Carey Price

Carey Price a bright young netminder that is definately better Justin Pogge, Devan Dubnyk, Josh Harding, James Reimer Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers and many other young goalie prospects.

While this season in Montreal theres 3 main goaltenders that can handle the #1 job and 2 goaltending positions to be battle out. While Price might still play the AHL this season while last season in the playoffs, Price dominated the league.

Carey Price has been heralded as the next Patrick Roy by many Habs fans in Montreal. Comparisons have abounded since his first round selection by the Montreal Canadiens. His puckhandling has been compared to Martin Brodeur‘s and Marty Turco‘s, his mental toughness to Patrick Roy’s and his talent to Ken Dryden‘s and Roberto Luongo‘s. All those comparisons were made before his tournament MVP at the WJCs and the Calder Cup. 

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  1. RealisticNick says:

    Tell me something I don't know.

  2. MR40 says:

    The only people who say he's that good are Hab fans on this website.

  3. Boates says:

    How can you say we are the only people that think he's good. Have you not seen what he has already accomplished; CHL goaltender of the year, WJC MVP, WJC best goaltender, played 2 reg season games in the AHL, then backstopped the Bulldogs to the AHL championship, and named playoff MVP. I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like he's pretty good. And if he wasn't good he wouldn't have achieved what he had.

  4. mtlman2005 says:

    yeah your right… its not everyone at the World Juniors who said he was the best goalie of the tournament… Oh, and it wasn't everyone who watch the AHL playoff! Yep, its us crazy habs fans….

  5. ferron says:

     To who ever doubt Price's talents, try to argue these stats, probably the best stats EVER for a prospect goalie comming to NHL's training camp! If anyboby can prove me wrong here are more detailed stats from Price's season.

                                  GP    W      L      T      GA      GAA         SVS%
    AHL TOTAL               2       2      0      0      3        1.54        .949
    AHL PLAYOFF TOTAL  22    15      6      0      45      2.06       .936
    WHL TOTAL              46    30     13     1      111     2.45       .917
    WHL PLAYOFF TOTAL  6      2      3       0      17      2.93       .911
    WJC TOTAL               6      6       0      0       7       1.14        .961

      Well Those are pretty impressive stats and all in one year, but that's not it, on top of it all Price won WJC tournament's most valuable goalie, tournament's MVP and the GOLD next he went on to win the AHL playoffs MVP and the Calder cup. So forget about Rask, Shneider, Montoya and ect, Price is the real deal the rest of them looks like bums compare to him(Price) and thank god that we(the Habs) have him on our team! Price will look great and will take somebody's spot starting this upcomming season even though "I" was the first one to complain and ***** when we(The Habs) made him our 5th overall pick in 2005! I predict that Montreal will have a better first half a season than last year cause this year we will have a 4 way fight for 2 Goalie's spot between Huet, Halak, Price and Danis, now that Desjardin's with the Bulldogs, that means that if no injuries during training camp there will be a trade before or at the begining of the season cause we( hockey fans) all know that none of these guys( Huet, Halak, Price, Danis and Desjardin)are ready to sit for a full season therefor with only four spot available between MTL and Hamilton you don't have to be a genius to know that one of them will be traded soon!

  6. the_purolator_guy says:

    You gotta love those stats and also love the fact that the organization is set to have the best goaltending in the league for the next 10 years or so.  I think desjardins is a lock to head back to hamilton, that is probably obvious.  But i wonder other than huet, which one of the other goalies have 2 way contracts, price probably does.  I think halak does also but i don't think danis does.  I would hate to lose one of these goalies because we had to put him on waivers to send him to the minors.

    I think if gainey is gonna move a goalie for instant help it may be halak because i doubt he wants to go into the season with 2 rookie goalies.  Unless he goes into the season status quo with heut and price/halak and gives the back up enough work to give bob the confidence to trade heut at the deadline or earlier for some help on the top 2 lines.

    With huet being an ufa after the season and with the quality of goaltending in the system i feel either way this is gonna be huets last season so maybe cristobal may be the guy who gets traded.  Who knows what bob is gonna do.

