Captains on the move?

Because of underachievement, contract issues, need of improvement all of the Canadian teams could have new captains next season.

Marcus Naslund has been a large disappointment. He got 60 points which isn’t that bad, but it is if your making 6 million, got 104 points only 4 years ago, and was voted NHL MVP by the players (Lester B. Pearson). He not only has just came off a disappointing regular season, but has if possible been worse in the playoffs. He only has 2 points in 8 playoff games. Like I mentioned earlier this guy used to be arguably the best player in the NHL and is making 6.0 million. 100k per point in the regular season.

If the don’t make it to the Stanley Cup finals (unlikely they’ll get passed Anahiem, but who knows) I think Nazzy will be gone. The only way underachievement can become acceptable is if your team is winning.

Nazzy could bring in a pretty good return in my opinion. I think somebody is willing to give up a player putting up better numbers and is playing better to take a chance on him.

What to do with him: Depending on how good the Sen’s do, I say go after Alfredson. I know it sounds crazy, but look at it this way. If the Sen’s don’t win there series, someone will be going. It’s not going to be Heatley or Spezza, and not Emery, so Alfy is the only one left (even though I don’t think he should go if the don’t win the Cup or go to the finals, I think he will). Don’t you guys think Nazzy would look good beside Heatley and Spezza? I say he gets 90 points if he plays with them. If it doesn’t work out, well he gone when the season is over if it works out, then it looks like a fair deal. If that doesn’t work out just get someone like Shawn Horcoff.

Jarome Iginla is one of the best players in the NHL, but so is Mikka Kiprusoff, and it’s hard to have 7 players making more then 4.0 million (if Calgary resigns Langkow, Huselius, Regher, Phanuef, and Kipper before next summer, then they’ll probably have that many players making 4.0 million+). Who do you choose Kipper or Iginla? I think surrounding your team by a good goalie works a lot better then surrounding your team by good players and a crap goalie (compare Vancouver, and Tampa). So why wait until the deadline to trade Iginla? Trade him now, and get top notch prospects, or multiple ready NHL prospects like Getzlaf and Perry (just random examples). Iginla is a good player, but you could get a few top prospects who could all be better then him. I take the three or four young stars over the one franchise player.

The Flames are gone, so something will happen for sure, so I think they should trade Langkow, Tangauy, Iginla, Warriener, and don’t resign everyone who is a UFA this year. Keep Huselius, Kipper, Phanuef, Regher, and everyone you get from trades. Make a big impact on July 1st 2008, sign a guy like Heatley, and Hossa (Marian), and then you have a team with lots of young players and a few star veterns.

What they should do: I said it already and I said they should trade him. Offer the Blackhawks Iggy for Toews, Barker, and the first rounder (then pick Turris).

Daniel Alfredson has not been known as a playoff performer. Actually he’s been known as a playoff choker. This year he’s been lighting up the playoffs. So what do you do if Ottawa loses there series to the Devils? What do you do if your John Muckler and have to decide if you should trade him or not. Do you judge him on this years playoff performance or do you judge him on his past? I say judge him on his past. You can’t just judge him on one performance. He is cheap though, and is good in the regular season, but is that enough? The most important thing is he has to be good in the playoffs and he hasn’t been for a long time.

What they should do: I said earlier trade him for Nazzy, and I said why. Maybe Andy McDonald? Patty Marleau? Lot’s of players who could fit in well with Ottawa, and put up almost the same numbers as Alfy. If the Sen’s make it to the finals, he should not be traded.

Saku Koivu had another good season, but Montreal doesn’t need Saku to have a good season, they need him to have a great season, but Koivu isn’t a star, so he can’t put up star numbers, like Montreal needs right now. Montreal desperately need that one player who can take this franchise to next level and Saku won’t do it. Everyone is saying Brad Richards, but is it worth giving up half of your future, and take an extra 4 million in salary for an extra 15 points (he actually got 5 less then Koivu this year, but Richards had an off year). If you need the extra 15 points get a better then 3rd liner, and a million more then whoever was there before. That’s much easy then making a trade for Richards. Koivu is a good player, and I don’t get why replacing him with Richards or Briere would help that much.

