Centennial Year at closer inspection.

Okay, I’ve been looking at the current roster as well as the current cap hit and how the team changes as it enter’s the centennial year of the franchise.

As it stands, if Bob Gainey does nothing, this is a possible roster for next season with an estimate cap hit of around 38.36 million.

Higgins – Koivu – S. Kostitsyn
A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
Kostopolous – Chipchura – Latendresse
Begin – Lapierre – Dandenault

Markov – Komisarek
Hamrlik – O’Byrne
Valentenko – Yemelin


Now, with that being said, due to the recent skid of the Habs, I for one doubt that “nothing” will be done. Not only do I doubt that, I pray for something to be done. I know trading our “junk” is absolutely not going to get us what we need in return. HOWEVER, let us look at what our options are and what it could do for the team.

Prospects (to name a few)


We know that Smolinski will walk due to his no trade clause, Brisebois is likely to retire, which leaves Ryder, Huet, and Streit as PIECES to trade with. THEY WON’T GET US ANYTHING IN A PACKAGE FULL OF UFA’S!

Fischer and McDonagh are still a bit too young for the NHL so that leaves them off next year’s roster. Subban’s development seems to be coming along nicely. Grabovski has been struggling to crack the top six, partially because of Carbo’s defensive coaching style.

Players with potential availability (I say potential because it could depend on contract extentsion struggles etc.)

St. Louis
Ovechkin? (rumored contract extension problems)

Now let us think of a few scenario’s that could be interesting.

To MTL: Ovechkin, Brashear
To WSH: Huet, Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse, Valentenko, Grabovski, 1st rnd pick

To MTL: Hossa
To ALTA: Higgins, Latendresse, Ryder, Archer

To me, the only answer to our woes in MTL is to get a scoring winger, and some grit not a centreman. We have two great centremen and Koivu deserves a cup in the centennial year. He’s been nothing but loyal to Montreal.

If we were to make the Ovechkin trade (for example) the roster would look like this.

Ovechkin – Plekanec – Kovalev (15.3 mil)
A. Kostitsyn – Koivu – S. Kostitsyn (6.8 mil)
Kostopolous – Chipchura – Brashear (2.86mil)
Begin – Lapierre – Dandenault (3.85 mil)

Markov – Komisarek (7.65 mil)
Hamrlik – O’Byrne (6.3 mil)
Yemelin – Fischer (2 mil)

Price (.85 mil)
Halak (.5 mil)

Total cap hit = 46.11 million


I’m just using this as an example to show that we have good things to give, and WE WILL HAVE TO GIVE GOOD THINGS to get something good in return. I’D EVEN GIVE UP MARKOV IT THE TRADE WAS PROPER. If we paid Ovechkin 9 million a season with an extension we would end up with 46 million dollar cap hit. Is it worth it? I THINK SO!

And just to show what the other side of the trade would look like if they could sign the UFA’s.

Higgins – Nylander – Latendresse
Semin – Kozlov – Ryder
Grabovski – Backstrom – Clark
Pettinger – Sutherby – Fehr

Poti – Pothier
Eminger – Valentenko
Clymer – Schultz


The Washington roster is rough. I didn’t do all the research. But I’m willing to bet it falls well under the cap and it looks like a better all around Washington team to me.

Anyway, enough with the speculative trade stuff, my point is basically that we have the tools to make a trade, we just have to be willing to give up a guy like higgins or markov. If it gets us that scoring winger, like they say in poker, I’M ALL IN!

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  1. yarfangor says:

    Smoke and Mirrors my friend, smoke and mirrors. The Ovechkin trade is an awesome Idea seeing how his best friend is Markov, and he spends the whole summer here, saying how he loves it here. BUT washington would not be so stupid as to trade away their one man hockey team.

  2. habsgod says:

    first of all markov has a no trade clause and if you dealt him who's going to be the pp qb?higgins is a gritty heart and soul type that you don't just give up!!i'm  not saying don't give him up but if you do you'd better hope that i player(superstar)you were getting in return has a long term contract and not a one yeardeal!because that would be a disaster because that superstar might leave and if he does then your out him +higgins!!and that's hard to replace those 2 if that happened!!

  3. Drifter says:

    Yeah, I'd have to say the Ovechkin trade would be great for both teams if you really look at it. Ovi loves Montreal and is really close with Markov are 2 of the reasons I was thinking as well. I also realize that WSH would be less willing to part with the superstar, but Tender has huge potential as a power forward and Higgins is all heart. PLUS THEY'D GET ANOTHER FIRST ROUND PICK!

