Changes In NY, No Crosby for Canada, GMs New Year's Resolution,

Changes could soon come in New York. Which team? Both of them.

Sorry Canada, no Crosby for you. The Penguins must stay in the Pittsburgh, Penn. USA.

New Year’s resolution for all 30 general managers in the NHL.New York New York

That’s like the oldies song that is cool to have in your head for a whole day. Anyway, both New York teams in the NHL could be facing some changes soon.

The New York Islanders have been making some very odd trades as of late. This is a team that started well, is now five games above .500, and they weakened the roster. Why? Alexei Zhitnik was having a very good season as an Islander and he gets traded for some dude by the name of Freddy Meyer. Mike York is not having such a superb season, but as an all-round depth player, he is very good. Yet, is Randy Robitaille and a 5th rounder going to make the team better? And, why the Philadelphia Flyers? It’s not normal to see divisional rivals trade twice in a month with significant players. Zhitnik and York? They are not just regular players; they make an impact on any team.

So what do these moves mean for the Flyers, though? I honestly believe that Ed Snider refuses to miss the playoffs on such a disgraceful year, and so he is willing to allow his interim GM to make impact moves. And you know what? They could work. If not, then the Flyers still remain in a good position as they will have more to trade in February.

What do these moves mean for the New York Islanders? Well, either owner Mr. Wang is treasuring every penny saved, or he agreed with GM Garth Snow to pull a big deal sometime in January, or right after the roster freeze. Apparently a big trade could be on its way as the Islanders freed up a good amount of cap space to acquire a player carrying a hefty contract. Could it be Markus Naslund? Could it be Keith Tkachuk (and possibly Eric Brewer included)? I would expect a significant move to happen sometime soon for this team because it would make little sense to make such changes to just save money. Not when the team is in a good position to make the playoffs. And if that is the case, talk about a shameful act on Wang’s part to risk not making the playoffs. What kind of message does that send to the fans? And to the players? To a revitalized Alex Yashin? It would very much surprise me if that will be the case and the Islanders would not deserve a lack of respect. If you don’t respect someone it could be you are indifferent to that someone. You’d have to disrespect that someone and so if that is Wang’s intention (to save money), the Islanders deserve to be disrespected by the league and the NHL world.

That good winning pattern for the New York Rangers did not last long enough. Reason? Inconsistency, just like the start of the year, but also a bad case of flu going around the team. Last night the Rangers had a couple of players out with the flu, even Henrik Lundqvist did not attend the game. Matt Cullen injured his leg/knee just as he was starting to put up points. Nylander, flu. Shanahan ended up playing even though he has a flu. Tyutin, flu. Aaron Ward, sick as well. Malik is out with a groin injury. So, it is tough to expect the team to win and play a full 60 minute game with this kind of status. But, it was nice to see Tomas Pock (FINALLY) play. Ryan Callahan is a top goal scorer in the AHL, yet he was not played enough. Jaarko Immonen has been playing well too. Why not let Al Montoya get a start against the Florida Panthers on Thursday? I’ll be there to watch it.

But, the Rangers are not totally in sync and consistent enough to be a convincing playoff contender. I think they can make the playoffs, or rather they should, but something is not right. I do not believe it is Jaromir Jagr as a Captain. In fact, he has been good so far and last season he said the team was going to make the playoffs and he brought them there unexpectedly.

Is a trade coming? Hold that thought. Is there much truth to the waiver moves of Sanids Ozolinsh and Petr Nedved? The timing seemed right, and the purposes would feel right as well. Excellently thought out by the NY media. I would have also added that GM Glen Sather pulled a “deal” like this before as well. Back in the 1999-2000 season, the Chicago Blackhawks placed Michal Grosek on waivers as the Rangers placed Stephane Quintal on waivers as well. The Hawks claimed Quintal, Rangers claimed Grosek. It was such an odd occurance that the NHL was looking into it as well as far as “rules”. Could Slats do the same thing again? Yes. And you know what’s always coming everytime I say “yes”. BUT. Yes, but it may not happen with Petr Nedved. Twice the Rangers traded him, Slats is no fan of his either; yet, the Rangers could use someone on their second line and if Nedved plays with confidence and and motivated, he can put up 60 points quite easily. The potential is good and bad. What if Nedved is just NHL done? He could disrupt the lockerroom and the Rangers will be stuck with him or buy him out. I don’t think that is what Sather will risk doing, although anything is possible. And, to the Flyers really need Sandis Ozolinsh? Not when they just added Alexei Zhitnik, and not when they just added more salary with Mike York.