What I think they should do: They should keep Koivu, and if they need a change get rid of guys like Ryder and Kovelev. Koivu would get 90 points if he played with some good players, so trade the guys like Kovelev, etc for a few young players, make a few off season moves and wait until next July, don’t waste your money and get a bunch of 2nd tier players like Briere or Gomez. Wait until next Summer to get the impact guy. Trading Saku would just be stupid.

Mats Sundin is the reason the Leafs are even competitive. You can’t replace him with a guy like Drury or Briere, you can only replace him with a true star and the only player like that available this Summer is Selanne, and i’m pretty sure he would rather stay in Anaheim then come to Toronto. Do you resign him this Summer or do you just wait until next Summer and get someone like Iginla, Thornton, or Heatley. Sundin is the face of the franchise and if he resign he’s resigning to win a Cup, so are you going to blow farm system up for Mats (it’s already nothing though, so it sounds worse then it is)?

What I think they should do: They have to resign him, or else JFJ will lose his job for 1). Not signing him and 2). Not resigning and not trading him at the deadline which will put icing on the cake (I know Leaf fans are hoping Sundin doesn’t resign now).

Jason Smith is the only one who really didn’t fit on here. His contract is okay, not a huge impact player and there’s no reason to trade him, but I did say all the Canadian teams, so I’ll write a little bit about what they should do with him.

What should they do with him: Why would you trade him? He’s the captain, a solid d man, is cheap, any other reasons (I did say I’ll write a “little” bit about him didn’t I?)?

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  1. moosehockey says:

    I'm a huge Canucks fan personally and I don't think the Canucks would be able to dump Nazzy's 6 million dollar contract even if they wanted to let alone get a decent return for him, and he's also got a no trade clause… probably "stuck" with Nazzy till his contract expires. Nazzy hasn't put up the huge points because he doesn't gel well with the Sedins and that has cut his ice time… as far as I'm concerned the Sedins need a big power forward with a shot, like a Guerin, Shanahan, Modin.

    I agree that Alfie would be better suited with Vancouver since I think he would fit in well with the twins… but I can't see that trade happening.

    The Jarome or Kipper situation is interesting. I do agree with you that you need to build from the net out and that trading Jarome would at least give you something back. On the other hand Jarome is the franchise in Calgary and I think fans would be outraged… they need to convince both these guys to accept less money for longer term deals and try to fit them both in.

    Sundin will be a Leaf, he will restructure his deal to stay… only reason they did not pick up his option is so they can get cap relief by signing him to a longer deal with less cap impact.

    Saku Koivu is a heck of a player and in my mind is quite underrated. The problem is that the Habs have not had a deep roster and the top line has had to play against shutdown pairs. Another great center is what the Habs need to possibly have at least two solid scoring lines. I still think it will be difficult for them to acquire one of the big names (Drury, Briere) due to the fact they want to keep both Markov and Souray. Bright side here is they have alot of NHL ready youth (Lapierre, Kostitsyn, Latendresse) and can possibly think of brining up Chipchura in a checking role and Price to back up (unless they want to give him one more year of experience in the AHL).

    You suggested alot of movement, but I really don't see ay of these key guys moving at all right now.

  2. kinslayer says:

    First I'm a habs fan and I don't think Alfredson will be trade. He's one of the best player for Ottawa. Naslund will stay to Vancouver but a surprise could happen…guess what !!

    Iginla MUST be trade this summer !! He's not as good as Sutter told us. He is just a good player. I would see him fit with the Oilers or maybe with the Habs if we can just kick Kovy and Samsonov asses out of montreal.

    Sundin…dhaaa WHY IS HE STILL A LEAF !!! Go play in the weast with colorado ou Phoenix !!! Or just go to Sweden.

    Koivu need to stay….as second center and we should Give the "C" To Steve Begin, Sheldon Souray ou Chris Higgins !! Koivu would fit perfectly with Iginla and Higgins (What a line :D). And We need a Number One center….a guy like Patrick Marleau, Drury or Lecavalier !! And if we can get a big center of iginla…Whe shouldtry to get Blake and Ryan Smith.

    I guess Price will be our starting goalie next time !! We stille need to sign markov and souray and get rid out off Dandenault and make place for Fisher or Emelin

    Go habs Go !! Cup for 2009 !!

