Carter, Peca To Toronto Possible! is reporting that the Peca signing

could come as early as today! The Canadiens and

Islanders are still saying that “it could fall through.”

Anson Carter is also being chased by the Leafs, and this afternoon a souce told blogger, Eklund,

that it was not an “either or situation.” Both players

are willing to play in Toronto for less and the fact that both are coming aboard is appealing!

Detroit, Vancouver and Florida are also on Carter’s


5 Responses to Carter, Peca To Toronto Possible!

  1. Farva says:

    As much as I hope this is true, and I do, I am a still skeptical. It is interesting to know that both players are intrigued by each others interest in the Leafs, and that it may effect the chances of them becoming Leafs.

    That being said, I have a funny feeling that Jason Allison will still be a Leaf next year.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Carter and Peca would own but I don’t trust JFJ.

  3. Wisey says:

    The only sites I trust is TSN and, but that would be really cool. I still think only Peca will be coming aboard, though, and I would much prefer him to Carter. I’m trying to be patient, but I must say I’m getting a little up tight.

  4. leafs4cup says:

    i’d prefer allison over peca.peca a good two way player but will get you f-u-c-k- all in points .considering how important the powerplay is and how good allison was on it,i just think we need more offence and peca wont give us it was his first year back after two and half years,i’d give him another chance considering also that we have a much better defencive core so we shouldn’t be spending as much time in our own end.and we also got a better goalie to.i just think we need more offence i know he’s slow but downlow he’s really good.

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