CBC Biased Against Montreal Canadens?

This is an online petition condeming the CBC for there lack of Montreal Canadiens games. Montreal only has 17 games that will be shown on the CBC this year, with 4 or 5 of them against Toronto, a few others against the western teams, and the rest only regional viewers from quebec have the right to watch. (i still watch ithe games on rds when there being shown on CBC since Bob Cole and his pales dont know the team very well and make mistakes in there commentating quite frequently!!!) So, if your a Habs fan, or just a fan that would like to see more of the most storied franchise in hockey(sorry, had to ad it in…), please go to the website and sign the petition!!!

Special thanks to Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette or i never would have know about it!


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  1. TheDonkey says:

    Actually, I find the most embarassing thing about being Canadian is the blatant anti-Americanism that is spewed by so many of our citizens.  The differences between Canadians and Americans are few and far between.  You are nowhere close to being as different as you might like to believe.

    Don Cherry is welcome on my tv any time.  When he came on the air, he was the first sportscaster to call it like it is.  No sugar-coating bad performances, etc.  And I have no problem hearing his political points of view either.  Typically, the CBC would try to shield me from evil viewpoints like Don's, but luckily Don has been popular enough to stay on the air no matter how badly the CBC would like to fire him.  Don't worry, eventually Don will not be on the air and Canada's airwaves will never be exposed to ideologies that aren't left of Marx.
  2. rmg185 says:

    Canada is like a loft apartment above a really good party.

    Why do you have free healthcare?  Because you can hide behind the U.S. Army and not have to pay for an army for yourself.  Face it, Chicago is windy because Canada Blows.

  3. iginla012 says:

    We have an Army, and their in Afghanistan cleaning up Your Mess from October 2001. We have free healthcare because our leaders give a damn about us.

    Can you say the same for George Bush Jr? I didn't think so…

  4. cidade18 says:

    you got that from robbin williams and lewis black, funny stuff but to the point, you say canada sucks because your american, and the canadiens on this site think america sucks because there canadien. how many times do we both go through this. who cares, we are both idiots with 2 different countrys, and no matter how much we plead our case about being different and better, we are alot alike. both of our countrys have pros and cons. Im canadien and im not biased towards americans. I dont like the american government, but i hate every government, including mine period. the problem with the world is that people keep looking through the eyes of religion, culture, countrys, government, etc…and thats what creates the distance and the hate and the difference of opinions, etc…we are all people, it doesnt ,matter if your canadien or america, you cant escape the fact that we are both people, the difference is, we were born on opposite sides of the fence. but who put up that fence. that fence wasnt there until " PEOPLE " created it. if there were no people, there would be no fence. im just trying to make a point to both canadiens and americans on this site who bash eachother for being on different sides of the fence. this is the reason why the world is suck a bad place, people are always starting arguments about there differences, and the worst part of it is, the people who do are always the ones who look at the world through the eyes of religion, culture, countrys, etc….alot of people on this site will most likely hate my opinion, that only proves my opinon. so dont get mad at me for hitting you with some truth that your too busy to recognize because your so deep into your own belifs that everything else other then what you believe in is instinctivley wrong.

  5. lynchmob540 says:

    Don't get me wrong….i'm from Montreal and recognize the CENTRE OF THE WORLD BIAS. I'm just playing devil's advocate here.

    If you were the CBC and recognized that you can make SO much more money on advertising by showing the Maple Losers, would that be what you'd target? If it was the Habs that brought in the BIG $$$, then i can pretty much guarantee you that the CBC would be forced to show those games.

    Am i being naive in thinking this?

  6. lynchmob540 says:

    Once again…playing devil's advocate here.

    So RDS is OK pulling the Habs propoganda, but TSN and SportsNet can't show favoritism to the Maple Losers and the Sins?

    I think that's a double standard.

  7. lrdstanley says:

    Ryder is from Newfoundland………

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hey 600 000 iraqi civilians died from the war in iraq. Boy isnt it a good thing we hav the US army.

  9. rojoke says:

    I know.  It was sarcasm.

  10. habs_punk says:

    In all honesty, as an Ontario citizen outside of Toronto, I would MUCH prefer to see Toronto leave Canada than Quebec. The complete arrogance of Torontonians and their total ignorance of anything in the rest of Canada makes them more like the stereotypical American than Canadian. Sorry Americans.

  11. 92-93 says:

    sorry, it would not mean that the taxpayers would pay more if they got rid of commercials. it didnt work that way before. the only reason why CBC relies on commercials so much is because of the cutbacks. if they restore the funding to where it was before, then the taxpayers should have nothing to complain about (there is a surplus by the way).