  3. flamingsenator says:

    wow…thats A LOT of hopeful thinking

    Sundin…dhaaa WHY IS HE STILL A LEAF !!! Go play in the weast with colorado ou Phoenix !!! Or just go to Sweden.

    i stopped reading after that….

  4. flamingsenator says:

    u forgot conroy too haha

    they need to get rid or some contracts….and let their rookies play….i mean…how bad can their defence get?….50 shots on net in consecutive games is a joke

    iggy is a hard guy to build around…he thrived on a gritty team…but not so much in the new nhl…..hes still great tho

    i think they should let go of the hammer…and sign brad stuart……..langkow had an awsum year…they should keep him and let go of conroy

    many wat-ifs……lets see wat sutter does tho

  5. AzrithEH says:

    I wish I had stopped there too…

  6. BruMagnus says:

    I applaud your effort to write this post.

    But, I would veto exchanging two underperforming sweedish captains. By now everyone should know it takes a CANADIAN captain to win a Cup… Go for Marleau or give it back to Linden and you may have a chance (though you really don't no matter what happens).

    I love Koivu. But I think he is really an ideal 2nd line center. TSN's bio says as much too. I learned that only because I wanted to know what Saku's best season was, and interestingly it was this season, at 75 points. He's only scored 20, 21 and 22 (this season) goals for his tops in his career. That's 2nd line material. However, if the team got a great number one center (Gomez), Saku would have a lot of pressure taken off, and could thrive as the 2nd line center/captain (ala Marleau).

    I don't even want to tackle the Sundin issue.

  7. BruMagnus says:

    I lost some respect for Iggy after game 5 (and ya he scored in a losing cause in game 6, so no, no message was sent there) but I have to disagree that he's not successful in the new NHL. He was 12th in NHL scoring, with 94 points, but more importantly 3rd in points per game (he missed 12 games) behind only Thornton and Crosby of course.

    If Iggy played on a team like Buffalo, he would break 100 points.

  8. sakurulz says:

    i wish i had never started to read….

  9. sakurulz says:

    ok…now, take 2 minutes, step out of your bubble,and welcome in the rea world of the NHL!
    do you realize that there are other GMs(american teams)who also possibly wouldn't want to get screwed?u know what, why don't the canucks trade naslund for crosby, malkin and a 1st rounder! also, the flames could trade iginla to washington for AO,semin,backstrom and a 3rd…yah it's very briliant for a building team to trade all their young assets for a guy who will leave after 1 yr….! and sens could send alfie for half a dozen top prospects…y not!i mean after all, the world DOES revolve around canadian teams GMs! and other teams don't have a salary cap like canadian teams do eh? no they could spend up to 100M as long as we canadian fans are satisfied with our teams…i think i made my point! 

  10. flamingsenator says:

    who WOULDNT get 100 pts playing with buffulo :p….that team is crazy…

    same with comrie with the sens

    but yea point is taken……but the points this year by iggy were the product of a lot of harder work done in the off season….he lost like 10 pounds and just worked on his skating

  11. flamingsenator says:

    verah nice

  12. Mr_Canuck says:


    We gotta take the pressure of Nas, and give Linden the C in his final year. Let Linden handle the pressure, and Marcus can go back to only worrying about scoring.

  13. hattrick44 says:


  14. masarume says:

    … What are you talking about… I would go nuts if Sundin doesn't resign. Unless we are tanking early now… not resigning Sundin is going to be terrible.

    I think most Leafs fans want Sundin to stay.

    Although if Sundin is NOT resigned, we will be a lottery team next year and JFJ is gone… which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

  15. ShadysBackRJ says:

    some good insight but there are so many things wrong with this

    1) "If that doesn't work out just get someone like Shawn Horcoff." – this isnt nhl 2007, you cant just trade for guys you want. also, since when was edmonton shopping horcoff?

    2) "trade Langkow, Tangauy, Iginla" – why? i could understand them trading iginla (but only after trying to make a deal), but i dont see why they would trade langkow or tanguay.

    3) "Offer the Blackhawks Iggy for Toews, Barker, and the first rounder" – this would be a good trade for calgary if they cant resign iginla, but i dont think chicago wants to trade away toews (and barker and a first rounder), even if it is for iginla

  16. wingerxxx says:

    I think that this is a good article, but a couple of points made here I totally disagree with.

