Chelios at the rescue ?

Chris Chelios had a meeting with Bob Gainey in the past weeks.
The player have confirmed that he was speaking to the Canadiens’s DG and that he was hoping a call from him soone. (sources : and CKAC)

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  1. Kramer says:

    The Leafs should give Chelios a 7 year deal.

  2. careyprice31 says:

    Lol. Looks like Bob is up to his old antics again

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    I would love to see him back in a Habs jersey again if only for nostalgic reasons.  

    It would be great to see him retire at the end of the season to cap off the centennial stuff with a guy pulling the plug after just as many years! lol

  4. hockey_lover says:

    And by pulling the plug, you mean he dies on the ice? 😛

    Im kidding, Im kidding.

    I loves me some Chelios. It would be AWESOME to see him end his career in Montreal. But really … he isnt going to help the already struggling Montreal defense. Sure, in the dressing room, he will be a STRONG voice of leadership and help the young dudes, but on the ice? He isnt going to do anything more than they already are.

    I say bring him on as an assistant or something.

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    No, he's certainly won't cure the Habs D but I want him wearing the uniform anyhow.  Even if all he does is show a guy like O'Byrne (once he gets healthy) how to bring the hate, then I'd think it's worth it. 

    Let's be honest though, losing Markov, then O'Byrne, then Gill (regardless of what he brings) and getting inconsistent (some would say nonexistant) goaltending.  Having M.A. Bergeron and a rookie take a regular shi(f)t on your defence and for some reason still being in the neighbour hood of .500 hockey is more than I could ask for and certainly more then I have any right to expect from this club up to this point.  Oh and having Metro (one of the leading scorers per game played… *takes a minute to cry to himself after reading that back*)  out too! 

    Anyhow there's enough there to justify a horrible record.  So as a fan I DESERVE Chelios back with the Habs.  (Not sure how one translates into the other but I'm running with it)

    This is how I picture the Grumpy old Man's first day walking into the Habs locker room.  Upon entering he immediately brakes his stick over the back of Price's head while his face was burried in a pile of blow and proceeds to lay the beating of a life time on him to teach him not to be such a baby.  While, at the same time, kicking Gomez in the nuts simply for having that contract (I think Gomez has played well but he'll never justify that contract so a shot to the stones by Chelios somehow makes it more acceptable).  In practice he proceeds to dump hate AAAAALLLLLL over both Latendress and Kostitsyn up and down the ice leaving them nowhere to hide.  Both decide there's no way a ref could allow them to take that much punishment in a game and hence forth lose their fear of crashing the net and begin to contribute to the team.  

    Chelios then causes Plekanec to spontaniously combust simply by looking at him.  He does this because he's not a fan of turtlenecks.  

    Now, some might say I'm asking a bit to much of him, but I think Chelios is the guy Chuck Norris based himself off of.  

    The end.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    Dude, that is likely the funniest post ever on these boards  LOL

    Kicking Gomez in the nuts, spontaniously combust … too freaking funny man lol


     Chelios came to Montreal to enter a five o'clock shadow contest!

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    He won it…. and it was only 8 a.m.!!!!

  9. kilter says:

    what a pathetic post to put up,come on people for ***** sakes!!!!

  10. kilter says:

    trade that usless *****ing Price NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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