Kabrle, and Berg (Just kidding)!

  17. AfroCon says:

    The_Conductor said: “Rumor has it that the Ducks are looking for a solid winger to play with Fedorov… and a defenceman?”

    Comrie’s a center… ’nuff said.

  18. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    Comrie played off either wing during college and in the juniors and has been on JRs wing in Philly at times…. ’nuff said.

  19. LondonK says:

    Because Colorado has done it every year. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but they have always made deals at the deadline to try and be better.

  20. Krazykhris says:

    Why do I keep hearing all this talk about the Canucks looking for another goalie? I want to know exactly who your sources are or where you heard it from. Cloutier is having a career year, Hedberg hasn’t even played that much yet to prove good or bad, and Auld has come up big everytime he’s played in the NHL in his career. With the exception of the Edmonton 6-2 loss.

    The only thing the Canucks need is a little more scoring and a healthy line-up.

  21. LondonK says:

    I think that like most teams that don’t have a proven playoff winner they are concerned. While I don’t blame Cloutier for their playoff losses, he has not stood on his head to lead them anywhere in the playoffs.

    But yes, I agree, their achilles heel remains the fact that come playoffs they have yet to prove that they are more than a 1-dimensional offensive team. They rely far too much on their top line and defense to score and basically have had the rest of their lineup trying to hold onto the coat-tails of the Naslund and Bertuzzi. Perhaps this year will be different, but I still see them as a 1 line team as the Sedins are busts, and Jason King crashed back down to reality after his ridiculously amazing start.

  22. Krazykhris says:

    I don’t think the Sedins are exactly busts. They’re just young kids who got drafted high and have an extreme amount of pressure on them from the media and fans. They have shown amazing signs of brilliance and just need to be more consistent. I’m not worried about them in the playoffs though, if you look back at the last two playoffs the Sedins along with Jovo, Linden, and Cooke have been the Canucks best players.

  23. ManillaKilla says:

    “…if you look back at the last two playoffs the Sedins along with Jovo, Linden, and Cooke have been the Canucks best players.”

    I can agree with you on Jovo, Linden, and Cooke. But the Sedins? If that is true, no wonder the Canucks have never done anything in the playoffs. Last two playoffs, 40GP, 7G, and 15Pts between them, that is hardly respectable numbers. And while you could use age as an excuse, martin havlat (same draft and younger), has outscored both of them in the playoffs while playing fewer games. Not to mention, their GM was made to look like a crybaby when he came to their defense after they were physically dominated by the wings.

  24. Aetherial says:

    As a Leaf fan, it scares me that the Flyers may get Kolzig and Gonchar…

    Gagne, Seidengerg and a 1st rounder might do it and I don’t think that is too much to give up.

  25. wheresthesoda says:

    js giggy is a one year playoff wonder, he’ll never do anything like that in his career again, never

  26. Enigma says:

    rangers fans don’t know what “rebuilding” is, so i’m sure he is thankful that you explained it to him

  27. The_Conductor says:

    If you have ever watched the Ducks you would also see Babcock likes to also play 2 centres as well…

    Comrie center playing with another center… well it looks like something Babcock would do anyways!

  28. The_Conductor says:

    Ducks wanted Comrie really bad… but Philly wanted him worse I guess…

    Stupid move on the Ducks if that was the case.

  29. defenestrate says:

    ….and, not only is everything $1.00, but Glen Sather STILL keeps asking for a “price check” on every item.

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