    Regarding Ottawa…from what I have seen, Alfredsson gets it now.  And if Ottawa loses, again, from what I've seen so far, it's not going to be because of him.  So…why would you just him on the past?  That is just nonsense.  If you go down in the playoffs, you look at the offseason addressing the weaknesses of your team.  Alfredsson is not a weakness.  And no return you could potentially get, can justify trading him.  It's one thing for him to be wearing the "C."  It's another to trade him.  Trading Alfredsson will not make Ottawa any better, or do much to change the culture in their locker room.  Trading him for Naslund makes literally no sense for Ottawa, considering that Alfredsson is playing at a much higher level right now, and that its not like Naslund has been a proven playoff warrior either.  If I'm John Mucker, I'd laugh at that trade proposal.

    The Flames suggestions are a little ridiculous.  They will not trade Iginla.  They are not at the point where they need to blow up the franchise.  They should build upon what they have, and get rid of some of the dead weight on their roster.  You can't get rid of 3 of your top forwards and expect to have anything to build upon, even if you keep Kipper, Phaneuf and Regher.  That is going waaaay overboard.  Look at losing players like Tony Amonte, who don't have much left. 

  17. mikster says:

    Naslund may be traded by the deadline next season, depending on how the Nucks do. I like him as a player, but i don’t see him as good captain material, also because he appears to be the type that didn’t really want it yet just had to accept it because he was so adored. He’ll be a free agent next year, would i want him? No. He is aging and his point totals will start declining.

    Depending on how the Sens do in this series, and the next if they make it, and how Alfredsson performs……then we’ll know what’s to happen. If Alffredsson plays so-so and is overshadowed, then he’s got to be let go and i think Muckler wouldn’t mind letting him go and handing the reigns to his beloved Heatley. Would i take Alfredsson? No. I like him as a player, but i’d never waste millions on him.

    Iginla won’t go anywhere unless something really wrong happens with the Flames, simple as that.

    Saku Koivu could be a possibility. Two disgruntled Russians in Kovalev and Samsonov. Both may end up being bought out, which works against the Habs as a portion of the two salaries will count against the budget cap. Losing Souray won’t help them either. The free agent pool is not majorly talented this year unless Gainey really bows to Briere and gets him to sign there. I don’t see Montreal making any significant splashes in July.

    That could lead to a bad season for Montreal, where the word rebuild starts circling around, and with that….i’d imagine trading Koivu should be done for the organization. I am a huge Saku fan, i’d take him in a heartbeat and i’d love to see him play with Jokinen too. I’d take Koivu over Alfredsson or Naslund any day. He may be less skilled, but as a leader….sure as hell has more character.

  18. DoubleDown says:

    sundin is not replaced by drury? what? he's the only reason they're competitive? yikes. pretty high praise for a 37 year old 27 goal scorer. sundin is second tier player at best these days. he's no better than koivu or langkow. and if i hear one more thing about how great a leader he is…based on what? how can a guy who never won a cup be praised as a great leader?

  19. DoubleDown says:

    what you fail to realize is that montreal is well into a rebuilding plan thats been going on for 5 years. they're only going to get better. koivu and kovalev are not part of the future…its why their contracts expire in 2 years, when the club expects to be a contender.

  20. ferron says:

         I like what you said about "Dandenault" he's got to GO Now, with what as been said about "Kovalev" in the Montreal's papers, i don't think that will ever see the LAZY KOVY in a MTL UNI.. As for "Samsonov" we all know what's kicking so let's just BYE BYE! Also "Big Bob" said that he might trade are two first rounder and some prospect for a STAR Playa? This is just dreamin but thats what i would do, if Calgary agree of course. Both are first round picks this yearLocke, Danis , Dandenault, Kovalev, Samsonov, Murray, Milroy, Gorges for " Iggy and Stuart, after he signs". then sign "Belanger".