    Again, the fact that you are using ratings to guage why the leafs should be seen over other teams in regions that are not in Ontario is using a standard of measurement (i.e. $$ and ratings) that is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USED WHEN IT COMES TO PUBLIC BROADCASTING. that is for the private sector, not public.

    if you think public broadcasting is a joke than that is fine. you are certainly not only. but being a media scholar i know how important it is to have some sort of balance between public and private (especially in the last 30 years where the media has been deregulated, public networks have been cutbacked so they can be easily undermined as low-quality – gee i wonder why they are low-quality now – and the likes of Fox News can pass itself off as , well, news).

    youre concerns – and obvious affinities for private television PROGRMMING – are totally understandable. i think there should be private television too. but programming and advertising and ratings shouldnt be what tv is all about. and i am not going to be one of those people who say 'but that is the way it is and oh well.' there should be a balance between public and private and just because we have grown accustomed to private … doesnt make it right.

    you are only talking on the level of programming and that is it. i am talking on the level of identity, culture. broaden your focus a little.

    the CBC 'gets away' with trying to reflect Canadian culture and lives? no no no. the CTV 'gets away' with REBROADCASTING american programming and doing little Canadian content.

    yes this debate may be moot in the satellite, internet age, but i thought i'd set you straight anyways.

  12. Kraut182 says:

    We got the Habs/Pens game in Saskatchewan.

  13. woodsco85 says:

    Welcome to smart business, it's called SUPPLY and DEMAND, apparently there are more people wanting Leafs games, so the DEMAND is high, and well the SUPPLY is 82 regular season games, so CBC is gonna give its viewers what it wants. It doesnt matter if they have a petition, dont you think the CBC would have already studied what its target demographicis, i mean they have been in buisness for years, and I assume they arent idiots, because, well they still have a station, and still get a ton of viewers every saturday night.

  14. Habman77 says:

    Seeing as it is supposed to be a national television channel,maybe we should petition to have our tax dollars taken away from the CBC seeing as how it is not serving the interest of the entire country. Just a thought.

  15. thatleafsguy says:

    Let me further your stereotype of Torontonians by telling you how much I really don't care for your opinion. Without Toronto this country would die, everyone knows that. No one is more American in Canada than Quebecers, more notably Montrealers.

    Now shoo shoo, PePe Le Piu wants to feed you poutine and take you to the rippers. Bunch of ingrates.

  16. thatleafsguy says:

    Or you could just whine about more stuff. This is becoming what Canada is known for, whining French Canadians. Always whining about everything. What will be the next thing to moan about? You've covered seperation, racism, descrimination, French as the national language and now the Habs being on tv in Manitoba or Alberta.

    Anything else Canada can bend over and take up the ass to accomodate the French in this country?

    Do us all a favor and seperate, NOW.

  17. Habman77 says:

    Actually i'm english a..hole. It has nothing to do with language at all. The main point is to show all of the CANADIAN teams not just the Leafs you idiot!!!!!!!

  18. prairiehab says:

    I did not know how much TV they actually showed on LeafsTV, it's only 12 games then it's not worth it. Having never watched Leafs TV I only assumed they would show nothing but Leafs games hence the Name of the channel.
    You say it has been proven many times over that Leafs are Canada's team, having never seen any evidence of this, how has it been proven, Online Voting? which can be easily manipulated. Ratings? Which dosen't really mean much, as the Leafs have only been  shown on HNIC for as long as I can remember. The Leafs sell out Western teams arenas and have more fans in the stands then the Home team? True but the same can be said for the Habs, Or is it because that HNIC and TSN say that the Leafs are Canada's Team? This just means what everyone is trying to say, Media is Biased towards Toronto, why because they live there and think that's what ppl want to see. But outside of OT, this is not the case. I have lived all over both AB and SK. Any hockey Fan I have come across, there faovorite team would be of course there Home team, but there least favorite team to watch would be the Leafs, Why because they have been shoved down our throats and proclaimed Canada's Team, because on Saturday Night, in every bar and every house hold(that can't afford Sattelite) that Holds hockey dear to there heart watches HNIC every Saturday night, No matter who is playing. So since everyone is going to watch HNIC and it is based in the T.Dot, the Lafs are on TV, and So the ratings for HNIC is High, and the Biased Media will look at that and saw wow look at the ratings T.O. must be Canada's team cuz if it wasn't they would tune out, Right? No, alot of people who are watching, are watching cuz that is what they do Saturday night and there is no other option for them via w/e reason.
    The Point of all of this is Hockey is a national pastime, CBC is a national broadcast, in our nation there are 6 teams, and on HNIC every team should get an equal amount of airtime. Regionally you can show w/e you want.
    If any team is shoved down your throat long enough there will eventually be a revolt. this petition may be the start of things to come.
    Maybe someday the Biased Media will relize the Lafs are not a National team but a regional one, just like every other region that has a team. And Maybe someday people in Toronto may realize that Canada is a large Country, and you should feel lucky to live in an area which has been the strength of our economy for so long instead of feeling like you are superior to the rest of the country. As our economic Strength is shifting to the West. BC is establishing itself as Holywood North, Alberta is rolling in Oil, and if the government is smart they will use that as leverage to establish other sources of income for when the Oil runs dry. Saskatchewan is just realizing the wealth they have in resources most notably Oil. So the balance of Power will someday all be in the west. Hopefully when that happens the West will not be as ignorant to the East as they have been to the West for so many years.