I have to give a lot of credit to the journalists that came up with this scenario. Everything made sense and it was well structured. Finally, the media put up a rumor that actually was well thought out and made sense. And hey, it could still happen.

So what are the New York Rangers going to do? They are underachieving and sometimes Head Coach Tom Renney gives me doubts with his decisions. We will soon head to mid-season and by then we will soon reach the trade deadline. Things happen after half a season passes by. The Rangers have the assets to make a trade, but who could they go for? The Phoenix Coyotes may be willing to sniff around the Rangers organization, and a deal involving Ladislav Nagy and/or possibly Derek Morris could happen. Petr Prucha in the deal? No doubt. I’d support such a trade 100% as I am a fan of Nagy’s style of play, and Morris? He is capable of becoming a top NHL d-man. Both are fairly young, so it would be perfect. The only problem is that Nagy is a Slovak and the Rangers are Czech influenced. These two may have some similarities in cultures, but they are not the best of friends. Not that anything bad should happen, but hey…you never know. Another possibility is St. Louis. With close ties to the Blues’ new Vice President John Davivdson, Glen Sather may acquire either the player he tried to get once before, or the player who played well for him in Edmonton. Keith Tkachuk and Doug Weight. Both fill the holes needed for either wing grit and scoring, or second line center and playmaking abilities. And possibly Eric Brewer could be involved.

Unless the Rangers turn things around before Game 40, then nothing major will happen, but if the inconsistency continues, the Rangers always make headline moves every season and so expect one to happen after the roster freeze or in January.

Sorry Canada, No Sidney Crosby for You

Apparently, I got a feeling that Canadians got upset that Jim Balsillie pulled out. But, they are not upset at Jimbo, they are upset at Gary Bettman and the NHL (something new?). Why? Because the league would not allow Jim Balsillie to move the franchise in Canada. Now, I support moving a team to Canada, but not the Penguins. You see, I was not sold yet on Crosby up until this season (really), and I would not have cared if the Penguins were to be moved. But, I realized what Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, and Whitney could mean to this franchise and the NHL in the US. This team has the potential to be dominant in the near future and Crosby would be bringing back the Mario Lemieux era, which was big. Pittsburgh is a big sports city and I can’t blame the fans for losing the motivation since the team has been horrible in the past few season, with an old uncosey arena, and no money to improve it. That happens in sports.

So I feel that some Canadians got upset and say that Pittsburgh does not deserve to have such a team. Well, does Canada? I don’t blame Canadian fans, they are quite trustworthy and would show more appreciation than American hockey fans. The problem in Canada are the billionaires. Hockey teams in Canada? Not a good history. The Quebec Nordiques failed, and traded too much talent. The Winnipeg Jets were not successful enough, so they moved to Phoenix where it made the playoffs and were very competitive. The Vancouver Canucks should thank Brian Burke as he got the team to make profits. The Calgary Flames had to have a casino in order to survive. The Edmonton Oilers were also going into bankruptcy, which was why Glen Sather left. The Montreal Canadiens were sold to an American. The Ottawa Senators, before Melnyk, did not even pay the salaries to their players on New Year’s Eve.

Why should the NHL risk moving a franchise to Canada? It’s not like the low-markets in the USA are much better, but the American billionaires are more reliable. This is not to knock on Canadians, I am just going by NHL history. So, the NHL is looking to move up the ranks in the sports world in the USA. The Penguins are a key potential for that and so they ought to use the team, once it will be succeeding, to market.