                                    Iginla      Koivu       Ryder
                                    Kostitsyn Plekanec  Higgins
                                    Begin      Lapierre   Belanger
                                    Kostitsyn Grabovski Perezhogin

                                          Markov      Komisarek
                                          Souray       Stuart
                                          Bouillon     Streit

                                              Huet/ Price

     But this would be harder to pull than to try getting "VINNY" out of Tampa

  21. ferron says:

          It looks like Montreal might be brewing something, it has been said that "Bob"s will make a major deal involving both first rounders, Kovy, Koivu and Dandenault as for Samsonov Will be put on 30 days waivers list, if not claimed Mtl could have the right to send him to Hamilton, therefore Samsonov's salary would not apply towards the Cap. If he refuses he would get suspended and then again we would get rid of a Full $3.750 mil. Now what if somebody claimed him, well once again we would still save more money than if we bough him out. The reason is, if you bough Sammy's Contract, 2/3 of it would go against the Cap but losing this player by waivers would mean only 1/2 of his contract would go towards the cap. As for "Kovalev" he will get traded( not enough talented wingers on the market this year) also a team cannot buy a Player out until the last year of his contract.

  22. hattrick44 says:

    yeah chicago will go for that u know theres acouin 4 mil Havlat 6 mil and bulin 6 mil where dose iggy fit in

  23. Sedin23 says:

    They have big contract problams in Calgary and have no future, so i think they have to realize no one is coming up to replace the core players when they leave, and the team already has chemistry problams so they should in my opinion blow up the team.

    The Nazzy for Alfy thing would be a big gamble, but who knows.

  24. Sedin23 says:

    I said Sundin should stay.

  25. Sedin23 says:

     I think they have to trade Tangauy and Langkow if they trade Iginla, because Iginla makes them both much better players, they should trade them when they have value.

     Like I said get someone "like" Horcoff. I didn't say get Horcoff, but someone who is overpaid coming off a bad season, and in the same position as Nazzy.  

     They could make some type of agreement that Iginla has to resign with the Blackhawks, but that will be unlikely.


  26. Hoondog2 says:

    Sundin will stay.  Myself and most Leaf fans will be happy about that.  The only reason he hasn't resigned yet is because they have to wait until July 1st to renegotiate the contract.

  27. Glucker says:

    Sedin, do you really think there is ANY chance of Sundin leaving the Leafs? this is a guy who said he wants to retire a Leaf, and JFJ said he would do everything to resign Sundin, who as you said is the face of the franchise. Sundin will stay, that is that, and the only Leafs fans that want him gone are either sens fans in disguise or idiots who dont like Europeans (like leafy mcleaf)

  28. Glucker says:

    this is a guy who has no top tier wingers, and who was injured for part of the season, clearly hes capable of much more then 27 goals, get him 2 top wingers, and he still has 30-40 goals and 90-100 points in him, assuming he plays all 82 games, not to mention his leadership, i wouldnt trade him for anyone (except at the deadline for picks, and then resigning him in the offseason). if leafs trade Sundin, we'll look just like edmonton, no more heart

  29. Glucker says:

    oh and no matter how much i hate to say it (i really do) allfy is finally playing like a star in the playoffs, no more invisible man for him, if i where in ottawa, i'd resign him right away for whatever he asks, he finally seems to have hit a groove

  30. rojoke says:

    Yeah, Price is gonna be the starter next season.  In Hamilton.  Get a clue.

  31. Sedin23 says:

    I said he was going to say didn't I? If I said it confusingly well yeah I meant to say he was staying.

  32. wingerxxx says:

    The only time you blow up a team is if miserably underperforms.  Calgary has problems, but they didn't look too out of place against Detroit.  They have great pieces to build around in Kipper, Phaneuf, Stuart, Regher, Iginla and Tanguay.

    Their problems stem from a lack of scoring depth.  Not a lack of chemistry. Which can be addressed much more easily than blowing up the team and starting from scratch.  That is ridiculous.  Any team in the league would kill to have Jerome Iginla or Alex Tanguay. 

    Naslund for Alfredsson makes tons of sense for Vancouver, absolutely no sense for Ottawa.  Doesn't work.  Never happen.

  33. FlamingHomer says:

    You have a lot to learn about Alberta if you think Calgary and Edmonton will make a trade.

  34. FlamingHomer says:

    Absolutely right. It should have been done long ago.

