Caps vs Pens

Well this just might be the most exciting series in this years playoffs. Two power house offensive teams going at only to get to the conference final.

This should be fun to watch.

Ovechkin vs Malkin- when they play against each other their is t contact that is boarder line cheap getting both benches fired up and producing the game to a gritty level. They both want to be the best player from Russia.

Winner Ovechkin-Ovechkin always play physical hockey. Last year vs the Fylers, Richards decked Malkin and Malkin was missing in action for the rest of the series.

Fleury vs Varlamov- show be interesting to see how Varlamov performs against a team that can actually score more then two goals per game.

Winner Fleury- Varlamov was good against the Rangers but they don’t have the fire power that the Pens do. Fleury is one of the quickest goalies and has a better team in front of him and has already proven that he has what it takes to make it to the big show. But Fleury has chocked on the big stage before at the World Juniors with the own goal bank shot.

Semin vs Crosby- Semin at the beginning of the year said he doesn’t think Crosby is a very good player just a good skater. Well we all know that Crosby is an excellent player as is Semin. So both players are both highly skilled so they should take their game to the next level and show the other who is the better player.

Winner Crosby- Crosby wants it more then Semin. I’m sure we will see some unreal passes from Sidney this series showing his skill and vision.

Ovechkin vs Crosby- Both players want to be the best in the NHL and will try to show the world who really is the better of the two and we all have been debating this since there Rookie years.

Winner Crosby-The cherping from Crosby will elevate Ovechkins game or frustrate him when he doesn’t perform which may cause a suspension for Ovechkin in this series. Crosby has the experience and is more of a complete player giving him the advantage.

Pens in 5

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  1. DandoEagle says:

    Malkin is the more better Russian.

    Fleury is grate – hands down he wins this battle.

    The best player in the series is Crosby – he is more better then any of the players and  has one advantage the other ones donot – he's Canadian and knows what it meens to win the Cup.

    U forget to mention Bill Guerin – he has a cup win with the devils under his belt already and will be a monster to contain in this series – he bring st he one thing to the tabel that nobody in washington can – cup experience, sandpaper grit and detrimation – he's my pick as player of the series.

  2. reinjosh says:

    wow one mistake and you pay for it for the rest of your life
    one unlucky bank shot does not make a choker dude
    and the whol going to the cup finals last year proves that he isnt a choker

  3. DriveFor2wenty5 says:

    I said Fleury has proven him self, and said he chokED so I'm saying it may happen again and i still said he would be the better of the two

    Thanks for the response 🙂

  4. hockey_lover says:

    well, Im a little late but obviously Pens in 5 isnt happening. They arent going to win the next 4 straight.

    Saturdays game was really entertaining (that save from Varlamov on Crosby was ridiculous).

    I said before the series Pens in 7 and I stand by that. I just feel the Pens have a little bit more to outlast the Caps. However, it wouldnt surprise me in the least to see the Caps take it in 5. THATS how good they are.

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