  7. ferron says:

      Totaly off topic, why is everyone so down on Danis, he never had a loosing record and although only playing 6 NHL games, he managed to get 4 wins and 2 SOs and there are his stats while in the pros(NHL & AHL).

                         League        GP     W   L    T      GA       GAA        SVS%
    2003-04           AHL            2       2   0    0       3         1.50      .933
    2004-05           AHL           53     28  17   6     120       2.34      .924
    2005-06           AHL           39     17  17   3     111       2.97      .902
    2005-06           NHL            6       4   2    0      14        2.69      .908
    2006-07           AHL           44     23  14   5     119       2.81      .904

      Why didn't this Guy ever got another chance? He too, has to be worth something.  

  8. THEGREATHAB says:

    I think the guy is a blue chip prospect,  but lets not forget,  he has yet to play an NHL game.  M Garon was also supposed to be a big time goalie,  but never quite made it.  Right now we have 3 top prospect goalies Halak, Biron, and Price.  My money right now is on Halak,  until Price wins at the next level.  Dont get me wrong,  I hope the kid is the next big thing out of Montreal,  but goalies sometimes need more time to develope, and if rushed can ruin them,  lets give him every opportunity,  but not forget we have 2 more blue chip goalies.

  9. the_word says:

    Comparing Price to Brodeur, Luongo and Roy? While you're at it, why not put Price in the Hall of Fame before he plays a single LNH game. This is why as a Leafs fan I love Habs fans, the author of this article mixs up the Koolaid and everyone lines up for a glass.

    Let's inject some critical thought for a moment (try not to confuse this with a personal attack, I know many on this site struggle with this distinction), goaltending is the most unpredictable position in terms of junior success translating into LNH success. You could just as easily compare Price's accomplishments to Patrick Roy's as you can Jamie Storr's. So the jury remains undecided.

    Keep in mind the greatest obstacle for rookie goaltenders great expectations. The pressure of zealot Montreal media and fanbase have crush many players with more experience than Carey Price. If you look at the last two great goaltender blue chip prospect, Andre Fleury and Rick DiPietro both struggled with consistency in their first few years (Fleury is still struggling). They were fortunate to play in markets where they had time to develop. Is Montreal willing to be as patient? I serious doubt considering many Habs fans are already trying to vote Price into this year's all star game. Price is hardly a lock for greatness.

  10. prairiehab says:

    The Article Clearly states that he is HERALDED to be….
    It is not just us Habs fans getting overly exciting and saying he is the next Roy. Hockey Experts are making comparision to Great Goaltenders not Proclaming he is a Great Goaltender.

    Right now Price is the no.1 Goalie Prospect not in the NHL, and he has all the tools to become one of the greats. But that is right now before he has ever played a game. He may play one game and get blown out and completely lose everything, but that remains to be seen.
    The FACT remains he is the best not in the NHL and that is from Hockey Experts around the world.

    When I hear people saying that he is no good or whatever, it just reminds me of all the fans that used to say the exact same thing about Roy when he was in Montreal and that was because he was in Montreal.

  11. 68north says:

    comon we hab fans havent had a reason to be exited in a long time. the minute we get a little bit happy about anything its you leaf fans are the first to put us down. no wonder your fan base is the most despised in the nhl. admit it your jealous, comon wordy admit it

  12. the_word says:

    In the first sentence you ask for pity, only to accuse me of jealousy in the next?
    I'm sure my frustration in trying to communicate with certain Hab fans is becoming clear.

  13. the_word says:

    Scouts love him, experts love him, however that doesn't mean he's a sure by any stretch of the imagination.  You have to take expert opinion on prospects (especially goaltending prospects) with a grain of salt. 

    I never said Price isn't a great prospect, but its a little too early to compare him to the all time leader in wins (Roy) and this year's Vezina winner and runner up.

  14. 68north says:

    only because you leaf fans never have anything good to say about the habs -obviously its pure jealousy

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