Carter Probably Not Becoming A Leaf

The Leafs have about 1.8 million dollars left and they still have to sign Stajan. I wish we could get Carter too but I don’t think we will be. If we sign Stajan for 600,000 it’s possible that Carter would except for 1.2 million but I doubt it and we want flexibility room so I don’t think we will be getting Carter.

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  1. leafsrule1967 says:

    all the leafs need to do is trade telly and belak to free up money after that they will have money to sign both stajan and carter

  2. -TML- says:

    true but jfk won’t do it!

  3. Matt20 says:

    Stajan signs for anything below 800,000 then I see it being possible. I think you jumping to comclusions to fast. I’m not saying it will happen, but its not completely out of the picture. This will NOT bring us to the cap limit. Remember JFJ wants to leave a couple million in cap room available and that excludes the approx. 1.8 left. So I see no issue in JFJ spending 2 mill on one more guy, it will still leave him with about 2 mil in cap room for safety precautions (ie. possible trades throughout the year)

  4. PaulK123 says:

    After trading Denis to Tampa for Modin I think that the Blue Jackets are in the market for a young goalie who can split the time with Pascal

    Leclaire, here is a possible trade:

    To Toronto:

    2nd round pick

    cash considerations

    To Columbus:

    Mikael Tellqvist

    After the departure of Georges Laraque to Phoenix

    via free agency the Edmonton Oilers are in the market for a phyisical player, here is a possible


    To Toronto:

    6th round draft pick

    To Edmonton:

    Wade Belak

  5. hope_4_leafs says:

    JFJ said in an interview after the main press conference announcing the Peca signing that he is in all likelyhood finished adding players to the roster, he did not rule out on the other hand that moving players out through trades to free cap room to sign another player is out of the question.

    I think they should trade Telqvist regardless of trying to sign Carter or not. Telly is still a good young goaltender who has proven capable of filling a back up role. They should get rid of him to free up more space as well as open the Marlies starting position for Justin Pogge and let him start developing into a top goalie.

    Belak being traded is a move I wouldn’t care about much if it did or did not happen. He’s pretty bad for giving up penalties but he’s good to have in case of games against tough and aggresive teams.

    I’d love to see carter come to the Leafs but I’d be pleasantly surprised if it happened.

  6. JU2912 says:

    I don’t think Columbus is after a goalie to share time with Leclaire anymore. They signed Ty Conklin a couple of weeks ago, so chances are that Tellqvist isn’t on the Columbus radar.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually, I worked it out on a calculator, WITH the buyouts, WITH Peca, and it leaves 3 million cap space and change. I also subtracted what Stajan and Wellwood will likely cost, and Tellqvist is likely gone, that’d make it 3.5 and change, and now I wonder if I made some sort of a mistake.

  8. Aetherial says:

    learn 2 math


  9. Mattqwerty says:

    if anyone watch the interview with jfj at the peca signing he has said he is happy with the roster the way it is now and hes ready to start training camp with this roster, and aparently there signing stajan to a multi year deal thats why its taking longer

  10. the_word says:

    What exactly is cash consideration?

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Trading Belak and Telly wil do nothing to help the cap situation because guys making 100K less will replace them on the 30 man roster. If telly plays in the AHL he’s salary does not count against the cap.

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