CBJ claims Darryl Boyce from TOR.

CBJ claims Darryl Boyce from TOR.


4 Responses to CBJ claims Darryl Boyce from TOR.

  1. toronto77 says:

    Darryl Boyce is a pretty good 4th line player and decent on the pk. Couldn't burke have at least traded him for a 5th pick or something.

  2. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Good luck in Columbus, Boyce always gave his 110% for the leafs.

  3. mojo19 says:

    I agree. I'm unimpressed, but if he was waived then im guessing there wasn't much interest in him at all…

    Too bad, he's a good energy player, tremendous skater and tough on the puck. I don't like losing depth when were on this playoff drive though… Burke needs to do something.

    Calling up Frattin is a nice move, but come on, its not going to be enough. We're close to the playoffs, we need a *****ing boost.

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  4. toronto77 says:

    It's funny cuz i saw Boyce at sherway gardens two weeks ago, he was wearing a baseball cap kinda downward to cover his face a little, lol. I had to stop and think about it a little.

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