  35. FlamingHomer says:

    I usually agree with your comments but I feel these are way off. First, I'm not sure which series you were referring to when you said Calgary didn't look too out of place against Detroit but it sure wasn't 2007. The whole six games were played in Calgary's end. Even thoughout the regular season their defence which is usually among the league's best was constantly allowing 40 shots or more per game. Sutter thought he had scoring depth covered. I think (not positive) that Calgary had more former 20 goal scorers than any other team. The problem was, many couldn't find the touch. Even with that, they were still in the top end of goals-for in the league.
    No one seems to know the real problem but they certainly lacked any will to win on a regular basis.

  36. 92-93 says:

    Sundin is a 2nd tier player in his declining days – true. but even in this stage of his career, he is better than Koivu has EVER been in his. Hab fans need to stop comparing the two players.

  37. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    If it was done a long time ago, then fine.  But i dont see the point in giving him the C now if hes most likely gonna retire either after this season or within the next year or two

  38. wingerxxx says:

    What I mean, is that they made the series about as competitive as they could.  They have problems like I say, but nothing that can be addressed by starting over again.  Detroit was just too good of a team for them, although the Wings themselves are getting handled by the Sharks.  The bottom line is that it is not time to start from scratch in Calgary right now.  It's actually amazing that the Flames won 2 games in the series when they were outshot 2 to 1 in the series. 

  39. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    so maybe Sundin is not a "great leader,"  but if you are going to tell me that "he's no better than koivu or langkow" is *****in bull sh!t !  kill your self, now

  40. tacitus says:

    The only current flames who deserve 4 mil plus is Iginla, Kipper and Phaneuf. If they give Langkow or Huselius for 1 decent season then, well that will make me laugh. I don't see anybody giving up a guy who out produces Naslund to takea  chance he can return to form. He didnt have a great season this year or last year. Oh ya and i love the quote you cant replace Sundin with Briere. Kinda true cuz if u did get rid of Sundin and bring in Briere you would make ur team better. Briere is better right now sorry, he may not have the marquee name like Sundin, Modano, Crosby, but hes got more talent then Sundin. It's time for the leafs to move on, if Mats Sundin is ur best player you will struggle to make the playoffs let alone win a cup.  Thats not a shot at him either, just all those guys from that era are a step back from there prime, Modano, Tkachuk, Roenick, Weight, Naslund, Fedorov, even Jagr.

  41. habs_punk says:

    An 8 for 2 trade? Not even remotely possible.

  42. sakurulz says:

    ''team cannot buy a Player out until the last year of his contract.''
    it's wrong…check the cba!

  43. jonnygf40 says:

    Marcus??  Umm… do you mean Markus??

  44. Sedin23 says:

    You don't think Briere number's will drop if he leaves Buffalo and goes to Toronto? I think Afinogenov, Vanek, Drury, and Kotilik (spelling mistake I know) are much better then Antropov, Tucker, Wellwood, and Poni. Briere stuggles to get 70 points playing with them, so you might as well keep Sundin if they'll get the same numbers.

  45. Moose161 says:

    I personally think that it would take an act from God to trade Iginla this year mainly because it is his last season before his contract expires. History tells us that normally a player is going to produce more than what is expected in his final year.  Take a look at Horcoff or Pisani they were in their last years of their contracts and produced unexpectedly.  This will also be the last chance for Iginla to win a cup with Calgary so if he has anything to say about being traded he is will want to stay.  I also believe however that after next season the Flames will be forced to let him go in Free Agency because Kiprusoff is more valuable to the tteam.  The Flames cannot afford both players and that is the penalty that you take for signing Tanguay for the crazy amounft of money that they signed him for.

    As well why would Chicago want to trade those prospects when they are currently in a rebuilding phase still.  If they were to trade their top prospects for Iginla they would have only one line of scoring two years from now (Havlat, Handzus and Ruutu).  While if they kept their prospects they would have at least 2 maybe 3 depending on how Skille turns out.  So instead of being a cup contender they would only be a playoff bubble team with Iginla.
     P.S If I were you I would be asking for Toews and Seabrook for Iginla rather than Barker and the pick.    

  46. Sjostrom says:

    Could you send Naslund back to Pittsburgh.  We'll give you Steven Dixon.  That'll about make up for the Stojanov – Naslund deal of yesteryear.  Then if you could give us Alfredsson too, and Sundin.  I'd appreciate that, considering two of them have teams in the 2nd round and ALL WON GOLD MEDALS LAST OLYMPICS!!

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