Also, we are not talking about a team that has no history and it’s just a “who cares?” franchise. The Penguins put out a lot of good teams over the past two decades, and developed good NHL talent. Crosby is the one taking the torch from Lemieux and now starting to run with it. It would be a shame for the NHL to lose this franchise in such a bad way were a billionaire’s main interest in buying the team is to strip its history away and move it to his place of preference. I would not approve of such if it involved a team like the Calgary Flames. These teams are not original, but they carry such great moments and players that they don’t deserve to be dissolved. Now, if the Penguins lacked the young talent that it currently has, then I would say “yeah, they seem to be going nowhere so…time to move”. But, they have the talent now and any billionaire willing to commit to the team will get the franchise to thrive.

Some people say “who cares, Sidney Crosby will leave once he becomes a UFA”. Well, do not bet on it. If the billionaire is willing to give Crosby what he wants, he should be able to stay. If he wants to be a faggy nut and sign with his boyhood dream team, then that is his problem.

General Managers resolution for New Year’s? START MAKING TRADES FOR (BLEEP) SAKES! I’ll stick to what I said last time; they are a bunch of wimps who are afraid to pull the wrong deal or are afraid of the cap, and afraid and afraid and afraid. And some GMs are making pathetic requests of one’s inquiries of their players. “I am interested in Eric Brewer, what would you want?” “I want your 1st round pick, your top prospect and your solid #4 defenseman.” They are making this season quite boring, but I am positive that in January things will start to happen as GMs will start sweating with insecurity of their team’s playoff chances.

Personal message from mikster

Well, it’s Christmas time and it’s a time to be full of joy and be thankful for the fortunate things that you have in life that others don’t. For those of Jewish faith, Happy Hannukah. Sorry, I am not into this generalizing of “happy holidays” and those newly created “holiday trees” that look quite identical to Christmas trees. This is a religious period and we ought to respect everyone’s religious celebrations. But anyway, I wanted to tell you all to do something good.

It does not have to be a donation or anything involving money. That’s the mistake people make. Doing something good is even just a thought, or a good intention, or a prayer. For example. I heard some bad news during the Stars vs. Rangers game last week that Phillipe Boucher’s family is not quite healthy; his father may not even make it for Christmas and that is something that we should all look at. Be thankful to have you family close to you. But, say a prayer to Boucher’s family and the rough times they are going through. And if you are not religious, so what? A good intention/thought wishing him the best is good enough. Just do something good folks. It’s good for your own piece of mind as well. I say this to you because I felt disturbed that where I live here in South Florida, a lot of people are greedy; and, some kids are careless….spoiled, and don’t think about giving. I just cannot stand sitting in my Jeep, at a red light, and I see the voluntary guy collecting money for The Homeless Voice down here, and people driving a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, even Bentleys and so on….they just look the other way, or….they are talking on the cell phone laughing and just give a slight wave with their hand as in “no, go away”. What is a dollar going to do for these people? Is it not sad? I wish they could live a week the way those guys are living every day of their lives.

So, this is a time to really think about the good and unfortunately many of us don’t carry it out for the rest of the year. But, once a year is better than none. Do something good folks. We’re good hockey fans and our players contribute a lot to charities and the communities. We should learn from them as well.

You all have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Thanks for reading as always,

Micki Peroni

Vice Administrator

23 Responses to Changes In NY, No Crosby for Canada, GMs New Year's Resolution,

  1. Sharks06 says:

    To Tampa Bay:
    Vesa Toskala
    Mark Bell
    Josh Gorges
    Rob Davison
    Draft Picks

    To Sharks:
    Martin St Louis
    Brad Richards

  2. Sharks06 says:

    then trade Richards for a defenseman lol

  3. robinson19 says:

    Canadians don’t particularily care about Crosby: that’s not why some may be upset about Balsillie. (Although none that I know of, myself included, give a turd.) Winnipeggers and Quebecers care about getting teams back, after the reason they lost their teams was because we didn’t have the parity system we do now. Neither of these teams would have been moved under the new NHL. Crosby Shmosby: Canadians LIKE star players just as much as the next guy, but they LOVE the game of hockey more. This is about cities crawling with true hockey fans wanting teams, it’s not about Crosby.