    To the guy below, I totally forgot about Markov's NTC. But when you think of it, how many goals has he scored as the "qb" of our power play?

    Our PP is all about Kovalev.

  4. Tbone15 says:

    Yeah but you cant look at it like that. Washington doesnt want a "one man hockey team"…. thats not how you win championships. And if the players contract runs out and he doesnt want to sign back with that team, or he says he wants out, Washington might want to try and trade him in order to get something in return. Something to fill that void they lost in say an Ovechkin. And trading ovechkin with another not so crucial asset could create a huge deal that Washington could work with and improve their team as a whole. Not a one man team. Larger more ground breaking trades have been made before in the history of this league. So dont rule it out until a contract is signed or someone is indeed traded. This rumor has circled TSN and they are a creditable source. Now i for one as a habs fan for life would love to see that trade happen. And YES i would give up higgins for Ovechkin. Higgins isnt as important as you think. Higgins shouldnt have an "A" on his jersey. Now im not taking anything away from him he's a fine player, Not a #1 liner but he works hard hes a digger and hes got a good attitude. But he has no finish. i would personnally like to trade koivu over higgins myself. But for ovechkin?… come on if those trade lights grew brighter, i wouldnt hesistate

  5. Labrosse says:

    To MTL: Ovechkin, Brashear
    To WSH: Huet, Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse, Valentenko, Grabovski, 1st rnd pick

    sure they will accept look at this Ovechkin 90 overall brashear 72
    against huet 86 higgins 82 ryder 79 latendresse 80… oh wait this isn't nhl 2008? then youre a *****ing idiot

  6. billypilgrim says:

    I love the idea. Ovechkin in Mtl any day. Would never have thought of having Brashear back in Mtl but that's what I thought about Brisebois.

    + Plekanec is truly becoming more of a 1st liner than Koivu these days as long as he plays with quality wingers.

  7. Cezzard says:


    Higgins – Koivu – Kovalev
    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – S.Kostitsyn
    Streit – Chipchura – Dandenault
    Kostopolous – Lapierre – Latendresse


    first of all were keeping Streit and Dandenault bc its ALWAYS good to have a Forward/Defencemen that play well in any position, noob.

    Second of all if AK-27 sees that we have a playoff shot he will put his differences aside and play on the first line with Koivu… and right now I'm not happy with how our 'LEADER/CAPTAIN' has been playing these past two months. i would seriously think of trading him.

    Third of all did you not see the game last night!??!?!! the Kostitsyn brothers PLAYED AMAZING together it was like watching the Sedins… and with Plec… theres the speed and leadership for the young guys.

    you want an amazing trade?

    To Montreal – Vincent L
    To Tampa – Huet / Koivu / Ryder

    that might be possible. clear up some space and have finally A STAR FORWARD! that isnt selfish as Alexander O. man u guys and ur pitiful fantasies make me glad you have no decisions with the habs.


  8. Drifter says:

    It's not about how good each player is now dickshit! It's about what the deal does for the teams as a whole. Huet is a solid starting goaltender, Higgins is a potential 50 point man that is all heart, Ryder is a proven 30 goal scorer who is struggling in the Montreal limelight, and Latendresse is a future powerhouse power forward.

    My point was that the trade would help BOTH TEAMS. You can't ignore a possible trade because NOONE IS UNTOUCHABLE!

    Remember the Gretzky trade? The Lindros trade?

    Looked similar to what I am suggesting. DOUCHE*****.

  9. habsrock_19 says:

    Your the one who has pitiful fantasies buddy
    you Vincent L for Huet/Koivu?Ryder is way more unrealistic the the Ovechkin fantasy. both of these trades wont happen However i do see Vincent considering a spot in MTL when he is a ufa. But i also think Ovechkin wants to come to  mtl because of the crowds and markov. however i dont see OV signing in mtl as an rfa but that would be cool. i think we have the best shot at getting a superstar when Vincent becomes a UFA and untill then i think we should test our youth and get them ready for 09 then we will have a cup contender by then. i think we are one 1st liner away from a cup contending team. we got the goalie pretty solid defence and all we need is a scorer.

    also why does everyone want to trade Koivu ? hes amazing gives 110 % loves the city and all you hate him and chirp him give him a break and let him play hockey

