Checkmanek or Boucher who will go?

Many people are talking about trading one of the flyers 2 co-starting goalies. The question is which one should go? And in my mind i think there is no doubt that it should be Cechmanek. I realize everbody will have there own opinion(which i would like to hear). But here is why i choose CechmanekTheres a couple reasons that i feel Brian Boucher should be the concrete starter in philly.

First and foremost he has played absolutly incredible this year. He’s made the big stops and is a very steady goalie. Where as if cechmanek dosent have luck going his way he has no chance. Roman will make a great stack the pads save, but the puck will go right into the slot while he is outside of the crease. Then he takes forever to get back in time and many times has to dive back to make the next “great” save. One that shouldnt look nearly as “great”, if he just got back to the net.

Secondly Brian Boucher just turned 25 years old. He is a youthful goalie and a top goalie in the NHL. He has an encredibly bright future. Despite his sophmore year i believe that you have to keep him. Roman Cechmanek on the other hand will be turning 31 on the 2 of March his future isnt exactly so bright. if he plays till 35 he’ll be lucky.

Finally has to be the playoff’s and how each one has done there. Brian Boucher took the team almost single handedly one game away from the finals (i firmly believe that if lindros did not come back they would have won game 6. you could just watch everyone slack thinking he would do it all for them. or something i just cant put my finger on that). Then there was the first round fiasco lst year where cechmanek looked like a fool. I thought after game 3 there was no way you could put him back in there. But im not the coach, and we saw what happened.

So this is my opinion on the issue. please give me all of your thoughts to contemplate and see if i will change my mind. This is my first article and i hope you enjoy it.

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