Chelios and Frazen Sign

The wings sign a defensemen and a draft pick.

The wings have signed their 2004 3rd round pick as well as long time fan favorite Chris Chelios. Weren’t they supposed to be getting younger they’re like middle aged?

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  1. -Swizz- says:

    chris chelios?? isnt he like 42!! retire already!

  2. Dover says:

    hmmm…….not sure wha tto think about that one. I agree with the guy above 🙂

  3. p0k3 says:

    He is an excellent mentor to the young guys like Fisher in particular, plus he can still actually play at the NHL level. I think finacially it makes sense to, the wings don’t have much money to spend on filling out their roster after they sign Z and Datzyuk. I think they will have about 6 mill to sign 7 players after they sign Z and Datz.

  4. Wills says:

    Chelios signed for under a million and will be part of the Wings 3rd pair of defensemen. Thats not a bad deal at all considering what other teams are paying for average defensemen out there. Franzen will be a strong 4th line player for Detroit.

  5. Resmo112 says:

    also if they decide to bring up Kyle Quincy or this guy they just drafted they’re all supposed to have similiar playing styles so it’ll be good mentoring, like you said.

  6. D-TownWing40 says:

    Franzen is supposed to be real good and make an easy transition to the NHL. And Chelios maybe old but he can still be a major threat on the ice.

  7. Fen says:

    What kind of contract did Chelios’ nose get?

  8. Resmo112 says:

    chelio’s nose got half of his contract, his agent wouldn’t just let them take the nose they had to take both.

  9. StevieY9802 says:

    The Wings couldn’t afford to go after the young guys and this is a temp fix. He will only be playing on the 3rd pair. Hes still dependable especially only playing 10-15 minutes a game. They are fine on D now now they need to get some help up front.

  10. desertdog says:

    With little cap room left, look for the Wings to try and get LeClair or Allison at a cheap price, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do nothing until Hank and Dats are signed.

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