    On a side note, we were able to watch the Habs on CBC this past saturday is that just a coincidence in scheduling or was it a result of this petition.

  19. prairiehab says:

    Why is it, that whenever someone runs out of arguments they have to resort to racism and name calling, and why is it considered OK to say anything like that to someone who is french. Is it because they are white so it's alright to say shit about the french. Imagine for an instance what you said was not to french but to any other race that has a diffrent skin color then you.
    You would be labeled a F'n KKK and Socially Lnyched. But since "they are white i can get rid of all my built up racist feelings towards the french and it will be considered OK". It's not just you either it happens on TV, it happens in the Media it happens in Politics.
    We are all people and any dirgoratory(Spelling?) remarks towards another race should not be tolerated.

    You said Manitoba and Alberta, another ignorant statment by someone who lives in T.O., you should of said "the West" this way you would of covered youself from missing a friggin province or 2.
    I wish I could meet someone in T.O. that is not self-centered and actually Knowledgeable about the Rest of our country. I know they must be out there….somewhere.

  20. Habsfansquitwhining says:

    After reading this thread and having a heated discussion with my better half… I decided to find out once and for all the reason behind this. So I e-mailed CBC myself which is what many of you should have thought up before coming up with your own little conspiracy theories. Here’s what I wrote and the response from CBC:

    NOTE: The Stars are the beginning and the end of each response… I couldn’t figure out how to make it easier to read (sorry)

    ******I’m just wondering why you don’t air a lot of these games, but
    you will air American games, for example – Anaheim and Detroit on Jan. 2. If there is a CBC Montreal on Starchoice, why are a lot of the games not shown? Aren’t you the CANADIAN Broadcasting Network? I know there is a petition going around to get more Montreal games on Hockey night in Canada… is it going to make any difference, or is it just a waste of time?*********

    And his response:

    ***************Thank you for taking the time to write to CBC Television regarding HNIC.

    We welcome audience feedback as an essential part of our programming decisions.

    This situation is always a tough one to deal with from a distribution point of
    view. When the schedule is finalized, we realize fully that we can’t please
    everyone. It’s a classic Catch-22.

    Let me preface this by saying that I was born and raised in Montreal, I am a
    lifelong Habs’ fan and, therefore, you are preaching to the choir. However,
    there are many variables that play into the Leafs being on, on a weekly basis:

    · The Leafs’ games draw the highest audience of all Canadian teams by a
    substantial margin. This, in turn, allows us to charge top dollar for
    advertising revenue that goes towards offsetting the show’s high production
    · Without the large advertising dollars generated from the Leafs’ broadcasts,
    and demanded for by the advertisers, HNIC would no longer be on the air.
    · There simply isn’t the manpower to produce multiple games while covering other
    sporting events on the weekends during the Fall and Winter.
    · It’s not economically viable to continually show more than two games every
    · We listen to our fans that write us and call in, and, believe it or not, the
    vast majority does want to see the Leafs.

    As for the Montreal Canadiens, Radio-Canada used to simulcast the Habs’ games
    with RDS (the French TSN). The deal expired prior to this season when RDS chose
    not to renew the three-year contract leaving Habs’ fans across the country in a
    lurch unless they subscribed to digital cable, and paid for the RDS service, or
    satellite TV.

    Should you have any further questions surrounding the Canadiens, please call
    Radio-Canada in Montreal: 1-514-597-6000.

    We do listen to our audience and this past weekend we changed our sked. to allow
    viewers from coast-to-coast (except Ont. & Nfld.) to see the Habs host Sydney
    Crosby and the Pens.

    The Jan. 2 game was a special add-on game, as that is the night the Detroit Red
    Wings are retiring Steve Yzerman’s number.

    We have included your email in a report that circulates weekly among all senior
    executives, producers and programmers at CBC, including the President and CEO,
    Robert Rabinovitch.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact CBC Audience Relations should you have any
    questions or comments. You may reach us toll-free at 1-866-306-4636 during
    business hours, or by email through the CONTACT US link on cbc.ca.

    Jack Black
    Audience Relations*******************

    So there you have it. No big conspiracy. It’s just business. In my opinion a petition will only work if you have a significant number of signatures, say 10,000 or so minimum… AND Montreal advertisers who are willing to match the dollar value that CBC can get in Toronto. And don’t forget the millions of Toronto fans who would probably protest at the CBC building which is convieniently located in Toronto, if their games were cut back.

    So it looks like you’re stuck with the blue and white…

  21. habs_punk says:

    And the stereotype is even further entrenched with your complete ignorance of the fact that I already actually said I was from Ontario.

  22. rmg185 says:

    I speak French…. "I surrender!!!!"  See that, perfect French.

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