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Trying to stave off unemployment, Washington Capitals GM George McPhee is working the phones. Three names to watch are wingers Troy Brouwer ($2.35 million cap hit through 2015-16), Joel Ward ($3 million, 2014-15) and Jason Chimera ($1.75 million, 2013-14). All are available because the Caps want to clear cash. McPhee would like to free up money and then reap the rewards of futility with a high draft pick …

There is talk a decision on the future of holdout Colorado centre Ryan O’Reilly will be made soon. The two sides have reached an impasse and GM Greg Sherman could finally be ready to make a trade. Several teams — including the Rangers, Flyers, Leafs and Hurricanes — are involved in the talks. Carolina GM Jim Rutherford is sneaky. His club has moved up the standings and I wouldn’t be surprised if O’Reilly landed there … Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has been working the phones looking for a blueliner. There aren’t many available, but it should be noted the Flyers could find a fit in San Jose, where the Sharks have depth on defence and GM Doug Wilson is listening to all offers. Wilson hasn’t been shopping any names, however there are no untouchables. I don’t think coach Todd McLellan is in trouble. He’s one of the NHL’s best. “If you’ve got a good coach, keep him. That is why I’m surprised Lindy Ruff was fired,” said a league executive.


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  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    So, Washington wants to unload, a decision on O’Reilly soon and Philly wants a D-man.

    To Philly
    Gunnarsson, Bozak, Ashton
    To Toronto
    Simmonds, 2013 2nd

    To Colorado
    Kulimen, MacArthur, Blacker, 2013 2nd(from Philly)
    To Toronto

    To Washington
    D’Amigo, 2013 3rd
    To Toronto

    JVR O’Reilly Kessel
    Komarov(Lupul) Grabo Simmonds
    Frattin Kadri Chimera(Komarov)
    McClaren McClement Orr
    ex-Brown, Steckel, (Chimera)

    Phaneuf Holzer
    Gardiner Franson
    Fraser Kostka
    Komisarek Liles

    Reimer Scrivens

    Eventually Toronto moves Liles for a pick, prospect or veteran back-up and then Brown for a pick and Connolly for a pick.

    We easily have enough cap space to sign O’Reilly and our pending RFA/UFA’s

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Flat out pass on the Philly deal, reluctantly pass on the Colorado deal, and sure to the Washington deal.

      Switch Gunnar for Liles on the Philly deal and maybe drop the pick and we can have something there but I think the price we pay for the return we are getting is way too much.

      For Colorado’s deal I don’t think we should give up that much for a guy that had one good season, didn’t play this season, and wants 5M a year for 5+ years. If you think Grabo is overpaid just you wait for O’Reilly to join us.

      Just my opinion though.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        See your points.
        I doubt Philly wants Liles though and Gunnar is the piece they would wantIMO. They need to improve defensive play so Liles wouldn’t get it done.
        I have said the same thing about O’Reilly that you are saying. One year does not make a guys career. That said, 50+ points at 20 years old is impressive. I believe(could be wrong)his asking price is about $3.5mil per over 5 years or $5mil per if it’s only for 2-3 years. I could handle the 5 year $17.5 deal. I believe the hold-up is Colorado wants a $3mil 2-3 year kind of deal and that’s why they are way off.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          actually at that contract I wouldn’t mind getting O’Reilly. I would prefer to give up a bit less but at 3-3.5M a year I would get over it.

          With the Simmonds deal your probably right but I don’t think he is much of an improvement over Bozak, definitely not Gunnarsson AND Ashton better IMO.

  2. doorman says:

    I must say pretty well thought out. Obviously not sure any or all of it happens but value for each team in each trade. I really like how you didn’t inclkude our first rounder. I know opinions vary on if we should keep it but I think it is important too, though i see why others view it the way they do. The one thing i will say is I think Col. might be more interested in Bozak the Mac. I also see Col as possibly being over paid in the trade proposed there, though I could live with it.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Hey man, It’s all in fun
      Apparently Colorado is not interested in a centre coming back for O’Reilly and I believe Philly needs Bozak more than Colorado. Colorado may be overpaid, but if we had Simmonds, there is no room for Kulimen in the top 6 anymore and MacArthur is probably gone at seasons end. Blacker has too many D prospects to jump over and the 2nd was Philly’s. We really lose only what we can afford and hopefully gain a 1A kind of two-way centre. Even if O’Reilly busts, we still have Grabo and Kadri, which makes it an exceptable risk.IMO No need to move our first unless it was for a centre like Backstrom, Carter, E Staal etc.IMO

  3. doorman says:

    I said they were well thought out lol…..sheesh!!! I know what Col. says but I was thinking Bozak, spending the offseasons there might be considered an easy resign. That and i think Mac’s style of play suits Philly better. That being said I am not sure mac isn’t resigned. i don’t think that letter was put on his sweater for no good reason.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I was just explaining my thought process…sheesh!LOL
      Funny thing is, I originally had Mac in the Philly trade and Bozak in Colorado for the reasons you mentioned…but then I changed it for the reasons I mentioned.LOL
      Mac, McClement and Lupul got A’s and I think it has more to do with giving A’s to some veteran guys on a young team than Mac is in the teams long term plans. I still expected him traded if the return is right or not re-signed if we can’t move him. Then again, like you, I’m wrong many times a

  4. doorman says:

    LOL, well explaining you thought process is a good ability, it’s what seperates us from the ladies, lol.

    Ya i do see where you are coming from though, I would not mind simmonds at all, him and O’reilly would make a good combo to aquire and could seeing them playing together actually.

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