  4. Komic-J says:

    I don’t think the Canadians were this upset that Jim Balsillie pulled out. Sure, the idea to see Crosby, Malkin and others playing in Canada is nice, but I also understand how they can help selling hockey in United States.

    That being said, it’s just really hard to take for us sometimes. I mean, when you take a look at the attendance they have in some cities, how some of them don’t even average 10,000 fans per games…it makes you wonder.

    I agree with pretty much all your points…except that most of these problems were before the new bargain agreement. Quebec and Winnipeg would probably still have hockey teams if that deal happened a few years back. I’m not saying they would be on top of the standings, nor that the Nordiques could have kept all their players…but they probably could afford a $35.0m payroll.

    I think Winnipeg should at least get another chance. They have a new arena, don’t they ? Quebec would still need one, and unfortunately, I don’t think our government is ready to help them.

  5. leafs4ever94 says:

    As a fellow Canadian, I couldn’t agree with you more Robinson19.

    Also, If the Pens organization is in the same mess in the future there is no way Crosby will stick around. I don’t think Crosby will make the mistake that Lemieux made.

  6. NjDEVSFN says:

    Ok, let’s assume the NHL would let 2 American teams move to Canada in Winnipeg and Quebec.

    30 teams available:
    No Original 6 teams are moving, 24 left.
    4 Canadian teams: 20 left.

    Atlanta, Florida, Phoenix, Pittsburgh

    2 of those 4

  7. Sharkattack01 says:

    I do not believe that the Sharks would have nearly enough cap space, but that would be fun. And if we could trade Richards (seems highly improbale) for a defenseman, that would be great. And I don’t want to see either goalie traded: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. prairiehab says:

    I don’t think that the history of a city already having folded a team, is a very good argument as to why Canada shouldn’t get another team.
    Atlanta, Colorado and Minny had teams that folded before they got new teams. To a lesser extent Pitsburgh, Philly, St.Loius, New York and Ottawa all had teams in the 20’s and 30’s that folded.
    So what would the NHL look like if there wasn’t teams in any of those cities?
    I read in the summer That KC was a front runner to get the next NHL franchise that moves. Why should KC be ahead of Qubec or Winipeg. KC had a team that folded aswell.
    Anyways that was a little off topic. I don’t think Pitsburgh should move newhere either as they do have a great history and a successful team there should help sell the game to the americans.
    But there are alot of teams in the States that could be moved back to Canada, espicially Winipeg.

  9. mikster says:

    But is there any reason to trust a Canadian owner nowadays? Teams can go bankrupt even if their player budget is at $30M. If the organization is run poorly without much care, then it’s going to fail.

    Teams nowadays need an owner like Carolina’s Karmanos. He dealt with a low budget, had to get fans to come, yet he cares about that team a lot.

    Ottawa was like the Penguins of now a few years back except with the level of talent being more spread out from defense to offense, a very good coach, and fans were watching this team rise with Grade A talent. And, it was not an expensive team either. Yet, why were the players no paid on New Year’s Eve?

    Pre cap or not, any team can fail and my point is that the Canadian owners haven’t been so good in the recent past. I can only imagine what Quebec City will be like if the Pens were to move there. I’d love to see that myself. Again, i’d love to see more Canadian teams and i’d love to see a Canadian team win the Cup. I’ve been rooting for the Flames and Oilers and if it happens again, I’ll root for the Canadian team. Canada needs its Cup back. But, it would destroy the NHL if the Penguins move to QC or Winnie and they can’t succeed….followed by Crosby leaving, and Malkin, because the owner is not willing to make such offers.

    I mean, why is it that Canadian teams have their owners feeling their shirt’s collars tight everytime a big contract is handed out to a star players (Toronto the exception)? When Iginla had to be re-signed it was like….”oh my God, $7M a season!? No way. He is getting traded!” Vancouver looked hesitant when re-signing Bertuzzi and Jovo. With Pavel Bure? Forget it! The Oilers feared of re-signing Guerin, Weight, and now fear of losing Ryan Smyth’s and his big contract request in 2007.

