Alright, after a third straight year with a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals…NO CUP IN CANADA..pretty disappointing unless you follow The American League. Last Night the Hamilton Bulldogs “Montreal Canadien’s farm team” won the calder trophy, by eliminating the Hershey Bears “Washington Capital’s Farm Team” in Five games. Being a habs fan i am extremely happy to see our young players dominating the American League, and especially happy about the goaltending situation.

Jaroslav Halak: Player of the year in the American League. He lead the Bulldogs to the Playoffs and lead the habs on a good streak for the final 15 games or so of the regular season. As well, from what i hear, he was incredibly good for Slovakia in the world championship this spring.

CAREY PRICE!! MVP of the Calder Cup playoffs! This 19 year old is the real deal. About 80% of habs fan were criticizing Bob Gainey’s decision of drafting Carey Price 5th overall in the 2005 draft with Anze Kopitar still waiting to get selected. Gainey signed a contract with Price at the end of the habs regular season which left Don lever, head coach of the bulldogs a bittersweet taste. Lever knew Price’s immense talent, but didn’t want to add a new goalie to a team who has been working hard all season long to reach a playoff berth. He puts price in net, knowing that is what gainey expected of him..and boy did he not regret this move. First Game in a real league and price records a shutout. He continued to impress everyone till the final game last night, and won the mvp award. This is not mentioning that Carey Price lead Team Canada in the junior Olympic to a gold medal this winter.

Many make a liaison between Carey Price and Patrick Roy. In 1986, roy arrived with the sherbrooke Canadiens and won the Cup. Next season he jumped right away in the NHL guessed it..Habs won the Cup. With the habs bad goaltending last season, everyone pictures Price staying with the big Club after training camp, which leaves habs with good trading merchandise goalie wise.

A few weeks ago it was mentioned that Gainey offered The Bruins a serious trade offer for Patrice Bergeron at the trade deadline. Obviously they didn’t trade Bergeron saying he was the core of this team. However, With phil kessel not able to play as a winger the bruins have to make decisions concerning their centers..Bergeron, Savard and Kessel. Many believe The bruins might consider some offers concerning Bergeron and Gainey Is still after him. With Bad goaltending in Boston, Huet or Halak along with someone else could becomes interesting.

Other teams without goaltending would be Tampa Bay, Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Florida and Columbus.

What do you think Habs should do?

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  1. Glucker says:

    i think Price was hot when he went up to hamilton, just like Dubie with the Islanders, and Aubin with the Leafs last year. thats not to say his skill level is anywhere as low as those guys, but i think if he had a full season in the AHL, especially with a team like the Marlies(it was shitty, and we all know it) his stats would be pretty much the same. I honestly think his stats would have been better if he where on the Leafs, playing ahead of Rayflop… despite what ppl say, we had a very good defense, as can be seen by the stats(comprable to NJ i beleive). if we had had a halfway decent goalie, we woulda done a lot better. Next year, the leafs should keep him in the minors, but use him as the #1 goalie when rayflop starts to get cold, that way, he'll get some NHL experience, but wont be sitting around doing nothing when rayflop is on his game(it happens). Same should be done with Price, keep him in the AHL, throw him in ahead of Halak when Huet goes down

  2. mtlfan11 says:

    Price is a HUGE prospect… not Burrows… stupid

  3. mtlfan11 says:

    to chicago : #12 and #22 pick in 2007 draft + Jaroslav Halak (chicago wants a young goali)
    to mtl : #1 selection (Pat Kane)

    Sergei Kostitsyn and Pat Kane in London were burning the OHL and were making Sam Gagner looking a lot better than he is.

  4. mtlfan11 says:


    Who won the award for the best goalie in the WHL and the CHL?
    Who won the award of the best player in the AHL calder cup this year?
    Who lead team canada to the gold this year?
    Who won the award of the best player in the Championship?
    Who was the best goalie in the U-20 championship?


    Better at his age than was Fleury, or Cam Ward, or Pogge… So please leafs fan… SHUT UP

  5. Neely4Life says:

    Chicago will not give up the numbe rone choice.  The last 3, 4 years they have drafted extreamly well, and as soon a Khabi's contract is up this year, that free's up 7 mil.  If i had to guess, it would take a lot less to get a goalie from the habs than that.  Halak going to the Hawks makes a bit of sense, but not throwing around those draft pics.  Chicago wont be ready to make a push this year, so what the point? They arnt dealin at a point of weakness right now.  Chicago has a lot of tallented youth right now with Barker, Towes, Havlat, and i think someone on that team who will make a bit of noise next year is St Pierre.

    Teams dont throw around draft pics like they used to with the Cap. 

    Mostly likely spot the Habs deal a goalie is to Columbus, Pheonix, Edmonton, Florida or Tampa Bay.  Those are my top 5 anyways. 

  6. Strik_IX says:

    I must say I have to agree, back when it was Archiron113, I was like WTF this dude didnt post at all in this thread??? and it seems you have started this whole thing again… no SPAM plz… and as stated above, pricks like attention, and you are giving him plenty of ammo.

  7. Pony says:

    I dont agree with his comments at all but that can work both ways Price just jumping in. Shooters and teams dont know his tendacies.

    Look no further than Raycroft's Calder.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    good points, both of you.

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