  10. Labrosse says:

    your an asshole, im not saying ovechkin is untouchable but huet is a free agent, ryder is a free agent on pace to a 10 goal season, and how can you say ryder is a proven 30 goal scorer he only had two season, then jim carey would have been a proven number one goaler when he won the vezina

    if we wanna get ovechkin they will ask for price not huet and they would ask for mcdonagh not valatenko

    and why should we even talk about this? we should go and get crosby talbot and laraque against valatenko fischer obyrne mcdonagh 3 first round pick, both  kostitsyn ryder, bouillon streit huet and a 5th round pick

  11. Labrosse says:

    by the way previous trade was a joke… just like yours

  12. ferron says:

     This would be a good trade.

    to Pit=Huet, Ryder, 2nd rounder, Streit even Grabovski if needed.

    to Mtl= Laraque, Malone and a 1st rounder.


       Malone and Laraque would make the habs a much better team an finally other teams would not intimidate us anymore, look at our third and fourth line, they would command respect . Pitsburg would get a much needed goalie, two wingers and a very good defenseman/winger in Streit.

  13. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    Ok, Where to start?

    First off, I would like to present the Habs cap hit:


    Second, prospects.

    With the success of the Habs' drafting, who knows what our new prospects could pull out of the bag, so why trade them?

    The Habs currently have a 7th rounder playing on the first line for the past two games and has played very well. He put up an assist tonight on the first goal. What I'm saying is, we havn't seen them play a game in the NHL yet, why trade them? One of them could be a late round sleeper like Daniel Alfredsson. And with so many other great players going UNDRAFTED, you can never give up a prospect until you see what they can do.

    Third, your ideas of ''Trades''

    Dreamer – Supertramp


    Alright, Ovechkin + Brashear (Who the heck would want Brashear?) for our 4 young guns (Higgy, Ryder, Latendresse, Grabovski), a possible amazing player (1st round pick). Just doesn't make sense, 4 guys with very high potential for an amazing player (slightly overrated) and a Shit Disturber.

    That would ''improve'' our team alright.

    Who would give up Markov, he's playing at the top of his game. You said: ''I'D EVEN GIVE UP MARKOV IT THE TRADE WAS PROPER'' ….. hmmm, that's why you're not the GM.

    And Finally, your idea of a ''Cup Contender''

    Having a no. 1 line like Ovy Pleks and Kovy, just won't bring you that shiny silver thing. A team that will bring you this Cup called Stanley, is a team with heart, Ovy… heart? hehe…. he's just in the N to break records and he's still young, we'd have to wait another five years for him to mature and understand he's playing for what's on the front of the jersey and not on the back. And then after those 5 years, it won't matter, the team would still suck cause you pissed away your top 4 young guns….

    My point, keep the young guys, you never know…. one may become like Alfredsson or St. Louis.

    After all that, I think I know where you're going, but we don't have to go berserk and piss away 1st round picks and all our young guys to become a ''Playoff Contender''…. the current rumors going around make sense, I believe Huet and Ryder (along with conditional draft picks because they are UFAs at the end of 07-08) for Richards is a possibility… same with the Edmonton/Montreal rumors. The reason they make sense is because they are 1-for-1 trades or 2-for-1 with Con. Draft Picks, not 7-for-2 trades, lol.  

  14. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    I was reading your comment and saw the first overall you spoke of and at first I was like, wtf? Is he talking about NHL 08? but then I noticed what you said later on and I just LOLed. hahaha 😛

    P.S: It does look like an NHL 08 kinda trade 😛 and then after you do that you take some who's say 72 trade him for a 74, then you trade him for a 76 and so on until you get someone about 88 (It starts getting hard to keep trading at this point :P). You do that again on another player until you get someone 88 and then you trade him for a 92-93 to center Ovechkin. Then you do that whole process again to get a 92-93 right winger and TADA, you got a good line 😛

    WOW…. that got out of topic! lol

  15. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    Well, I like your first half, but then you stopped making sense.

    To Montreal – Vincent L
    To Tampa – Huet / Koivu / Ryder

    One of these days, John Tortorella is going to smack each and every one of you people who think Lecavalier (or St. Louis, while we're on topic) is coming to Montreal via trade. Richards is more of a possibility.

    As much as people might think, Higgins is not the future Captain of the CH. They say Kyle Chipchura is currently one of the best leaders in the Habs dressing room…. and it's what? His first year? I see him wearing an A in the next few seasons and when Koivu retires, although he may not right away, but he will become captain. If not, Komisarek will.

    Apart from that, I agree with you on everything else.

  16. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    Ummmm…. no it wouldn't.

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