Cheering AGAINST the Leafs

I have been a Leaf fan all my life. This is the first time I can ever remember cheering against the Leafs. I was actually disappointed last night when they tied it 2-2.

I will be happy if they get blown out by both Buffalo and Ottawa this weekend.

Why? Because it is the only possible hope we have that the leafs will be sellers at the deadline. This team NEEDS to be sellers!

The problem is that as long as MSLE has visions of even a couple playoff dates, they won’t make any changes.

As a Leaf fan, the only hope I see is if they totally go into the tank in the next 5 games. That would leave them something like 3 out of their last 20… it may be *possible* that they will decide the time is right to finally gut this mess and rebuild.

You aren’t going to get much for some of their players, a couple others could fetch a decent return, and one guy at least would command a big price.

… and there are buyers. There are teams that legitimately want to improve certain areas. Maybe a depth D-man or an experienced goalie or a producing 2nd line center.

Belfour – We *have* to trade this guy if it is at all possible. He is not going to fetch anything in return. In fact, you have to pick up maybe some bad salary in return. Belfour for Peca maybe? or Belfour for a 4th round pick? I would do either in a heartbeat. I would get whatever was possible just to get out from under that contract.

Berg – The word on Berg has been a 2nd rounder all season long. a LOT of teams could find room on their roster for him and could use the depth.

Klee – Probably about the same as Berg. You might get a second rounder or maybe a young middle of the road prospect.

Allison – who knows what he could fetch. I would think there is a market for his production though. Heck, if Calgary can’t land Jokinen, they might go for Allison.

McCabe – I have been a supporter of McCabe against all the bashers. However, being practical, I say it is time to deal him now. His value will never be higher than it is right now. You could fetch a good pick+ good prospect package for him, or a front-line player. There is not a team in the league that would not be interested in taking a look at what it would take to get him.

Finally, cheer for the Leafs to lose, so that they make a coaching change. Pat Quinn was a very good coach for the Leafs for a number of years. He was a good coach for a team with veterans though. He plays the “us against the world” card better than anybody.

I think the leafs are about to change their look. There are going to be a couple lean years ahead of them and missed playoffs. During that time, they need a “system” and “teacher” coach, instead of a motivator coach. It is time to bring in Paul Maurice.

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  1. toronto77 says:

    i agree with trading mccabe, and maybe we can sign him back in the off season for a lot cheaper. mccabe will definatly get us something big at the deadline in terms of draft picks but if he doesn’t re-sign with us in the offseason than we just really screwed ourselves, so we got nothing to lose if we trade, and if he doesn’t re-sign whcih i think he will than atleast we still got a high pick out of it.

  2. Aetherial says:

    A team would only trade for McCabe IF they knew they could sign him. He is not a playoff rental at this stage of his career.

    So… if he is traded, he is gone.

  3. toronto77 says:

    how can we convince JFJ to do the trades we the fans want to be done. it shouldn’t be too hard with the media we got in toronto.

  4. 92-93 says:

    yeah! i was cheering against them too. but not hardcore or anything.

    its just that we know that this isn’t the year and we’ve known that for a long time. the highlight of this year will hopefully be the march 9th trade deadline. i’ve got my fingers crossed.

    Klee is the biggest trade chip for the leafs defensively. i don’t see that much coming back for Berg. i don’t see that much of a difference between the play of Ken Klee and Brendan Witt – anyone wants to provide me stats and play that says otherwise, go right ahead.

    Allison WILL be traded – i have no doubt about that. hopefully calgary who – with their recent acquisition of Hulse – have more D than they know what to do with.

    Trading McCabe is not a bad idea at all – as long as they get something young and valuable in return. I would much rather resign kaberle than McCabe and that has already been done. the thing is, i don’t see there being a chance in heck that the leafs would trade McCabe.

    I agree that its time for Maurice – but I don’t think that is going to happen either. and to be honest with you, i don’t think the problems the leafs have are necessarily Quinn’s fault (although some of them certainly are). but again, what’s the difference if a coaching change is made now – the leafs aren’t going to get any further in the playoffs. if quinn is going to be let go – its going to be in the offseason or sometime during the middle of next year.

    Another trade chip: Darcy Tucker. listen, the guy has been great for the leafs this year, but if they can get younger and a good return for Tucker – WHY NOT!?!

  5. Aetherial says:

    Well as far as Tucker’s reasoning… there really is no reason *why not*. The fact is, nobody is untouchable and most especially, Leaf veterans are not untouchable.

    I am very scared that they sign McCabe to a 5.5 million dollar, 4 or 5 year contract… and beginning next year, his productivity goes in the tank and the Leafs are stuck.

    I PRAY that they trade him. I fear that they won’t. His value will never be higher, I don’t think he will ever be better. In fact, I don’t think he will ever be as good as he was/is for the past season and a half.

    I still think Klee and Berg are both worth about a 2nd rounder.

  6. sidleaf says:

    ya buddy, honestly, before the season started i had a feelign i’d ended hoping that they get blown out…just as insurance that they don’t make the playoffs and make serious changes this summer…

  7. Hoondog2 says:

    When the Leafs were inactive before the season, I didnt know what to think. I’m wondering if its because players like Gonchar, and many others were signing huge long term contracts, which may have scared Fergie off. This forced him to sign a lot of one year contracts, hoping guys like Lindros, and Allison could keep them competetive for a year to keep management off his back. The Leafs are now in a unique position, with only their good core players signed, and a lot of money to spend in the off-season. Remember, the age for free agency is 6 or 7 years in the league (or close to that). There is A LOT of good young players available this summer. We’ll be buyers while the majority of the teams will have to let players go. We’ll see what Fergie does. He could be smarter than we give him credit for. This is are chance to rebuild in only one year.

  8. koolcracker says:

    You’re right, in a weird way. Sort of Ironic isn’t it? cheering against them so we can get to like ’em better later.

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