    The difference in the US is that the owners spend. Coyotes spent a good amount of money. Tampa’s owner is handing out big checks to Richards, Lecavalier, and St. Louis. If Luongo was not a jerk with the contract negotiations, the Panthers would have signed him at $26M for four years, but he asked for $27M at the end. Jokinen was easily kept.

    Chicago is starting to spend.

    Boston spent money.

    LA, San Jose. The Ducks have two of the best d-men in the world and they got them without hesitation. Atlanta spent money and the ownership there is a partnership.

    The Nashville Predators showed willingness to spend money without hesitation.

    So, why does that not happen with the Canadian ownerships. Are they not that rich or are they not willing to spend too much? They are the problem, not the Canadian fans.

  10. mikster says:

    Good points, and i thought about that (i like history) but the reason why i did not include that in my arguement was due to the fact that it was way too long ago. It was a time where the average salary was like under $1M a year for a player.

    I am completely against the idea of moving Pittsburgh to Kansas City. That’s football land, big time, and there is baseball too. I did not mind Nashville as much because….well…..what’s in Nashville really? But KC? Major mistake. Even if the owner would be willing to spend $100M on a player budget he would not succeed there.

    My arguement is of recent years and it’s still an issue now. Canadian owners are not as trustworthy as American owners. And though that sounds a bit negative, i am not saying the Canadian billionaires are not good. They probably are more careful with their money and spending. Americans can get wreckless, but a billionaire here can lose $20M in one year yet easily make $30M the next.

    Unless you are Charlie Wang from Long Island. I think he will be selling hot dogs packed in a week’s old newspapers. That guy is going to kill the Islanders if he keeps it up the way he has. Hopefully he will sell. But then again, a guy like Basillie will want to move that team in Canada and i’d nix that myself. Me, a Rangers fan. Why? I respect the Islanders history, the legendary players they had, the dynasty.

    But see the distinction i am trying to make? If i were to be a billionaire, i’d be waiting for a team to go up for sale, like the Preds, Yotes, Ducks, maybe the Stars or Caps. And even though i am American, i’d move a team like that to Canada. Heck, i’d approve if all of them moved to Canada.

    But certain teams that can become difference makers for the US hockey market need to be kept in the US.

  11. prairiehab says:

    Most of the problems you mention with Canadian teams is of course before the Cap, Next to Symth leaving town. Which if the Oil let happen after giving big rasies to bums like Pisani and Horcoff after one decent season each is pathetic. He is the heart and soul of the team……
    Anyways, what you say is all true, but the new NHL is a new day and Canadian Teams are more stable then ever.
    In the Past Canada’s money troubles were to name a few:
    – Canadian dollar being below 3/4’s of the american dollar(7mil turns into 8.25mil)
    -Taxes on arenas and the owners
    – Not a strong economy
    -Candian teams don’t get big Local TV contracts(I think National TV deals are dispersed to every team, but I think Local TV deals go straight to the Team)
    – not as many canadian owners willing to invest in a team that would lose them money
    -The US obviously has more Billionaires and richer ones then Canada
    that could invest in a team that might lose them money but it won’t break them. Maybethey saw it as a better investment to lose the money then to pay it to the governmnet in taxes
    At this time in the new NHL, most of the problems have been resolved.
    Canada’s economy is growing and is stronger then has been in a long time.
    There is some profit Sharing now between teams.
    There is not as large of a diffrence in the exchange rate.
    The new NHL with it’s cap can now be seen as a profitable investment that could interest Canadian Owners.
    And they can invest without fearing losing everything.

    It will still take a few years with this cap to see if the old problems are really resolved, or if in 3 or 4 more years the salary cap will be so high(60mil) that american teams will be able to us there seemingly unlimited wealth to buy all the high profile players again.

    I guess if you look at it from the NHL’s point of view they want to sell the game to the US so they can make big money on a TV deal and attaract the Big Trillionaires to the game. Which of course is great.
    But if profit was only based on seat sales, a canadian team would do better then any team in the US. It’s the other assets in the US that makes American teams more profitable and stable. But with a cap that stays at a reasonable and with more profit sharing I think that a team In Newfoundland could do just aswell as a team in New york, LOL well maybe not.

  12. Kraut182 says:

    Is there any reason to trust hockey to a location that doesn’t really want hockey is my question. Why continue to force hockey upon places that don’t want it? Anaheim has arguably the best team in the NHL, but are only selling out some of their games. Nashville, same thing, but with lower attendance numbers.

    You point to Canadian teams struggling, but a lot of that had to do with the poor Canadian dollar as much as anything. Five years ago a Canadian Dollar was worth about $0.63 US, today its worth $0.87. That’s an increase of 38%, and since a good portion of hockey clubs revenue is from ticket sales that’s a huge difference.

    Everyone is spending money now, not just American teams. The lowest Canadian payroll is Calgary at $38.8M, not quite to the salary cap but a team can definitely win and remain competitive with a salary within $4M of the top spending teams in the league. Pittsburgh is currently at $32M, with Washington and Columbus are at $29M.

    You mention the Ottawa situation, which I remember being due moreso to them having a bad arena deal than anything else, but ignore the fact that Buffalo was having problems around the same time.

  13. Sharkie says:

    I am not sure Tampa Bay has anything the Sharks are currently in the market for, unless of course you want to talk a three way deal. I think it is suspicious the Jovonovski has been sitting out of his last three practices with a “groin injury.” There was speculation earlier in the year that San Jose was in talks with Phoenix about a Nabokov/Jovo trade. I wonder if the talks have started up again?

  14. TheDonkey says:

    Kraut gets it right that the exchange on the dollar was a major factor.  

    What has never made sense to me is how teams in bad hockey markets in the US have more $$ than any Canadian teams.  Even good US markets for that matter.  A game on TV in Edmonton would surely draw more viewers than any game on TV in any US market, New York included.  Even with a radically smaller market, you have more viewers.  So how can the Canadian teams have less  $$.  And compare to a bad US market and there should be no comparison.  
    I lived in L.A. for many years, including the Gretzky years.  Nobody watches.  It barely gets a few paragraphs on the back pages of the sports section.  Nobody cares.  Yet the teams had more revenues than the Canadian ones.  Perhaps there is a culture of cheapness when it comes to advertising in Canada, I don't know.  It just does not make sense to me. 
  15. Williams1505 says:

    If lemeiux made a mistake……..why did he buy the team????

  16. leafs4ever94 says:

    the old Pens' owners badly mismanaged the team. One result of this was that the team asked many of its big-name players to defer their salaries; the players, including Lemieux, obliged in order to stay in Pittsburgh. 

    So, when the pens declared bankruptcy they owed Lemeiux a lot of money and the only way Lemiuex had any chance of getting the rest of his money was to take over the team and try to make it profitable.

  17. prairiehab says:

    I think the day of canadian Billionaires not being able to compete is in the past. I posted most of my reasons why in a post further down and so won't repeat them again. But to sum up, Candaian dollar has bounced back, plus the economy is doing alot better and is stronger. Canadian Owners can now see a hockey team as a money making investment instead of a money pit.
    Basillie does want to bring the penguins into Ontario because of how good that team will be. Maybe he is a leafs fan and knows they are a long ways away from winning a cup so he wants to bring a young team that is destined to win many cups into Ontario. LOL. But that is very selfish, for the betterment of the NHL the Pens need to stay in the US, wether it be in Pitsburgh or another city, but it should stay in the US.
    I'm  not sold On the penguins staying in pittsburgh, the only time anyone there cares or supports the team is when they are winning. Lemieux saved the team twice, and now Malkin & Crosby have to. Does an area like that deserve a team? No matter if they won 2 cups. Every few years this team is in trouble, or maybe it never really is out of trouble just diffrent degrees of it.

    Keep Penguins in the US —> definately

    When other teams come up for sale, Canadian teams should not be at the bottom of the list, but the Top. As a new team back in Canada will do better then most american teams and in the new NHL should not have any money problems.

  18. prairiehab says:

    The reason Toronto has been the exception is Big Buisness. They are the economic Hub of Canada. When the rest of Canada's Economy was not to good. Toronto could still find Money. But the Economy is alot better across the country now.

  19. rojoke says:

    Minnesota got a team back, yes, but they didn't go to where the North Stars played.  They played in Bloomington, and the population wasn't as large as it is in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where the Wild play.

    I think it's at least even money that the Penguins are done, as early as next season.  Mario has been more than patient in waiting for the slots license/arena decision to come down, and now that it has, it's time to make a business decision and not a sentimental one.  If Balsillie had anywhere other than Kitchener in mind, Bettman wouldn't have put the kibosh on the deal.  The league office has a list of three or four cities it would like to move to, among them Las Vegas and Kansas City, which is supposed to have a building either under construction right now or ready to start next year.  Houston is probably still a poosibility as well.  A couple of years ago, I would have said Portland as well, but I think that the interest there may have wained.

  20. Sharks06 says:

    Sharks Reassign Goaltender Dimitri Patzold To Worcester
    December 20, 2006


    San Jose Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson announced today that the club has reassigned goaltender Dimitri Patzold to the Worcester Sharks of the AHL.
    Patzold has posted a 4-2-3 record in 10 games with Worcester this season with a 3.85 goals-against average and a .872 save percentage. He was recently recalled to Worcester from Fresno of the ECHL where he posted a 2-2-0 record with a 2.01 goals-against average and a .930 save percentage. 
    The six-foot, 195-pound native of Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan was selected by San Jose in the fourth round (107th overall) of the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.

    well there goes that idea.

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If the New York area can support three teams, Toronto can support four. There are currently two in the Toronto area (Toronto and Buffalo), and I'd welcome the Penguins. Crosby in Toronto fits like Gretzky in LA.

    The city would be split on the two Toronto teams, even if one is in Hamilton, why?

    Traditional hockey fans are more likely to stay Leaf fans, because the Leafs are a Toronto tradition.

    Then there are angry Leaf fans, who'll become Penguin fans to spite the Leafs, and younger fans, who'll be excited by Crosby and Malkin, and in a market like Toronto, they'll be milked for all they're worth.

  22. prairiehab says:

    The Reason Gretzky was sent to LA was to sell the game to Americans and to get them excited about hockey.
    Why would Southern Ontario need that?
    The NHL doesn't care if the Toronto area can support another team or else Hamilton would already have a team.
    If you look at it geographicaly(spelling?), it might be better to move a team somewhere in the Northwest US. Oregon, Washinton. Then maybe Vancover can quit complaing about traveling too far to play away games, and the NHL can switch the Schedule so every team plays every team twice a year. 84 game schedule – 6games inter division, 3 inter conference, 2 cross conference. (I know it's off topic but just thought i'd get it out there).
    I still think Winipeg deserves a team before Hamilton though. There is no canadian team in almost 3 provinces(sask, man & W.Ont) so a team in the middle gives them a regional team to cheer for. Sure theres more people in Southern OT, then there but still. Then after Winipeg, the maritimes should get a team.
    I say Pens to Portland, Preds to Winipeg, Sharks to Maritimes and then finnaly Panthers to Hamilton.

  23. chaosbc29 says:

    First of all zhitnik took too many penalties. That simple. Hes not made for the new nhl. Second of all Mike York has had a horrible year for his standards. Look at the stats.

    We could afford to lose zhitnik who is a dinosaur compared to "some guy" Freddy Meyer who provides a speed and offensive boost. Add the fact that he is coming off an impressive rookie season and adds youth to a team that can use it and it was a good trade. And furthermore we have good depth at defense so stay off the bandwagon and dont just hate on a team for s@$# and giggles because everyone else does.

    As far as Randy Robitaille is concerned he is playing BETTER than york and is much more affordable.

    These trades cleared out dead wood for the islanders and made us a quicker team. I loved Zhitty and York and i wish them luck but it seems to me that islander bashing is obviously everyones favorite thing to do.

    some people wll do anything to bash the isles…..

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